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I'm a stay-at-home mom, so my morning routine is dictated by getting my oldest on the school bus on time. I agree that having some time to *wake up* before jumping into exercise is important to me personally. I need to eat a little something, drink some coffee and let it all settle a bit before working out. I'm going to have to make an effort to not get lax on my schedule when school is out, especially if my kids start staying up later and then want to sleep in.

5/20/14 2:00 P

Thanks for the suggestions as I, too, have been not feeling motivated to stick with a fitness routine. I am going back to the Spark original commit to 10 minutes of daily exercise...if I can commit to 10 little minutes I know I can accomplish more. Blessings. emoticon

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5/20/14 8:15 A

I suppose the first thing to do would be to acknowledge that while you prefer to move a bit slower in the morning.... you really want to change that and are willing to give it an honest go. emoticon Allow yourself a certain amount of time to get up and veg out over coffee or whatever, before you rise up and exercise. It might be helpful to work your way into the whole workout, a little at a time. Like-- start with just 15 minutes, and then after a while, go to 30 minutes etc. So you could start by allowing yourself, say, 30 minutes with the coffee and vegging out. And then rise up and exercise for 15 minutes. Really push yourself to get up and do it, whether you *feel like it* at that moment or not. After a while of doing that, increase the workout to 30 minutes.

You may have to get out of bed a little earlier to accomplish this. Which means you go to bed a little earlier, too. While I could easily sit around for a couple hours in the morning "waking up"... I really don't need that much time. Personally, I prefer an hour and I get up at an ungodly hour, to accomplish this. I know I need to start exercising at a certain time, if I'm going to have enough time left to get ready for work. If there are things you usually do in the morning that you could do instead the night before-- choose your clothes, pack up some of your lunch foods, etc-- do those the night before.

I was never a morning person til I had kids. It got to where I wanted a little time to myself in the morning before the kids got up... so I kept backing my alarm clock up, 15 minutes at a time, til I was getting up early enough to have some coffee in peace & quiet, before the kids got up. Now I'm so used to getting up early that even though I could sleep in, I never do. I just have plenty of time to veg out a bit, plus get the workout in.

5/19/14 10:51 P

I have been really slacking lately and I feel like if I could exercise in the AM it would help me stay motivated during the day... The problem is I am NOT a morning person. Does anyone have any helpful ideas to possibly learn to become a morning person? =)

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