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DIVINEEM23 Posts: 14
1/7/11 4:58 P

I've done an 8 week Zumba class and loved it! It was a lot of fun! I also, just bought Zumba today for my Wii and it was a lot of fun too! Similar to class and able to do it in the comfort of my own home! :)

TERALS1984 Posts: 14
1/7/11 4:00 P

I lost 34 lbs in 4 months doing Zumba. After that my body got used to it, so on to the next thing, but now I'm back to going since I've gained 11 lbs back. I also have the game for Wii and the beginner and intermediate levels are fun and like the class. The advanced levels are rubbish... no fun.

QUENRIDER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 2
1/7/11 3:41 P

Hello my name is Sabrina..And I just bought the Zumbo for the PS3 and let me say I did the 20 min beginner class was sweating...I recommend the dvd so you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
Fitness Minutes: (40,925)
Posts: 5,014
1/7/11 3:31 P

I went to 1 class and it was so crowded, was thinking of getting a dvd. Hope they have a beginners. Any one know?

SUGAREE_1202 Posts: 90
1/7/11 3:25 P

MOEMOORE, which classes have you tried on Zumba Wii? I've found the expert level classes are not as upbeat (they seem to be geared more towards toning) as the beginner or intermediate classes. My favorites are Beginner 20 minute class 3, Intermediate 20 minute class 2 and Intermediate 45 minute class 6. I've never been to a live Zumba class but the Wii class definitely get me sweating and out of breath in no time!


MOEMOORE SparkPoints: (34,357)
Fitness Minutes: (40,447)
Posts: 393
1/7/11 2:55 A

I've been going to a Zumba class for several weeks now and I love it! The first time I went, I wasn't very comfortable - it just seemed a little overwhelming. But man on man did I sweat!

I went back again, and I am sooo glad I did! One week I tried another instructor and was very disappointed. Turns out my "usual" instructor is a certified zumba instructor (as opposed to someone "licensed to teach"), and she has a ton of other credentials (Personal Trainer, Group Aerobics Trainer, etc) and has been an aerobics instructor for 20+ years. She's so much fun! And the people in the class are great! She holds her classes in different school gyms around town. $10 a class, or buy a 10 class card for $80.

Tonight I went to her Zumba Toning class - I know I'll be hurting in the morning! I'm going to go to more of her classes through the week, because I know its making a difference (not yet on the scale though).

I did get the Wii Zumba for Christmas, but I've only used it once. Compared to my class, it was pretty low key, but I wanted something to do that was similar for the times when I can't make the class.

If you do decide to check out a class, I would make sure you do a little research on the instructors and try to find one with more of an aerobics or athletic background - they will really get you moving!

KERRYLOU32 Posts: 24
1/6/11 6:44 P

@living4him - thanks - i just signed up and i start next tuesday. i am looking forward to it. its nice to hear that its not that hard to catch on. i am starting two classes behind everyone else but i a just goofy enough to make a fool of myself trying to learn the steps!

LIVING4HIM_INWI SparkPoints: (43,931)
Fitness Minutes: (43,663)
Posts: 1,957
1/5/11 8:41 P

GaleJames - Yes, it doesn't do as much good if you overeat, but yet it is better than overeating and not burning the calories.

emoticon emoticon

1/4/11 10:24 P

2 different teachers say you burn a lot of calories, but it does not matter if I over ate!! It is fun as a form of aerobics though!

LIVING4HIM_INWI SparkPoints: (43,931)
Fitness Minutes: (43,663)
Posts: 1,957
1/4/11 10:21 P

KerryLou, The only thing you really need to do is go to a class ready for a fun workout. Dress like you would for exercise with comfortable clothes and supportive shoes. The class that I am in doesn't even give any instruction, we just watch her as she is dancing and try to do the same. So the first time is a little challenging to keep up but that is ok, you will be sweating like crazy. If you love to dance, you will catch on easy. The steps aren't hard. But if you don't get it right away, don't worry, no one is there to judge, we all were new at one point, and you will be getting a fun workout which is what you want. Good luck to you and enjoy!

CHRYSTALM0214 Posts: 499
1/4/11 8:37 P

I love love love zumba. I usally burn 800-1000 calories in a 60 minute class. It is amazing!

KERRYLOU32 Posts: 24
1/4/11 7:37 P

My bestie just sent me a text that we should Zumba together. I am excited! Is there anything I should know before is go to this class? I am no good at step aerobics but I love to dance.

LIVING4HIM_INWI SparkPoints: (43,931)
Fitness Minutes: (43,663)
Posts: 1,957
1/4/11 6:00 P

I have been taking Zumba classes for a year. Love it!! I did buy the dvds online from Zumba, but would rather do it with people and a live instructor comes up with new songs and new moves. It is a great workout because you are having fun and the time goes by so fast, it doesn't feel like a workout except for the sweating part. You really need to try it!!!

CHIQUITA13 Posts: 80
1/4/11 5:28 P

I lost ten pounds and several inches by doing Zumba a few times a week. The class I go to is intense, though, and we do squats, lunges, pushups, and all sorts of jumping around things. Other classes are a lot calmer and won't give you the same results. Shop around for one that is both fun and effective.

SUGAREE_1202 Posts: 90
1/4/11 5:28 P

I track it as Aerobics: General, High Impact

I did a google search on it, another fitness tracker suggested to use this category. Also it fits because it is aerobics and has a lot of jumping, hopping etc. (feet off the ground as opposed to feet on the ground for low impact aerobics), at least the Wii game does, don't know about the DVD's or classes.

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PARKER810 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (130)
Posts: 10
1/4/11 5:21 P

what is Zumba, I use my Wii, and need some game reccommendations?? I'm doing jullian Michaels

SUGAREE_1202 Posts: 90
1/4/11 5:16 P

I got Zumba Wii for Christmas and have been doing 60-90 minutes a day since (11 days). I love the workouts and don't get bored which is my biggest problem when I comes to working out.

I haven't lost any weight yet (may be due to muscle gain as I have been mostly inactive since June due to a broken leg), but I lost 2 inches off my hips and 2 off my arms already. I'm hoping the pounds will start coming off soon as I'm also tracking my food and staying within the SP recommendations.

Good luck!

FITVALGAL SparkPoints: (51,943)
Fitness Minutes: (52,708)
Posts: 2,490
1/4/11 4:28 P

I have not done it myself, but just like any other form of exercise, the more your put into it, the more you'll get out of it. And I am (unfortunately) living proof that all the exercise in the world won't help you lose weight if you don't control your eating!

12/13/10 1:56 P

I just found out my local Y has Zumba!!

SO_INTENSE Posts: 274
12/12/10 11:45 P

I went a few times. It was really fun, but I didn't do it enough to notice any difference. I have the videos and I think I'll start them back up,

QUELEI Posts: 383
12/12/10 9:41 P

I used to do Zumba 3 or 4 times a week -- I really loved it! Unfortunately the new gym I'm going to only has it once a week, at a time that's really inconvenient for me. Boo.

LADYSHEL SparkPoints: (16,433)
Fitness Minutes: (12,290)
Posts: 225
12/12/10 9:32 P

I have done Zumba and I loved it. However, I discontinued my gym membership because it was too expensive. Now I have joined a gym at work that is only $10 biweekly and we have Zumba. I plan to try it out tomorrow :)

DETERMINED56 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (64,340)
Posts: 1,009
12/12/10 8:21 P

I change both my st and cardio up a lot but had never tried Zumba. It looked like fun but I am such a klutz and was afraid to try it.
Then I figured I'd give it a shot and I have never had such a good time and such a great cardio workout.
It made me laugh..and the people in there are all different levels. It just seems to me that everyone is there to have a good time.

Our instructor is this tiny little thing but is just this energetic firecracker. I think she makes the class.

So glad I tried it...

GET_FIT_NOW Posts: 25
12/12/10 6:18 P

I've been attending Zumba classes since early November. I love it, it's so much, the hour goes by so quickly. Only downside - all my other cardio days seem so much more boring in comparison! (My gym only offers the class once a week, unfortunately.) I'm not very coordinated (which is why I've always steered away from the dance classes at the gym), but I love that there's no judgment with Zumba. We have all sorts of people (though mostly women) in our class.

I have lost weight with it, though I don't know by how much. I don't wear a HRM or keep track of calories lost each day/workout, etc. I tried that once and it was too much for me. I just try to eat healthy (I do track my intake using SP) and work out every day. I do cardio every day, at least 30 min (usually 60-90 min if it's a non-yoga/pilates/weight training day).

I think you probably can use Zumba for weight loss, but what I love about it is how it makes me feel. Cardio via Zumba is never a drag. It makes you feel good inside and out, and you feel like doing it all the time!

METINA Posts: 70
12/12/10 4:40 P

Ok. Just tried the Zumba Fitness for the Wii and it is LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stick with the classes my friend.

SKNYTWINK Posts: 307
12/12/10 11:33 A

I love, love, love, love, love Zumba and I have lost weight!

METINA Posts: 70
12/12/10 10:05 A

I bought the Zumba fitness for the Wii cause I love the classes so much. I still haven't tried it but will. The music in these class will get you so pumped up.

You'll love it and lust for more!

JDBD17 SparkPoints: (24,539)
Fitness Minutes: (14,750)
Posts: 761
12/12/10 9:46 A

I attend Zumba twice a week. Yes, I have lost weight (and inches!)

If you haven't tried it yet, Join the Party!!

12/11/10 11:09 P

I recently got the Zumba game for my Wii, and I love it. The only hard part for me is remembering to hold my abs in while I workout. I feel clumsy as heck but it really gets you moving.

12/11/10 5:49 P

I got mine online too

12/11/10 10:46 A

I took Zumba classes at my local gym 2X a week for 3 months, I loved it but it was $40 a month and I just moved into my own apartment. So I had to stop and I was so bummed. But I just bought Zumba for Xbox 360 Kinect and I am amazed! I get just as good as a workout and I can do it anytime I'd like. I'd recommend it to anyone that loves to dance! emoticon

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (71,842)
Fitness Minutes: (55,446)
Posts: 4,730
12/11/10 10:24 A

I got my set at and had no problems. I've heard that some people have had troubles with the website. I've also heard people getting them on e-bay.

NINALATINA9 Posts: 1,381
12/11/10 7:26 A

where can I buy a good Zumba DVD online?

BECKYBOOP74 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (535)
Posts: 29
12/10/10 4:15 P

I started doing Zumba around November 1st and it is now December 10th. With diet and one or two other classes here and there thrown in, I have lost 19.8 pounds. Very very proud of myself. I LOVE to dance, never really liked to exercise so it is a great way to be creative and fit at the same time. I am really big and have only exercised with strength training for about once a week for almost a year. That gave me enough strength to get up and do Zumba and I can keep up with all the thin girls!

It's the best thing that has ever happened to me!

TAMI1101 Posts: 13
12/7/10 5:30 P

When your in the Fitness Tracker click on Add Cardio. Then click on Manually Enter. Then type the minutes, calories and check the box that says add this to my favorites.

This is where a HRM is essential as you don't know tha accurate calories burned without it.

12/7/10 5:24 P

Can anyone tell me how to add Zumba to my fitness tracker? I keep searching for it but it doesn't come up under dance or anything.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

VRS8440 Posts: 4,016
11/19/10 5:01 P

Love it. You lost pounds and inches

JESTICJADE SparkPoints: (65,813)
Fitness Minutes: (37,425)
Posts: 3,363
11/19/10 1:54 P

I use to do zumba all the time but the instructor changed her schedule and I stopped going. I miss it and I loved it and I lost over 30 lbs doing this and other classes. So yes you can loose weight but you only get out of it what you put into it. Have fun and enjoy your exercise.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (189,886)
Fitness Minutes: (281,713)
Posts: 26,470
11/19/10 1:36 P

Zumba is an awesome workout and lots of fun. Can you lose weight ? You can IF you're being mindful of what you eat. It's not the exercise that will help you to lose, it's your nutrition.

Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. If you aren't eating right, the weight won't come off. You'll be fitter, but not necessarily scale lighter.

Weight loss really is all about what you eat.

I've done Zumba. Loved it. I only stopped because our gym no longer has an instructor to teach the class.

TAMI1101 Posts: 13
11/19/10 1:30 P

I do Zumba 2x a week for an hour each time. According to my HRM I burn 488-500 calories each time. I love Zumba and have been doing it about 5 months. You can certainly loose weight but you'll see the inches go a lot faster.

KAJUNMOMX2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,619)
Posts: 227
11/19/10 10:38 A

We have a zumba class coming up at work...I signed up for it and am so excited!

11/19/10 10:02 A

I have heard some rumors of a water Zumba, class, and I am dying to try it out.. LOL

AMYNELSON07 Posts: 35
11/19/10 9:47 A

I know that as soon as I stopped doing it regularly I started putting a little weight back on and my cardiovascular level went down.

Started back up this morning. Feels awesome.

ALOHACYL Posts: 4,987
11/19/10 8:57 A

I have a friend at my office who does Zumba classes a few times out of the week. She has lost a little weight and she really looks good. She loves the workouts.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
11/19/10 1:27 A

I see alot of big women go to the classes at my gym, the instructor is mildly overweight.. I have watched her the past 6 months, I don't think she is doing the nutrition side of the deal.. Looks the same to me..

11/19/10 1:02 A

I love zumba, but I'd recommend doing it in a class if at all possible. The other people keep you laughing and motivated and working (dancing) harder!

VRS8440 Posts: 4,016
11/18/10 4:45 P

Love ZUMBA. You will lose some weight but definitely inches....

KIMBRIZ Posts: 35
11/18/10 4:24 P

Our zumba instructor used her heart rate monitor during an hour long class. She burned over 600 calories. She doesn't have any fat on her. That being said, I'm guessing I burned like 800 calories!!

So to answer your questions, you absolutely can lose weight doing zumba, but it depends on the intensity level you choose to work at. Many in our class do modified moves, instead of the jumping or high intensity moves, therefore, they are burning less calories.

At the end of the day its calories in vs calories burned! So you can do all the zumba you want, but if you aren't monitoring your calorie intake, you won't lose a pound.

But if you are looking for a way to exercise that is fun and goes by fast - Zumba is the way! I would suggest checking out an actual class. Our YMCA has zumba and you see all shapes and sizes and all ages. Teenagers, elderly, thin and overweight!

It's a blast!

11/18/10 4:16 P

Yes.and yes..ive lost about 20 more lbs since adding zumba

11/18/10 4:00 P

I just got some Zumba dvds bc I wanted to see what the hype was all about...has anyone lost any weight? If so, how much and how long have you been doing Zumba?

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