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I think it can be quite normal to have a hungrier day every so often, but yes, it definitely does correlate to how much you've been eating in the previous few days at times. Like for me, as someone who rarely counts calories, sometimes I'll go for several days just not particularly hungry and eating significantly less than usual, but then I'll have a day or two afterward when I'm especially hungry and eat much more. As long as the average stays where you need it to be and as long as the food being eaten is good food and not binge junk, I doubt there's any real problem with it.

But my main belief about weight loss and maintaining is that it's important to be flexible and willing to experiment when things aren't going well or even when you suspect things might not be going as well as you'd like. So by all means see what happens when you eat closer to your average more often. What's the worst that can happen? You still have the same number of extra hungry days and you wind up 500 calories over for the week, then go back to what you are doing now? Not exactly a catastrophe. So give it a try, why not?

I do really believe that listening to your body is a useful thing for weight control (maintenance, not so much loss) for some people. I think junk food messes up the cues pretty badly, and so probably could a strong history of binging or similar things. Same with biological issues or medication ones. But if those things are not issues, I think the body will lead you right most of the time.

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Funny, you mention it. I actually am taking a break from the scale. I found myself becoming a bit obsessive with it and I don't want it to determine how I feel about myself or allow it to make the decisions in my diet/exercise.

I am a bit prone to binging and purging. I go on a vacation, have a birthday party, etc. and then try to over compensate after. I need to let go of that and just aim for a steady calorie intake regardless because it seems over compensating just comes back and bites me in behind. I get stuck in cycle of overindulging and then over compensating. Seems to be quite apparent now after reading what I've wrote.

I had a "plan" to reach 117 lbs and then start increasing my calories toward maintenance to slide into around 115 lbs (don't ask why I chose such a random number, I guess I just saw it as the home stretch) and found myself in a hurry to get there, ironically... so I could start eating more again. :/ I'm actually only 5 lbs or less away from my goal weight now. It does seem my body is simply rebelling against this fast loss considering my current weight. New plan... I'll try increasing my calories this week to 1600 cals/day and then add an extra 100 cals/day next week and see how it effects my eating patterns. Maybe throw in a few planned days at 1800 cals or so.

I just have fears that I will still have days where I overindulge but perhaps breaking the cycle will help cure my *need* to overindulge and I won't feel so out of control on special occasions/vacations and have a free-for-all. I never used to be that way before but it's like as soon as I have a day now where I don't track it's like giving myself permission to get my hands on the calories I've been deprived of the rest of the week. Does that make sense?

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I was going to say the same as Nirerin-- in those last 10 pounds, one pound a week is an *extremely* aggressive goal. If you're willing to stretch out that goal, you'll be able to eat enough more so that you'll probably feel more in control.

That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with having a few days a week when you eat significantly more, as long as the total on those days is not way above maintenance. If you just plan that two or three days a week will be higher, and keep quick healthy foods on hand for those days, you may find that the feeling of being out of control goes away and you end up with a pretty appropriate calorie average.

And yes, your body knows something you don't'; it knows that those last 10 pounds aren't really crucial. In fact, it thinks you're better off with them than without. That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't take them off, but it means it's okay (best, in fact) for that loss to be extremely slow.

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9/25/13 8:17 A

the other thing to think about is that if you're really in the last ten pound range, 1lb a week is a lot. you might be at that point where you need to cut back .75 or .5 or .25 per week, which is a really small deficit from maintaining. so it might be time to put the scale away for a few weeks so you won't have to watch the creeping.

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9/25/13 7:49 A

I have noticed a bit of a correlation... for example, I was aiming to eat around 1500-1600 cals for the first month of re-losing and would have hungrier days 1, maybe 2x a week. The last week and a half after coming home from a camping vacation where I ate a lot, I've been probably trying to overcompensate and eat around 1450 cals but in a little under a week I've already had 2 days where I ate 2100-2200 cals and one day at 1800 cals (which caused me to average out to 1700 cals for the last 10 days). After eating higher, I find it easy to only eat 1450 cals for a day or two but then blam! I'm hit with some undeniable hunger and wind up waking up and heading for an extra midnight meal.

I went 4 days eating between 1450-1550 cals, had 2 days at 2100-2200 cals, 1 day at 1450 cals and 1 day at 1800 cals (last night), I had a huge extra helping of my yogurt parfait with peanut butter and kashi cereal which usually fills me up really good but I am ***starving*** this morning. I have burned a ton of calories in the last 3 days on top of it. We did 3 hikes on top of my planned exercise, I just had a leg day yesterday (which always drives up the hunger) and I've been super busy when not exercising. So... a good part of it true hunger? I was going to aim for another 1450 cals today but now I'm a bit worried that it's not going to be enough.

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9/25/13 7:31 A

try to aim for 1550 or 1600 cals. if this lowers the amount you eat on your higher/extra days then bump up your daily calories to 1700 and call it good. if you bump you calories up and you still eat 300-400 cals more as a high day then it's just more of a habit you need to break and/or just how you happen to balance out your calories.

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I've been trying to scrape off close to 10 lbs to regain my maintenance weight. I'm a little under 5 lbs away. I regained quite a bit trying to transition to maintenance the first time around because I discovered I had been under eating for my activity level, which led to some crazy binge eating and food obsession (that I've since managed to get under control by eating more calories).

Ok. So that's the background. I've been really trying to listen and learn from my body lately. This time, when I'm hungry... I eat! Rather than trying to deny myself to stay in a certain calorie range. I've noticed a bit of a trend since I started losing again and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced it or thinks there may be something to it?

I aim for around 1400-1500 cals when planning my meals for the day. Every 3rd or 4th day I am exceptionally hungry and 1500 cals will simply not do. I'll have an extra big meal and usually wind up eating around 1800-2200 cals that day. What's odd is that since I haven't been so controlling over my calorie intake and have been allowing my body to have some say in how much I eat, every week I've been averaging 1700 cals almost on the dot (with some lower calorie days and 1-2 higher days).

1700 cals is approximately a 1 lb/week loss for me and that's approximately what I've been losing. I'm small but I'm very active which makes it difficult for me to always determine how much I should be eating. I tend to be on my feet the better part of the day, train hard and we do a lot of hiking during the week as a family.

My question is, does my body have these hungry days because 1400-1500 cals may be too low for me and my body is trying to compensate? I'm a bit hesitant to try just eating 1700 cals every day because I have some fear that these hungry days would still exist and I'd wind up consuming too many calories. What do you think? I'd love any insight into this to help me better understand my body.

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