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6/25/13 1:00 P

This actually happens to me a lot -- I have migraines, so for me the exercise-induced headache comes with the territory, so if you happen to have migraines, that may be a part of it. I'd definitely check with your doctor to see what's going on, but in the meantime, extra water and some headache reliever before you work out should help. (I always drink a bottle of water before I start and carry a bottle with me and drink all of it, and I take two Excedrin before I start.)

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6/25/13 8:57 A

Check this out with your doctor asap. I had similar symptoms but the headache would then turn into me fainting. Based on my doctor's advice I began drinking a lot more water than I would normally because my issue was related to dehydration and low blood pressure. As I got fitter, the episodes became less frequent.

But seriously, you know how every exercise program/piece of equipment has that warning about checking with your doctor before starting an exercise program? This is why. Set up an appointment to get this checked out.

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6/25/13 8:54 A

You said drinking water inbetween helps. It sounds like you could be dehydrated. Are you getting enough water during the day/before the time you workout?

6/25/13 8:40 A

Since I was young if I workout hard. Not past my bodies limits. Just pushing myself, like Turbo Jam, etc. My face becomes bright red(I'm fair) & I get a very bad headache. I had to stop gymnastics as a child because of this. The same thing happens if I get overheated from the sun.

I feel fine physically like I could do more, but I can't because of the headaches.Drinking water in between helps some, but doesn't stop it. I don't normally suffer from headaches.
Does anyone else suffer from this ?

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