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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/11/13 11:28 P

I use an elliptical a few times a week. Usually on days I strength train: 10 minute walking warm up, ST, 35 minutes elliptical.

I get bored with it pretty easily, so I try to switch it up with other cardio- Coach Nicole DVDs (which I love), walking, hiking, or belly dancing DVDs.

NIKKIKERN12 Posts: 766
4/11/13 10:49 P

between 20-30 minutes depending on how I feel

CAPRISONYA SparkPoints: (24,635)
Fitness Minutes: (49,336)
Posts: 81
4/11/13 10:41 P

I go for about 25 minutes on days when I am doing mostly strength training. It makes me feel better, since I hate going to the gym for just strength. It adds a bit of cardio to the mix and is low-impact enough that it doesn't stress any muscles. In fact, I find that it helps me "stretch" any muscles that got sore if I was running the day before.

4/11/13 8:36 P

I think the elliptical is good for beginners but people should work on walking or running outdoors instead of the elliptical. Why? Your cardiovascular system will be much farther ahead than your skeletal system when it comes to health. When you run (correctly) and walk, you are causing microtrauma to the body but this is actually healthy! It helps build stronger bones and muscles. Let's say you have a great cardiovascular system but your body isn't used to running. If you finally go out for a run, your cardiovascular system will keep up but your body won't. This is when stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and other injuries take place.

Just think of elite athletes. Do they use elliptical machines? No. They run and lift weights. As mentioned before, it's great for a beginner but I'd look for other ways to get cardio in (lift weights faster and for more reps, running, sprints, etc.)

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MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
4/11/13 8:29 P

I do use the elliptical although not so much lately as I have been attending a lot of classes and running. When I do, I usually go no more than 30 minutes. Much more than that and I get bored.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
4/11/13 6:59 P

The elliptical is like my favorite machine at the gym. I usually do 25 minutes on there at different intervals and I must say it's an awesome workout.

RAMBLINROSE123 Posts: 75
4/11/13 6:54 P

I have used my elliptical for the past 3 months at 30 min every other day. Now I am much stronger and have started this week to use it for 60 min each time. It is a very long time to be on a machine but I make it work by using it while watching my favorite shows or listening to my mp3.
I have the golds gym elliptical that has 6, 30 min preset settings, number 6 is the tough one but gives me about a 600 calorie burn.

SCRAPBECCA Posts: 3,657
4/11/13 6:20 P

I enjoy using the elliptical at my gym.

PAT4PROG Posts: 652
4/11/13 6:10 P

I use the elliptical. If I'm using it strictly for cardio, never less than 30 min. If I'm using it as part of a circuit type workout, anywhere maybe just 5 min at a fast pace and then on to the next thing.

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
4/11/13 5:46 P

I used to do about 20-30 minutes a day, but I found it pretty boring and too repetitive for my taste.

4/11/13 5:08 P

I really enjoy the elliptical but I have a hard time lasting more than a mile right now. I hope to be able to work up to 2-3 miles. It usually takes about 18 minutes a mile for me.

REGINA_PHALANGE SparkPoints: (17,659)
Fitness Minutes: (5,689)
Posts: 681
4/11/13 5:03 P

No less than 20 minutes (for a quick workout), but usually 40 or 50 minutes. I've become a big fan of the elliptical!

JAVAJENN SparkPoints: (8,282)
Fitness Minutes: (2,214)
Posts: 365
4/11/13 4:42 P

If you do use an elliptical, how many minutes do you workout on it?

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