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FANGLE Posts: 1,821
7/12/10 7:23 P

sugar really has no long term nutritional value and most of it gets turned into body fat but I don't think it is involved in water retention

AUDREYH72 Posts: 266
7/12/10 7:22 P

ok sounds weird but I swear this happens to me too! even if I eat within my ranges but I eat something processed and sugary (which is a rarity..) but I notice the next day im bloated and I weigh a bit more. Its all water so it goes away quickly...but Ive noticed this pattern. So I just stopped eating suar for the time being..I dunno what it is!

FIEVEL96 Posts: 107
7/12/10 7:13 P

That would be a new one on me...not aware of sugar causing water retention. How much sodium was in those sugary foods you ate? And, if you have been keeping track of your sodium, was your intake a lot more than a "normal" day?

JENKEELY73 Posts: 51
7/9/10 9:58 A

I went off the deep end nutritionally yesterday afternoon after a stressful phone call and today, I feel very bloated. My excess intake involved all sugary things. Does excess sugar make me retain water?

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