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1/11/13 6:32 P

thanks everyone. I was getting worried. :)

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
1/11/13 8:50 A

Sometimes the manufacturer changes the calorie count and someone who has put in the "original" correct calorie count doesn't realize that the calorie count has changed. Someone checking a newer, updated box/package may find that the old packaging originally put in by someone else is now incorrect.

1/10/13 11:23 P

It goes both ways some times it is too high others too low. Right now I am finding that lots of things come up 10-15 calories too low.

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
1/10/13 9:48 P

Sometimes the info on here is wrong, it is entered by members so sometimes there are mistakes and/or a different product with the same name.

BRAT19891 SparkPoints: (1,384)
Fitness Minutes: (516)
Posts: 10
1/10/13 9:25 P

Ok so I counted the calories by going by packaging and was almost 50 calories lower than when I in putted the information in here. Am I doing something wrong or is the input wrong?

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