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4/3/12 11:58 A

And personally, I think it is more than just "doing" the workouts. You have to really give it an effort, like you were doing it with that instructor right there. But, I do want to add, you can't spot burn fat. So the abs and butt and thighs workouts won't take more inches off those areas any more than anything else.

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4/3/12 11:40 A

Not to be flippant, but to say (tongue in cheek) what I have told numerous clients before:

Exercise DVDs work if you DO them, they do not work if you just WATCH them!!!

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4/3/12 10:42 A

I don't but like the other person said, any form of excersice that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping burns calories and works! Sometimes in the winter when I can get outside for a run I do DVD workouts and some of them can be really tough!

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4/3/12 10:35 A

Any type of exercise can work if you are willing and able to do it consistently.

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4/3/12 9:44 A

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Power with Gloves Workout DVD
Gold's Gym Boot Camp My Abs! DVD
Gold's Gym Boot Camp My Hips and Thighs! DVD

and to they really work?

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