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RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
4/2/12 2:55 P

My boyfriend's mother has a rule - no electronics at the dinner table. So no one plays with their cell phones until we have cleared everything and moved into the living room... if then... but at my parents' house my older sister (44 years old) thinks nothing of texting someone while we are sitting at the table. Me, I turn my phone down and ignore it if it happens to buzz... I keep waiting for my mother to tell her to either turn it off or just leave the room!

DIETER27 Posts: 8,864
4/2/12 1:20 P

It has happened when we have gone out to a restaurant to have someone at the next table on their cell . People seem to not be aware how much their conversations should be private and not in public places no less.

OUBACHE Posts: 1,159
4/2/12 12:52 P

I think we need to speak up when we our dinner partner or whatever finds the cell phone more interesting than being with us. I often ask if this is a bad time, and do you want to get together another time instead. That usually gets the point across. Like Dr. Phil says, you teach people how to treat you. Unfortunately, children don't usually get this luxury. I, too, hate seeing parents pushing strollers or dragging children along while chatting on their phones. Wake up, people! Put your priorities in order!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/2/12 11:15 A

I think it's rude too! but unfortunately, it's happening more & more these days!

4/2/12 10:51 A

cell phones have become like oxygen tanks for many. i even find myself worried if my kids dont text and check in more regularly. however...i NEVER have a ring tone on. it's always on vibrate or silent and i require it in my house.

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
4/2/12 10:47 A

I am very sick of phones! Mine is on all the time, but if we're having a family meal, we leave our phones out of the room. It makes me sad to see families excluding each other and not spending meal and special time together. They are really missing out!

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
4/2/12 9:41 A

That drives me crazy. When it happens to me it is my children. So I have a rule no cells or texting with me.

SCAREWALDORF SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (56,965)
Posts: 2,083
4/2/12 7:43 A

LOVEXAiE, I am one of those people who uses their blackberry to record reps. emoticon

I also notice a lot of people with iphones are using them for fitness apps (demonstrations of exercises and such).

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
4/2/12 6:33 A

Yes, it happens all the time. People con't care about they affect others.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/2/12 6:27 A

I can't stand it when that happens. worse, when they try to engage you in their cell phone application. If I wanted to do an app I'd use my own phone but right know I want to talk to YOU.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (566,079)
Fitness Minutes: (346,007)
Posts: 15,960
4/2/12 12:04 A

I think it's rude.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
Fitness Minutes: (48,231)
Posts: 2,449
4/1/12 10:09 P

I just posted something in the fitness forum about cell phones at the gym. That is an annoyance (and let's pray for all of us that my backside doesn't get featured on a girls-in-yoga-pants-type website). A poster did mention sometimes people use them to log their reps/sets (I hadn't thought about that).

Like anything else, it can be used for good or not.

The scene you described in the restaurant was just plain sad and avoidable.

It will be interesting to see society in another 20 years w/ all this going on.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (210,270)
Fitness Minutes: (119,426)
Posts: 9,379
4/1/12 9:33 P

Rude! Why get together with your friends if you're not going to talk to them? We use our cell phone only when we're alone, or in case of a very serious "need" to talk to someone immediately.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
4/1/12 9:29 P

I would really, really like to see some serious research looking at parents' use of cell phones and the child's risk of "autism spectrum disorders." I think a lot of the children we're labelling as having "mild Asperger's" and such are really just kids who never learned to interact as babies because nobody talked TO them. I'm constantly seeing parents out with the kids in the stroller or even a sling-type carrier, and mom/dad's blabbing on the cell phone while the kid zones out. They're not getting the, "Oooh, look, baby! See the birdy? Isn't that a pretty,pretty birdy?" that even the kids of "bad" parents got a generation and a half ago. If you don't interact with the baby, s/he never learns how to read social and emotional cues, so at seven or eight years old, s/he looks like she's got Asperger's.

ROCKANDGOAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 36
4/1/12 8:34 P

This happened about a week ago. I went out with my best friend for some much needed shopping time. I've known her since 7th grade (we are in college now). The entire time she was occupied with her phone, and not really listening to our conversation. Found out later she was texting a guy she just met. In my opinion, if you agree to hang out with someone, you need to be respectful and enjoy the time with them, not text some guy you just met, check Facebook, ect. It's very very rude.

SCAREWALDORF SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (56,965)
Posts: 2,083
4/1/12 5:44 P

I put my phone on silent and try to only check it when the other person excuses themself to the bathroom. However, once or twice, when a friend was in labour, I have had the phone on the table for 'the call'. I don't see the point of being out with a friend, if you're not actually going to talk to them.

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
Fitness Minutes: (41,579)
Posts: 30,457
4/1/12 4:40 P

I turn the ringer off on my cell phone when I'm eating a meal out. If someone calls me at that time, they can leave a message on my voice mail. I figure the people I am with deserve to have my full attention.

LISHWA Posts: 900
4/1/12 3:16 P

If that happens the entire meal, that would bother me. I know technically it should bother me, but if you're just going to shoot off a quick text, or check twitter super quick if you're following a news situation it definitely doesn't bother me.

CATHYINLA Posts: 813
4/1/12 1:58 P

Technology (of any kind) can be a great thing IF used properly. Nothing taken to extremes is ever good. Today in many ways our children (and the adults too) are too dependent on technology. Read a book, take a walk, go to a movie, ride a bike. Go out and DO something vs. watching life go by on your computer or phone. Gosh life is so wonderful if you just try and live it instead of hiding your head in your phone or other electronic device.

Limit your time to all electronic media (including TV and Spark).


ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
4/1/12 1:45 P

I really don't like that either. The only thing worse ( and deadly) is when people talk or text while driving.

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
4/1/12 1:32 P

I hate it as well. It is also very distracting for people around these people and I consider it rude.

SUZL51 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,884)
Posts: 166
4/1/12 1:31 P

It drives me crazy to see that! My hubby and I were out for our anniversary a few years ago at a very nice restaurant and the couple across from us were both on their phones during their entire dinner and rarely even looked at each other. Aside from the obvious, I also don't know how they even knew what they were eating!! What a waste!! My other pet peeve is having a cashier on her phone while she is waiting on me, and I can tell it is not a business call.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
4/1/12 1:21 P

It's rude, immature & unnecessary

ANELAKANOA Posts: 4,221
4/1/12 12:50 P

One of my friends is like that. Every time we go out to eat she is always texting/playing on her phone. It annoys me terribly! The sad thing is that's how it is today. No one has any sense of face to face communication emoticon

3RDTIMEISACHARM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,316)
Posts: 1,418
4/1/12 12:44 P

It drives me nuts to see a couple or group out and each being occupied by their technology rather than with the individuals they are spending time with.

Personally, I turn my phone on silent if I have the opportunity to go out with a friend.

You know in the old days people would leave a messages...we are being robbed of our space of being out and not picking up the freaking phone, email, text...silliness.

NICHOLE_4 Posts: 1,354
4/1/12 11:25 A

Totally unacceptable, although my boys are 8 and 5 therefor don't have cell phones, electornics of any kind are forbidden at my dinner table. There needs to be a time for unplugging.

4/1/12 11:18 A

(from Letterman) In a group of 4 at a restaurant table, all 4 are busy on their phones and no one is talking to each other. One is texting, one checking email, one taking a picture of their entree, and the fourth one is on Facebook, unfriending the other 3 for what they're doing at the table!

A week ago, when we went to Cracker Barrel, a family of 4 came in. The mother and 2 boys were all busy on their phones and the Dad was left alone and bored, with his elbow propping his head up. From his dressed up appearance, this was planned family time out.

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