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7/11/13 4:20 P


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7/11/13 3:01 P

My husband is the same way, he can eat anything and I mean anything and not gain an ounce. Me on the other hand, can look at a donut and gain 10 lbs. He is supportive of my goals but doesn't help them. He will watch the kids for me while I go and workout, but he has blood sugar issues that cause him to almost seize if he works out. (trust me, we have had to leave the gym more than once because he was borderline seizing). It really hinders my goals in the long run. I want him to work out with me, because working out alone sucks! I am in pretty good physical shape but just need toning after recently having a baby. I struggle with the fact that my "level" of exercise is so much different than my friends (example: they walk, I run), I feel like I am going down a level to be with them, like I am their motivator, I want a motivator and with my hubby the way he is, it makes working out, a very lonely experience.

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7/11/13 2:58 P

I suffer from this, too! I have a 5 year old and she is not his real daughter, so it is twice as hard to get him to sit around and babysit. He loves her but he is definitely not cut out for kids. Now that my girl is almost 6 though, she has enough hobbies and personal interests to keep herself occupied without direct supervision.

7/11/13 2:55 P

Weeeeell, today I got my significant other to go for a walk with me! It's a start, right?!

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7/11/13 2:54 P

Thanks guys! All these posts were really enlightening. My Anthony is fit as a fiddle, but his diet and exercise routine for his body type and goals are completely different from mine, so it's a challenge. He also loves my curves (i.e. FAT) and it makes it hard for me to be motivated to lose it. But I will!!!

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7/11/13 2:15 P

I don't have a significant other, but my very best friend/dad/mentor is the one I lean on for support whenever I need it. We are workout partners and both want to live healthily. We have gym dates, walk dates, and weekend bike trips. I know it is WAY easier to do these things with his support than if I was trying to do it alone. He is always interested in trying healthy versions of recipes I invent, listens to my rambles about fitness/nutrition or whatever I have learned, and encourages me in whatever 'diet' program I'm on. He used to be a top marathon runner, and I'm really into health and fitness, so our interests correlate. It really helps!

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7/11/13 1:36 P

Both :) As a motivator he encourages me in every way possible and cheers me on when I want to give in. To the point that when I am alone and trying to quit I hear his voice giving me that boost I need. However, if I say that I am craving chips being the awesome husband he is he will rush out and get them. Its a learning process on both parts. I need him to be an enforcer as well, and I kind of cant blame him if he is just being sweet.

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7/11/13 1:25 P

Hmmm, I have a little bit of motivate AND hinder with my husband!

I wouldn't have made it as far as I have if it weren't for my husband. I was really, really good at making excuses for why I didn't want to live a healthy lifestyle (oh I wanted to lose weight, but I didn't want to work towards it), and he finally said "I don't care whether you decide to exercise or get healthy or not. But I'm tired of you complaining that nothing is changing when you're not doing anything to change. If you're not going to exercise, fine - but you don't get to complain that you're not exercising." Wake up call! He was exactly right - excuses weren't changing anything and I had the power to make changes and was CHOOSING not to use that power. He still motivates me to push myself at the gym, and he often tells points out when I've got new muscle definition and that he sees how hard I'm working.

On the flip side of that, he's a male that is taller than me that does heavy strength training, so of course he can eat much more than I can! He doesn't yet realize that "if you work out, you can eat whatever you want" isn't really true for some of us, so when he offers me snacks, picks up an extra burger from McDonalds for me, brings home cupcakes, I often have to decline and he thinks I'm depriving (i.e. "starving") myself when really, I don't want to shoehorn 600 calories in that I didn't want in the first place! I already eat about 1700 calories a day - I'm not going to lose weight if we make that 2300.

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7/11/13 12:59 P

My husband once told me when I first started losing weight that he was falling in love with me all over again, "not because you've lost weight, but because you are acting like you care about yourself again." It showed, I started caring about what I put in my body, I started doing my make up again, I generally just started feeling better about myself and that was improving all other aspects of my life.

We both lift and are active people. We love getting out and hiking and camping. I must confess, he has been a lot more touchy feely since I started building up my physique. ;) He always tells me how "awesome" (in general) he thinks I am almost every day.

He cringes when he sees our grocery bill more often than not but usually bites his tongue. I can tell he gets a little annoyed when I go on and on about diet and fitness. Or when I start becoming to obsessive with it. He has commented on my stomping around in the living room doing my cardio when he's trying to sleep. He gets annoyed that he can't get into the kitchen ever to make his lunch because I'm always in there preparing meals/snacks. But yeah... for the most part, he's supportive even when some of my habits annoy him. He deals. I think he really likes how we get out and do more stuff again like we used to when we first started dating. I'm no longer hiding in the house feeling sorry for myself.

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7/11/13 12:09 P

Thanks for the advice!

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7/11/13 11:46 A

My husband is emotionally supportive but when it comes to staying home for a measly hour so I can walk, he always is gone. I can't leave my three year old so I have not been able to take my walks. It's so frustrating because that is all I ask for is 1 hour. I haven't walked in over a week and I am feeling it. He won't be back until next Wednesday. I have my DVDs but I need my sunshine and solo walks. They help me be better at everything but keep me from getting the blues as much

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/11/13 11:31 A

Mr. Moose is ridiculously supportive and even goes to the gym with me. It helps that he's also trying to lose weight so we're motivating each other.

Which can go the other way quickly if one of us loses motivation.

7/11/13 10:28 A

Dh is supportive. While I would like him to join me and he hasn't he is very supportive of what I have been able to do over the last year. He eats the meals I prepare, so I figure if nothing else that is good for him. I am trying to be a positive influence where ever I can.

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7/11/13 10:04 A

What role does your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner play in your fitness goals??

Hi everyone! I believe in the strength of my own convictions and actions, so I don’t feel overly influenced one way or the other by my boyfriend- but I still can’t shake the fact that the start of our relationship 4 years ago also initiated the screeching halt of my fitness routine, which, up until then, had lost me over 50 pounds and marked the healthiest period of my life. Tony is really fit and stays extremely active- but with activities I could never dream of doing (vertical hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, 4-wheeling adventures in the middle of nowhere). He also has an issue with being underweight, so he sticks to a diet that contains all the things I should not even be looking at. Also, fat seems to spontaneously combust and fizzle into nothingness on him, no matter how much he eats. To make matters worse, he has always been enamored with my “curvy” figure and I feel that it has subconsciously dissuaded me from sticking to my healthy lifestyle. I mean- anxiety over being unattractive is one of the many triggers that launch people into a weight loss regime, but without that feeling of insecurity (which I had grown accustomed to for many years), I feel I have become complacent with a very unhealthy and largely unhappy lifestyle. I just wonder what role significant others play in other people’s lives when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy. Do they motivate you? If so, in what ways? Do they hinder you, and how? And how have you overcome that obstacle? How do you deal with a non-dieting partner who can eat 3x as much as you and not gain a pound? I’d love to hear your stories/advice…..

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