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9/21/11 12:56 A

Also there is a Spark Team for those of us who have IBS. We have to increase our fiber gradually. I am now able to eat 2 fruits&/or veges with each meal for a total of 6 a day. I still have to be careful about the combinations I use. You can be tested to see if you have a true allergy or if it's an intolerance. I'm lactose intolerant. You would be surprised where they put lactose. If you need any suuport just sparkmail me & I will try to help.

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9/19/11 10:02 P

You need to see your Dr to see what you are and what you are not allowed to eat. You might need to see your local nutritionist.I don't believe anybody can really help you from the distance. I wish you luck!

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9/13/11 2:04 P

You best resource is your doctor, who can refer you to people who can help plan the proper diet for you with your conditions, recommend local support groups, etc.

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Your best resource on Spark are the teams for these issues.
Just search in Spark Teams for Irritable bowel..

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9/10/11 6:13 A

you can eat with Colitis and severe IBS and or are their pills to help? I'm allergic to alot of foods now and I can't be staying home all the time, so I wondered if anyone knew?

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