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BARBARAK4688 Posts: 17
1/2/14 8:24 A

I am thinkingI will wait until I am at least healthy and in better shape to exercise before making any kind of purchase. Maybe by then I will find a less expensive motivator : ). I was using Map My Run on my phone, but now i have to pay for data so I'm not so keen on using that.

I really appreciate your feedback!

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1/1/14 9:19 P

I have been wondering quite a bit about the fitbit flex myself but it mostly sounds similar to a pedometer watch I purchased. The version of watch I bought was considerably expensive and I do like it as a basic fitness watch but feel that it isn't too accurate (moving my arm while sitting would count as steps taken). But I do like having the pedometer feature - you could use a simple $10 belt pedometer. I say think it over thoroughly and do what motivates you (what else would you use that money for)!

JKW1957 Posts: 185
1/1/14 1:00 P

I have had one for 3 months. I mainly got it to track how much I walk when I am working. I also wanted to track my sleep. It is useful but I'm not sure it is worth the money. If you want to track how far you walk it might be useful, but it you have a smart phone there are apps that you can download that will do the same thing for free.

BARBARAK4688 Posts: 17
1/1/14 10:43 A

What do you think? I can't do any real exercise right now because I have achilles tendonitis and bursitis (and I'm only 50 and feel very old lol)...but I am in the process of researching this. I'm wondering if it is truly motivating. I am thinking I would love it, but if I get injured again, it would probably be a waste of money? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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