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7/25/09 9:30 P

It's a naturally occurring mineral, so you'll find in almost everything from plants to eggs to meat. But, like others have said, it's not a lot and processing really adds the bulk of sodium to our diets.

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KATANA_X Posts: 2,557
7/25/09 9:03 P

*Most* fresh fruits and veggies have so little sodium that it's not very significant unless you have extremely little wiggle room. Keep the fresh stuff, ditch the processed, and you should be fine.

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7/25/09 4:40 P

Many of them have sodium, some of them have quite a lot. You can find it if you add tracking sodium to your nutrition tracker.

Generally though, it's going to be far less than anything processed you'd get, and far less than things like cheese.

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7/25/09 4:10 P

Inherently, they have very little to no sodium. It's the processing of them that adds the salt.

DIETWAR99 Posts: 776
7/25/09 3:56 P

Where I have been finding facts for my fruits it doesn't list sodium is it because they don't have any in them?

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