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9/4/13 11:26 A

Generally I only use cane sugar, honey or maple syrup. I was a guest, and the potato salad was gluten free, so I ate that, since much of the other food was not. She later gave me the recipe, and it included Splenda blend...equivalent to 3/4 cups sugar in her dressing.
I may try her recipe, but using sugar, and even cutting that by half. After using less, I find I need less in most things.
Same for salt. I used to add salt to my cottage cheese, and now I find it is overly salty directly from the carton. Do they make a low salt cottage cheese, I wonder?
Thanks. I do not wish anyone to have food sensitivities, but find comfort that I am not alone.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
9/4/13 11:05 A

Yes, from Splenda. Equal gives me terrible headaches. Don't like the taste of Stevia though it a natural sugar. Caffeine has no effect on me.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,177
9/4/13 10:19 A

Malitol and sorbitol can cause diarrhea and bloating, stomach discomfort. Anything that ends in itol I stay away from.

The chemical poisons in Aspartame are not for me either...Aspartic Acid, Phenylalanine, Methanol

Symptoms from methanol poisoning include gastrointestinal issues and upsets...No Splenda, no Nutra Sweet, no Equal, no Aspartame and no Sucralose for me.

Maybe the best solution is to try to get off all of them or try pure Stevia if you still need to sweeten something.

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9/4/13 9:49 A

Thanks everyone. For now I am avoiding both, and the symptoms are gone, whether related or not. In the future, I will try one or the other to see if either bring a similar reaction.

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9/4/13 7:53 A

Online Now  • ))

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/4/13 7:22 A

I recall that being an impact for some people when sugar-free candies first came out, and then people were warned about over-consumption. However, I think they were sweetened with sugar alcohols, and not necessarily Splenda.

Caffeine often gets me moving in that direction in the morning - and sometimes it's the reason I have a cup of coffee to begin the day (when I need it)

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9/4/13 7:20 A

I've found that caffeine gets the bowels moving, especially if you go off of it for spell and your body isn't adapted to it. It's never given me diarrhea... but it does seem to keep me regular.

I've never had any negative symptoms from splenda.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,158
9/4/13 7:00 A

I used to make cakes/slices etc. years ago for a dairy that sold them in their cabinet. The last time I made them, I didn't have any clean paper bags to toss them in sugar/cinnamon mix as t hey came out the fryer, so me in one of my brilliant brain-wave moments decided to use other bags. I had it loaded with the sugar/cinnamon, got the doughnuts out the frier and straight into the bag and tossed. Next thing they were all over the kitchen - shrink-wrapped in BLUE PLASTIC - lol! I had forgotten that plastic and hot fat stuff don't mix emoticon emoticon

As far as the TMI, I am the co-leader of the Crohn's Team (my late husband had really bad Crohn's) so you can guess what I am/was used to emoticon

As far as the Splenda issue, I can't answer that. Hopefully you find the cause quickly and can deal with it. Good luck.


COO_KIE SparkPoints: (62,500)
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9/4/13 6:33 A

Thanks. As to the donut, I made it myself with Jules gluten free flour mix. It was a Sparks recipe that I converted. I have not knowingly had any gluten since June 26, 2009. It makes me ill enough to not even be tempted. Yes, on gluten, I would get diarrhea, but I would also be sick with additional symptoms, and I would have recognized that.. This was strictly loose stools. Sorry, too much information, I know. I used to react to sorbitol this way, and since I am new to splenda, I wondered if it was a common reaction, or if it was just my reaction. Of course, it may be unrelated to anything.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,158
9/4/13 3:27 A

I know that caffeine can be a bowel opener - my husband had Crohn's Disease and caffeine certainly got him going.

I had a peek at your SparkPage and Nutrition Tracker. Two things that I noticed were that:

1. You belong to the Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Team

2. On 2nd you ate a Doughnut! Is it possible that the Doughnut may have triggered this reaction?


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9/4/13 1:43 A

Both can cause it in some. I think all artificial sweeteners can in some especially if used a lot. I don't get diarrhea from splenda but it does upset my stomach where equal does not. Why not try taking both out of your diet and see what happens?

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/3/13 9:54 P

No, I haven't experienced that.

Caffeine is a known stimulant for the bowels, but the effect wouldn't last two days. Maybe you have picked up an infection somewhere? Food poisoning and GI viruses are very common causes of diarrhea.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,065
9/3/13 9:17 P

No I haven't. I don't use splenda though because I find it nasty

9/3/13 8:21 P

Hmmm, no, I have never had any diarrhea from either Splenda or caffeine.

COO_KIE SparkPoints: (62,500)
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Posts: 633
9/3/13 8:16 P

I have not been especially well the last day or so, and had both caffeine and Splenda for the first time in many months. I have had many vegetables recently, but they do not usually affect me, and I have been having 7 or so fruits and vegetables daily for quite some time. Yet, the side affects I see listed for splenda do not list diarrhea.
I usually drink decaf, which does not affect me.

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