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Does water have to be just water to count?

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Posts: 3,851
8/2/11 10:20 P

I only count water- both flavored and plain

SparkPoints: (315)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 21
7/15/11 1:06 P

I don't count anything with caffeine or sugar, so I don't count coffee or soda. Sometimes I'll make caffeine free tea with artificial sweetener, and I count that. I also count those little packets that you mix into bottled water.

SparkPoints: (184,657)
Fitness Minutes: (49,351)
Posts: 36,115
7/13/11 12:28 P

I only count my water as well! emoticon

SparkPoints: (186,314)
Fitness Minutes: (143,211)
Posts: 8,225
7/11/11 4:45 A

I only count my water

Posts: 5,216
7/9/11 5:11 A

coffee and tea count ! emoticon

SparkPoints: (130,439)
Fitness Minutes: (76,316)
Posts: 29,889
7/8/11 2:12 P

There is water in fruits and veggies but I just count the glasses I drink

SparkPoints: (129,515)
Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
7/6/11 3:22 P

I heard other liquids count too.

SparkPoints: (56,302)
Fitness Minutes: (13,979)
Posts: 3,195
7/6/11 10:03 A

Yes. The reason is that it is the only fluid your kidney's and liver do not have to filter.

Posts: 674
7/6/11 9:39 A

I believe they say - less than 5 calories and it can be considered part of your 8 glasses of 'water'. So I rotate between cups of water and cups of Crystal light flavored water.

SparkPoints: (106,896)
Fitness Minutes: (54,930)
Posts: 9,872
7/6/11 9:35 A

I used to not think so, but I've changed my mind.

So I vote yes

SparkPoints: (254,102)
Fitness Minutes: (320,720)
Posts: 24,331
7/4/11 8:34 A

Water only but you can flavor it

Posts: 17,993
7/3/11 10:21 P

I don't count anything with caffeine in it (coffee, regular tea, colas, etc).

Here is a link to a great article called "Water is a Secret Ingredient":

Once you open this up, there are other water articles in the "Related Content" area to the right of the article.

Hope this helps.

SparkPoints: (1,616)
Fitness Minutes: (230)
Posts: 30
7/3/11 4:15 A

Do you count drinks made with water [ie: coffee, tea, lemonade, soda, etc.] as part of your 8 cups of water each day? OR do you only count pure water?

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