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CMIRELES11 Posts: 14
10/15/13 12:25 A

Yes! My dog likes to watch things with a lot of blue. She really loves Grey's Anatomy!

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 4,903
10/14/13 7:05 P

Yes he does.

FITWITHIN Posts: 21,802
10/14/13 6:58 P

Yes, my daughter has her watching tv. I can remember when she and a couple of friends was watching a horror flick, and at a scary part the dog yelp and ran from the room.

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ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,170
10/14/13 5:51 P

no but they listen and every doorbell that rings they run to my front door, same with a barking dog or kids playing loudly. they start barking lol

10/14/13 5:09 P

YES she does
10/14/13 3:03 P

Lol, not that I know of.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,663
10/14/13 2:54 P

Olivia must because whenever a dog or other animal comes on TV she goes crazy

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AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (66,733)
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10/14/13 12:35 P

Well, I don't currently have a TV or any pets, but my experience has been that West Highland White Terriers (Westies) certainly DO watch TV.

I used to have one who would respond to the command "on TV" and run to the television to check things out. She loved dogs, cats, horses and mircats on TV. She also seemed to have a thing about eagles and enjoyed a particular commercial with a bald eagle.

She was a ridiculously smart dog. We sometimes had to spell things out so that she would not know what we were talking about.

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CUDDLYPOLARBEAR SparkPoints: (228,077)
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10/14/13 11:52 A


MIZKAREN Posts: 37,226
10/14/13 9:16 A


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NISSANGIRL Posts: 21,979
10/14/13 7:01 A


NACHTSKAI SparkPoints: (11,921)
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Posts: 536
10/14/13 6:34 A

Yes emoticon emoticon

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
10/14/13 5:48 A


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THROOPER62 Posts: 21,840
10/14/13 5:47 A

Occasionally, when I am watching Animal Planet. emoticon emoticon

KIRSTENCO SparkPoints: (11,539)
Fitness Minutes: (10,000)
Posts: 214
10/14/13 5:45 A

Don't have a pet at the moment :-(

--MEOW-- Posts: 3,448
10/14/13 3:12 A

lol :P how cute.

- Danny :)
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EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,665
10/14/13 2:46 A

My Dad's arowana loves watching tv with us! He will swim to the corner closest to the tv and watch!

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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (310,522)
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Posts: 8,994
10/14/13 12:04 A

Not really.

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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 9,187
10/13/13 11:52 P

Heavens No!

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LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
10/13/13 10:55 P

SHERYLDS- "Are you afraid the cats are going to learn too much and take over the world"

Hmmm, I could only see one of our 3 cats interested in world domination but I don't think she'd follow through.
Our cats and dogs do not get along super well. The cats have their own zone where the dogs don't go and it doesn't happen to include a TV.

Maybe our one dog should be feared more because he pays a lot of attention when I read books aloud to my daughter- probably boosting his knowledge a lot more than TV.

MADELEINESNOW SparkPoints: (615)
Fitness Minutes: (930)
Posts: 67
10/13/13 10:47 P

Yes but only when characters are having an argument.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
10/13/13 7:48 P

No pet, No TV

THOMAS.H Posts: 17,037
10/13/13 7:46 P



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MYAKAYAH Posts: 8,556
10/13/13 7:31 P

Once in a while when I am on the couch Smokey the cat will lay on my feet and watch TV.

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NEPTUNE1939 SparkPoints: (198,998)
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Posts: 8,363
10/13/13 7:31 P

Only the dog commercials

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
10/13/13 7:16 P

My dog pays no attention to TV. She's only interested in eating, sleeping and following me everywhere.

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WALNUTT1961 SparkPoints: (82,338)
Fitness Minutes: (14,988)
Posts: 1,204
10/13/13 7:10 P

My cat will watch TV or the computer screen (the mouse pointer) if something small is going across the screen like a football, birds, leaves, etc. He is cross-eyed and will also play in the mirror.
This is the only animal I have had that does this!

ZZYYGGY3 SparkPoints: (44,544)
Fitness Minutes: (15,185)
Posts: 1,695
10/13/13 7:05 P

no pets now, but I use to have a dog that loved to watch tv. He'd get right up on the couch and watch it with me, but only when my parents weren't home. He wasn't allowed on the couch Hee hee.

CUDDLYPOLARBEAR SparkPoints: (228,077)
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Posts: 14,237
10/13/13 5:52 P


RUBENB2003 Posts: 13,527
10/13/13 5:41 P

My dog hardly pays attention to the tv. It would actually be good because I hate it when he starts barking during the good parts and I can't hear.

SHERYLDS Posts: 13,710
10/13/13 5:31 P

ONLYZOMBIECAT...Your comment made me smile
"Neither of our two dogs pay any attention to TV.
Our cats are not allowed in the TV area. "
Are you afraid the cats are going to learn too much and take over the world emoticon

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
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Posts: 2,954
10/13/13 4:56 P

My big yellow lab does watch tv as you can see her eyes flicking back and forth while she is watching. The Beagle/Jack mix couldn't care less as he is 8 and all about the sleeping.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (108,710)
Fitness Minutes: (64,900)
Posts: 7,301
10/13/13 4:19 P

Obie (golden retriever) doesn't care anything about TV. Jack (lab mix) watches a good bit when it's on. Omar (our one-eyed terrier mix) barks at things he hears on TV and will watch sometimes.

when DogTV had the free trial, I flipped over for the dogs to check it out. Jack watched for several minutes; the other 2 had no interest at all. I guess lots of people leave the TV on for their pets when the owners are out. DogTV programming does not include anything that would excite most dogs (like barking). The evening programming is intended to relax them (what I saw was mostly dogs sleeping, with some tranquil background music). Day time programming was dogs walking with their people or roaming free in a field or forest. I wouldn't pay for it, but I guess kennel owners might be interested or folks whose pups have separation issues.

one of my dogs was so fascinated by the TV that he'd look around behind the TV when an animal ran off screen.

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JAMINURSE Posts: 3,089
10/13/13 2:47 P

Our Italian Greyhound does. He really focuses if there is a dog on. His little ears perk up too. Our Akita Chow does not even know the TV is there. I take that back, she will try to stand in front of the TV to get our attention.

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LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
10/13/13 2:19 P

Neither of our two dogs pay any attention to TV.
Our cats are not allowed in the TV area.

144AUTUMN SparkPoints: (75,311)
Fitness Minutes: (50,305)
Posts: 2,306
10/13/13 2:08 P

Turn the tv OFF and go outside with your pet....nature is much better than anything you'll see on that box!!! : )

MISSJANE55 SparkPoints: (42,188)
Fitness Minutes: (31,900)
Posts: 1,252
10/13/13 2:03 P

yes. likes some shows better than others. lately she has been liking all the vampire movies on AMC.

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TEALLEN04 SparkPoints: (12,070)
Fitness Minutes: (3,282)
Posts: 219
10/13/13 1:44 P

we don't have a tv, so no.

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POSEY440 SparkPoints: (287,505)
Fitness Minutes: (129,074)
Posts: 15,697
10/13/13 12:36 P

no pet

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ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
10/13/13 11:16 A

Yuki likes music

JEFFGIRL Posts: 7,557
10/13/13 10:56 A

We have no pets, but I think pets would.

MIZKAREN Posts: 37,226
10/13/13 10:55 A


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STARMONICA SparkPoints: (127,339)
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Posts: 6,049
10/13/13 10:33 A

no, she doesn't like

10/13/13 10:26 A

We had a cat that used to paw the TV screen when he saw other cats on it, especially kittens. Did you know that they have a pay TV station for dogs now? I don't have it, but I guess it plays music and shows pictures to keep your dog calm at certain times of the day and other things if you are not home. Geez!

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PLUGINALONG SparkPoints: (27,523)
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10/13/13 10:03 A


FAITHP44 SparkPoints: (81,306)
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Posts: 5,014
10/13/13 9:55 A

My goldfish live in the garden and I don't think they know what a TV is. (Just thought you'd like to know!)

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,088
10/13/13 8:31 A

I have a malti-poo and a pomeranian/corgi mix. Neither one of them pays the least bit of attention to the tv, no matter what's on it. It's as if they are totally oblivious to it.

Ruth in Cookeville, TN Central Time Zone

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DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
10/13/13 8:31 A

No neither of my animals watch tv.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,151
10/13/13 8:21 A

No my cats don't watch TV, they like to sit in front of the warm screen so I can't watch TV! I have seen other pugs that like to watch, I wonder if it has something to do with the breed?

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (204,251)
Fitness Minutes: (186,587)
Posts: 12,741
10/13/13 8:07 A

My husband and I have 2 Pugs and the male, Odie, watches TV. He is particularly fond of commercials and shows that have dogs or horses come on he goes nuts. He barks and runs all over. It's a little funny but not really. Does your dog or cat behave similarly?

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