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1/9/14 5:22 P

Thanks everyone for the advice. I did watch the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" just recently. That's what got me into the idea of juicing.

1/9/14 4:16 P

I prefer to eat my fruit and vegetables whole. They are much more filling that way.

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1/9/14 12:27 P

i don't juice a lot as i have a vitamix and using the nutbag to remove the pulp is messy. But you don't have to throw out the fiber. Being raw, i use it. I use it in other recipes, i freeze dry it, i dehydrate it, i use it to make crackers, cookies, and pizza crust. One of the main things i like about being raw is their is virtually no waste.

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1/9/14 2:48 A

You should watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead! He juice fasts (not that you need to) and he juices some pretty interesting things. It is at least a starting point.

Juicy fruits can start as the base, and then add in other interesting veggies etc.

I've heard staying in the same color family can be good. So pear, lime, apples, kale, celery, cucumber etc. or beets, pomegranate, orange, cranberry (FullyRawKristina recipe).

This video has some good advice too!

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1/8/14 9:18 P

No--juicing takes out all of the healthy and filling fiber and leaves all of the carbs and calories. It is not an approach that would work for me.

Maybe carrots and spinach would be a good place to start. When I have excess spinach on hand, I free it in water in ice-cube blends fairly seamlessly into (whole) fruit smoothies.

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1/8/14 9:08 P

* check out recipes online or maybe from the library
* when using fruits, there are veggies that "blend" well and don't overpower the mix

check these links out!

1/8/14 8:06 P

Be carefully with fruit juice; even when made from fresh fruit.
At 60 calories in a 1/2 cup portion; it can add up quickly.
Since there is little fiber and you can gulp it down quickly (versus the chewing of fresh fruit)---be sure to count the calories in your record.

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1/8/14 3:22 P

I got a juicer at Christmas, and am excited to use it on this journey for better health and wieght loss. I've done fruit juices and they are delicious, I'm nervous to expand into veggies, because I really don't like many of them! Any advice??

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