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7/9/12 4:04 P

I use ergs (rowing machines) during winter training six day's a week. I use the concept 2's. It's a love/ hate relationship. But, I am on a rowing team so anything to make me faster in the boat is worth every second. (Although among rowers we nickname ergs "the Torture Machines") I haven't found anything that works the quads, abs, shoulders, forearms and glutes quite as well.

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4/8/12 12:56 A

Your rower bike sounds like fun, my rower on the other hand is taking some gettng used to and it's a bit challenging how long did it take to get a rhythm going with your rowers? Thanks everyone for your response.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
4/6/12 11:49 A

I have a rowbike (combo rowing machine/ stationary recumbant bike). I use it for my active rest days when I'm not running.

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4/4/12 8:29 P

Thank you everyone for your input on how the use of a rower has worked for you, I'm excited to get started. I used to do a lot of walking, but to much is out of the question for me since I have plantar inflamation in one of my feet and it stops me from doing a lot, that's the reason I purchased the rower. I will walk and do cardio videos when I can (when the ligament inflamation in my foot isn't acting up) but I will be using this rower and hand weights and pilates/yoga/exercise ball and exercise stretch bands for the bulk of my exercise thanks again. :o)

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4/4/12 12:13 A

Online Now  • ))

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4/3/12 10:35 P

I use a rowing machine at the gym as part of my strength training circuit.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
4/3/12 10:30 P

I have a Vitamaster small rowing machine that works great

4/3/12 10:11 P

They had me use the rowing machine in physical therapy when I needed to stay off my feet. The rowing made my knees hurt. I asked the assistant about my form, but I wasn't 100% comfortable with his answer. I liked it as upper body and cardio exercise.

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4/3/12 10:06 P

Its a great specialised winter alternative to rowers whom can't get out on the water in winter and train for their events..

It gives a good workout, but I find it a waste of time... I find getting more walking in daily removes the need for cardio machines full stop...

MSANITAL Posts: 8,030
4/3/12 3:20 P

I am not sure what the name is of the one I use at the gym but I love it.. rowing is to build strengh and stama .. you will lose weight .. but I would also use it along with a cardio work out

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
4/3/12 3:16 P

I have an older HealthRider which is a combination rower/bike. I use it more for strengthening, stamina, rather than weight loss but you can definitely lose by rowing. And of course building muscle helps burn fat which is always good! emoticon

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4/3/12 3:12 P

I purchased a stamina 1205 precision rower for exercise and I want to know if any of you use a rower of any type? And what your results and exercise experience with your machine has been like as far as how many pounds lost? how many minutes can you use it? how long you've been using it weeks, days, months? This is my first expereince with a rower and I've only had my for a few days now. Thanks for sharing :o)

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