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Coming from someone who used to focus solely on cardio, ST makes a HUGE difference! the routine that M@L suggested is great. You'll hit all of the major muscle groups and work more than one body part at a time.

Since you are new, I would also suggest that you watch a few videos on here first to really look at the form of HOW to do these. The last thing you need is to a) learn an exercise wrong and continue doing it wrong or b) be sidelined by a preventable injury.

Good luck with everything! :)

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8/8/13 11:36 P

I agree with Dragonchilde - an all-body strength workout should be part of your overall program.

A very simple all-body routine would comprise:
* squats/lunges
* deadlifts
* planks
* pushups (modified/wall/incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull downs/bent over dumbbell rows


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Your first workout is fine, the second though is incomplete. You've only got a tiny amount of strength training here, and it's focusing on the smallest muscles you have... in your arms! Such isolation exercises aren't going to give you the best bang for your time buck. For best results, your strength training should include combo moves that work your entire body, not just your arms. The same with the abs video. Are you attemptign to spot reduce the abs and your arms? Unfortunately, that's not possible; that's why a total-body strength program is best.

It's also important to give your muscles 48 hours between muscle groups to rest and recover; it's when your muscles actually get stronger. When you don't give your body adequate time to rest, you end up breaking your muscles down instead of building them up. Rest days are a valuable, integral part of a complete program.

I would also not do strength and cardio in the same session; whichever you do first, the second will suffer. There's nothing wrong with breaking the sessions up over the course of the day, but doing strength immediately after cardio means your strength won't give you the best possible results.

Here's a good start on beginning full-body training moves:

Don't be afraid of heavy weights, either; light weights are okay when you're getting started, but you'll adapt quickly, and if you really want to look awesome, lift heavy!

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8/8/13 8:31 P

Hi everyone,

So, I recently started working out after a long time of not working out at all. I am in pretty poor shape, but am hoping to change that. I have a bad habit of looking for quick fixes, so I am trying to be reasonable with my eating/working out and keep in mind that lasting change takes time. It would be great to hear what you guys think about my workout plan, because I am not a very good judge about whether it's not enough, too much, etc. I have been exercising every day, and switching off between two workouts to add variety and make sure everything gets worked. Here they are:

Workout 1:
25 minutes slow jog on treadmill (4.5 mph) + 5 minute slightly faster jog on treadmill (5 mph) (trying to work my way up to 30 minutes at 5 mph, but not there yet)
30 minutes stationary bike on hills plus setting
total: ~1 hour

Workout 2:
40 minutes on elliptical, hills plus setting
3 sets of 15 tricep extensions with 5 lb. dumbbells
3 sets of 12 bicep curls with 7.5 lb. dumbbells
10 minute pilates ab video
total: ~1 hour

do these sound like sensible daily workouts? Is there anything I should switch up? I don't have a personal trainer or anything, so I kind of just threw them together myself. I've only been doing this for about a week or so, and I'm still very green. Any and all input is appreciated! Thanks!

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