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7/22/13 10:13 P

Breathing burns does eating, sleeping, walking, talking, & watching TV. If you're looking for increased heart rate than I would NOT count stretching!

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7/22/13 8:10 P

The benefits of stretching include more flexibility, and can help muscles recover after a workout, and is worth including in your workout program for these reasons.

But the calorie burn from stretching is pretty minimal.


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7/22/13 5:37 P

Not worth counting and inflating your calorie range over.

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7/22/13 4:06 P

Yes, stretching burns calories. Everything you do burns calories. However, the calorie burn from stretching and strength training are minimal at best. Now, if you get into more vigorous forms of stretching, like some forms of yoga, your calorie burn can go up, but for your average after-workout stretch routine, it's not going to be high enough to really be worth worrying about. :)

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7/22/13 3:26 P

I'm sure it burns calories but it's not enough to count in your calories burned for the day.

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7/22/13 3:17 P

Doubt it's anything appreciable, no.

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7/22/13 2:45 P

maybe it's a dumb question!

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