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11/21/12 12:08 P

Exercise should not be painful. You might feel some soreness, but that can be stretched out. To be "successful" depends on the goal. Yoga - do you feel stretched and relaxed? Cardio - have you sweated? No, it shouldn't be painful!

11/21/12 10:18 A

I lost 40 pounds 9 years ago simply by walking 2-5 miles 4-5 times per week, and watching carefully what I ate of course. The only "pain" was in starting out I could barely walk and breathe at the same time, but that was due to my being overweight and inactive and out of shape. As the weeks went on it got easier and easier and I loved walking and never had any "real" pain from it.

During the winter I don't walk outside, but do Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD's and they include strength training, cardio, the works. I think they're great.

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11/21/12 9:41 A

You definitely should not feel pain when exercising or strength training. Pain could be a sign that you are doing it wrong. Always check your technique to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. Also pain could be a sign of another problem (health related). If you are having pain every time you do an exercise, and you are doing it correctly, check with a physician. It is okay to feel soreness later, but not pain.

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11/21/12 9:25 A

As others have suggested there are different levels of “Pain” and is what exactly best level is difficult to define. It is certainly not necessary to be in pain and the idea of “No pain, No gain” is not needed in developing a healthy life style.

What we each have to learn to do is to find the edge of our comfort zone and just nudge it out a little further over time. I am a Chi Runner, a Tai Chi Chuan player, a Qigong practitioner and now beginning Bagua. Each of these practices has built into it the concept of “Gradual Progress”, this is the idea that you make consistent progress but doing just a little more and that over time you make significant progress, but this remains a fairly painless process. Not a process without effort. Yes I am always pushing at the edge of the limits, but never very far past the edge.

This has worked well for me.


GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
11/21/12 8:55 A

Thanks so much, everyone. I thought I was doing something wrong because I haven't been sore! Nice to know that is not the case.

11/21/12 5:32 A

I spent years working out in pain. And I spent years quitting repeatedly after only a couple of weeks of doing these kinds of workouts.

I sweat like crazy when I exercise. And I occasionally get a bit sore when I exercise.

But I do not ever exercise to the point of pain. It's self-defeating for me.

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11/21/12 4:20 A

In "no pain no gain", the "pain" is not literal physical pain, but the psychological pain that one suffers to overcome the procrastination, because the main reason for not gaining even a little is doing nothing at all. Interpreted as such, it applies to many aspects of human experience.

Some physical discomfort is necessary though, it shows that you are working out at the right intensity. But discomfort is discomfort, not pain. If there is pain, you need to slow down to see if it subsides, if it does not, you should stop. If you continue working out for an extended period of time in spite of the pain, you risk a greater injury than you would suffer if you stopped once you notice that it does not go away.

In strength training, you don't have to feel sore or DOMS the next day to get stronger, but if you did, it means you will get stronger. But one has to rest well, it is in resting that one builds strength, not by strength training. Strength training is a stress the body needs to be able to respond by getting stronger. If the stress is not large enough, there is no reason to get stronger. So the strength training should be intense enough.

Building muscle is more problematic. It requires caloric surplus, which inevitably involves getting fatter. Also there is the effect of hormones, and for women it is especially difficult. However, you don't need to be building muscle to get stronger, in fact you will get pretty strong even at a caloric deficiency.

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11/20/12 10:01 P

it's about working up a sweat and not about hurting ourselves.

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11/20/12 6:09 P


Absolutely NOT! You do not have to be in pain to reap the benefits of exercise. In fact quite the opposite is true. If you are in pain, you should not be working out. That being said, for some people they may find themselves sore (caused from microscopic tears in the muscles), but you should not be in pain.

If your goal is to build muscle strength and size, you should not be able to lift more than 15 reps (12 for some) for one set, before fatigue sets in.

Coach Nancy

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
11/20/12 5:47 P

I've heard "no pain, no gain" ad nauseum, and I'm wondering if there is any truth to that. I just posted a blog here about the fact that, I don't get jello-legs when I do 25-30 minutes on the exercise bike. I have the resistance up as far as it will go. I still manage to get my heart rate up to 135-145bpm for at least 20 of those minutes. I don't feel sore. My legs don't hurt the next day. Do I need to "feel the burn" every time for it to work?
I do want to start incorporating strengthening exercises, too, soon, especially in my arms, because they desperately need to be toned. I know I can't "target" specific areas to lose weight, but I can to build muscle, right? Is that "burn" a good thing? How much past the burn should I work to build that muscle?

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