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9/19/13 12:52 A

Check the teams for Auto-immune illnesses.

I know that CHER had that and was cured from what she said in an interview.

Check out articles by Dr. Mercola on his web site as he has a lot of help. Also, on YouTube you can find Roby Mitchell M.D./PhD who is DrFitt and he treats all types of illnesses, as he has also studied Chinese Medicine. He had Advanced Prostrate Cancer and cured himself with diet and exercise.
I've been reading about Dr. Perlmutter who just wrote "Grain Brain" about neuro illnesses. He is an interesting doctor. He uses Hyper Oxygen therapy. Do check him out, as he mentions treating a lot of different illnesses.

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9/18/13 7:32 P

wanted to see if there was a team to join

Thank you

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