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11/23/11 1:29 A

Sweating more does NOT Burn more calories. However, in my personal experience, I know that when I sweat more, it means that my HR is much higher and that my workout is more intense. That's why I burn more. But, if you walk at the same speed when it's hot or cold, sweating when it's hot doesn't mean that you're burning more.... Hope this helps.

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11/22/11 3:47 P

Thank you so much.

My friend is a weight lifter and a boxer so its logical for her to do it for her weighins and what not, but I think I will stick to my comfy clothes.

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11/21/11 6:19 P

No, it is activity that burns calories, not sweating. Using a sweater (or trash bag, or whatever)is potentially:
* dangerous, in that if your body cannot get rid of excess heat, you risk heat exhaustion/heat stroke
* counter-productive, as your body is likely to work less hard to avoid overheating, thus burning LESS calories, not more.

Jockeys and boxers may use this technique to meet a specific weigh-in target, but all they are losing is water weight, which goes straight back on as soon as they rehydrate.


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11/21/11 2:01 P

Sweating more will help you to lose water weight, but it will come right back. Not a significant weight loss or permanent one. Wearing a sweater could only cause you to over heat and not have enough energy to power through your workout!

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11/21/11 1:30 P

I wouldn't take any further health advice from this friend. S/he's obviously misinformed.

Sweat has zero connection with calorie burn, and does not burn extra calories when you cause yourself to sweat when you otherwise wouldn't.

Heck, if it did, we'd never go outside for an actual run - just sit inside with warm clothing on and turn the heat up! Melt your fat away! Oh, except it doesn't work like that... :)

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11/21/11 12:26 P

dunno, but here is some info i found:

"Your body creates sweat to cool you off when your body temperature gets too high. How much you sweat has nothing to do with how many calories you burn. What matters is how long and how intensely you're working out. Any weight loss that you experience immediately after a workout is only water weight, and you'll gain it right back as soon as you rehydrate yourself. So don't worry about not sweating. If you go for a 30-minute run and you haven't sweat a drop, you still burned almost 300 calories."


Q: Does working out in a sweat suit help me burn more calories?
A: No it does not. You are only losing water, which you must soon replace anyway, or you will do harm to your body. Dehydration is dangerous. Wear clothing that is comfortable for you. Don't force yourself to sweat more than is natural for your body. Dress in layers if you are training outdoors in colder weather, so you can subtract or later add back the layers to stay at a comfortable temperature. I often see people who are beginning an exercise program outside in winter with way too much clothing on. Walking your dog on a cold winter morning reqires alot of warm clothing, but training in the same weather conditions does not, as long as you can get back inside where it is warm at the end of your workout.

hope this helps

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11/21/11 12:22 P

No, that is NOT true.

Sweating has NOTHING to do with burning calories... it is your body's cooling mechanism.

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11/21/11 12:14 P

A friend of mine told me that I should wear a sweater when I run to cause me to sweat more and that it burns more calories. Is this true? Does making yourself sweat more burn more calories, and if it does how do you calculate the extra calories burned?

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