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JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (74,274)
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8/26/12 12:52 P

it will work if you want to do the time.

CMMONTOYA Posts: 516
8/26/12 11:50 A

Yes, but you need to be mentally prepared to begin your journey. This site is a tool and motivation but the heart must come from you! emoticon

TRYINGTOLOSE64 Posts: 74,358
8/25/12 6:56 A

yes it works but you HAVE to put the effort into it. You have to do what works best for you, just because something works for one person doesn't mean it'll work for another. That's why there's so many diets and exercises out there.

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IRISH421 SparkPoints: (14,674)
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8/23/12 4:35 P

This site really does have a lot of information and it is a lot to absorb. I just jump on and do the quick tracking and then I try to collect the points. I have decided that instead of doing a lot of reading and tracking I have finally decided to get out and get spark activity points.

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LITTLEBITLEAN SparkPoints: (5,027)
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8/23/12 4:33 P

yes i find the nutrition tracking is the most useful so far.. you have to stick with the amounts, and it does work. Gradually change what you eat until it becomes a way of life. I am remembering how i used to eat when i was slimmer, and its ok

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8/23/12 3:38 P

Yes, it works, bought his book.
It gives a lot of good ideas, and lots of common sense.

Site is over whelming at first, but take it in a little at a time, find a Team or Teams you like and get to know the people.
LOG your foods, and your exercise.
Use the Map Fitness on mapping out your own neighbors or parks to see how far you really walked. LOVE the Map feature.

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8/23/12 2:33 P

Yes, it really can! But it is overwhelming starting out, there is just SO MUCH information to try and absorb! Don't try and do too much at once or you'll get discouraged when/if it doesn't happen immediately. I started with changing how I was eating, but tried to do at least 10 min of exercise each day and eventually build on that. I have found that learning to be patient is part of the process:)
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SIM1SAYS Posts: 223
8/23/12 2:25 P


I started a week ago. Start with SparkCoach. Don't overwhelm yourself and get to know people. In one week I feel fantastic and I'm a believer. Try it!

No DIET for me - I'm trying LIFE this time.

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JJSKM21 Posts: 249
8/23/12 8:49 A

HI - I started dieting in January. Joined the site because I was looking for more motivated people and it helpful to me to see other people with the same difficulties. I'm on the site a lot during the day. What has worked best for me is slowly making changes. January, I just started cutting sugars, then soda, by June I was motivated to start exercising. I was ready for a change. I still am, and that has been the one and only thing that has worked best for me so far. Will the site work for you if you aren't ready to lose weight, probably not. I'm down almost 30lbs and feel great. Goodluck! My next step is once I finish moving which will be by the middle of September is to find someone in the Beaumont / Port Arthur area of Texas as a work out buddy.

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8/23/12 3:17 A

I have spent too many hours on the website looking and learning, so that now it is way past my bedtime and my mind is just spinning with all this information.

Has this site really helped you? what has worked best for you?

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