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INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
8/18/10 12:23 A

You are, or will be in, starvation mode. At your weight, no offense, even 1200 calories is way low. I am at 229 pounds and have been eating at least 1800 calories and have been losing weight without starving. I recommend more calories. You can search for calorie needs calculators. I also recommend eating 3 meals a day with 2-3 snack periods a day. You would need more than 1000 calories a day if you were in a coma. Good luck and God bless you on your journey.

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8/17/10 11:26 P

The longer you keep at 1000 calories a day, the further into starvation mode you go. Which means, in the long run, your metabolism is going to slow down to work off of less. And your body will start to hang onto every calorie it gets and store it because it doesn't know when you will feed it next.

Go up to at least 1200 a day. A little more if you are active. Be patient, add in some weight training, and the extra weight will come off :)

GGMOM06 Posts: 9,221
8/17/10 11:18 P

emoticon i've been on less than 1000 a day and finally lost some weight. I walk 2-6 miles everyday. I'm not usually very hungry until i finally sit down to read before bed. I have tried to get to 1200 and stay there for a couple of weeks,but i sooo want to get down into the 130's and i have 4 lbs to go. I take all the vitamins and eat lots of fruit and veggies too. I'm on low carb also.

CJAC24 Posts: 195
8/17/10 11:10 P

Eating that low is just going to make you hungry and want to give up. I think it is too severe of a calorie cut. You are losing weight pretty fast, but if you think more about being healthy I think that is a better plan that will work out for you.

SPARKGIRL285 Posts: 773
8/17/10 11:03 P

I used to eat low calories sometimes under 1000 before sp and true you lose weight in the beginning but eventually your body stalls and you have to eat less and less to lose the weight. When I upped my cals yes I did gain some weight back but after a while my body adjusted and I started losing again. If you don't want to gain the weight back your best bet is to increase your calories gradually.

CAROLANN134 Posts: 20
8/17/10 10:47 P

but if I add the extra 200 calories, will I just gain weight back?

CAROLANN134 Posts: 20
8/17/10 10:42 P

but if I add the extra 200 calories, will I just gain weight back?

8/17/10 10:35 P

Yes, 1200 calories is the lowest a woman should go. The previous poster was correct. That little of calories does make your body go into starvation mode. Eat just 200 more calories a day, and you'll be good! Losing weight the healthy was is the best way in the long haul!

SEATOWN_GAL Posts: 1,004
8/17/10 10:26 P

I am not an expert but it is my understanding that a woman should not go below 1200 calories per day. I do not know the science behind it, but I read here on SP and I think it makes your body go into starvation mode, and it slows down and can even stop your weight loss. Also in the long run it only deprives you and you are then more likely to binge, and it makes it very hard to get all your healthy stuff in that your body needs to function properly.

CAROLANN134 Posts: 20
8/17/10 10:16 P

This is my first time on a diet!
For the past 3 weeks I have stuck to a diet that I didn't realize was only around 1000 calories. I lost 10 pounds or so with exercising too. Now in my fourth week, it isn't coming off as fast. Am I gaining weight now because of too little calories to sustain me? If I eat more to balance out, how can I continue to loose weight? It seems like the only way to go is up in pounds. :(
I am starting to feel to scared to eat more, and I am loosing my appetite.
Is this happening to anyone else? Please help!

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