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MISSYHEP Posts: 434
5/19/10 8:04 P

I take mine at night because I can't take it the same time as my thyroid meds!!

HOLLYHOWE00 Posts: 149
5/19/10 3:45 P

yes, i leave mine on the nightstand, take them every night. I usually get sick in the mornings from them

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,036
5/17/10 9:33 A

My doctor recommended at night because it was making me very queasy in the morning. Works great.

MAURMAUR Posts: 547
5/17/10 8:36 A

it shouldn't be a problem. however, most you are supposed to take with food, because then they absorb into the body better. so as long as you are ok with eating a small snack with it at nite, i don't see a problem.

TIKIBAR87 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/10 7:14 A

I take mine at night as well and have had no problems.

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BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
5/17/10 3:37 A

I've taken mine at night for years. Can't see why it would be a problem...

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KISSATESSA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/16/10 9:22 P

I think taking them at night is fine as long as it doesn't upset your stomach. I have to take mine with a meal or else I feel like I'm going to be sick.

5/16/10 9:19 P

I think it is easier to remember meds or vitamins before you go to bed..I have them on my nightstand

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5/16/10 8:42 P

I read in Shape or Fitness magazine that you can take a multivitamin about 10 - 15 minutes after you drink your coffee. I give it about half an hour to take mine after I've had coffee or I just take it with my next meal or snack.

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BEGONIAC Posts: 3,723
5/16/10 8:33 P

I've been taking mine at night and haven't had any problems!

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NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (152,952)
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5/16/10 8:06 P

I started taking my vitamins before going to bed - my medical team hasn't said anything against it, and I've found that I've not had as many issues taking them before bed as I use to taking them when I woke or at other times during the day.

So as long as your doc's have no issue with it for you, can't see why it would be a problem.

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LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,024
5/16/10 7:45 P

It doesn't matter when you take it as long as it doesn't disburb your sleep (which I don't know why it would.)

AKENYON Posts: 8
5/16/10 7:18 P

I am not very good at remembering things in the morning and I am wondering if it matters if I take my multivitamin at night. Especially since I have read that you should not take them with coffee.

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