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8/18/08 10:58 P

I agree - your body knows when your trying to fool it.

SERENA_NYC Posts: 279
6/30/08 10:19 A

I totally agree with Debra. If I want food I eat the REAL food. If I want something sweet, I eat something naturally sweetened--in moderation. I'd rather have 1/2 cup of real ice cream than 1.5 cups of Splenda-sweetened ice cream!

AWORRIAX Posts: 116
6/30/08 9:54 A

I am not sure but those diet drinks can have alot of sugar which is not good. I have a drink every once in a while and I use to be addicted to drinks so I feel like I have been doing really well.
Stay away from the stuff just to be safe.

6/30/08 8:57 A

Eating large amounts of fiber I believe to be extremely healthy. I would assume everyone here drinks large amounts of water while working out. I don't leave the gym in the am without drinking 75 oz. of water--so I'm not concerned about eating high levels of fiber. I really believe it aided in my weight loss. Thank you for your concern though--I'm going to read those articles.

CANEY3 Posts: 427
6/29/08 11:06 P

The other thing you need to take into consideration is your stress level. I have found that the more stressed I am the less I lose and in fact I may gain a pound or two.

Oh yea, I drink very little soda because I find I can not digest the carbonation (become very musical).

YRAMARY Posts: 280
6/29/08 10:54 P

"The daily recommended is 25-35 grams. I always eat around 70 grams of fiber. "

I don't think 70g of fiber is safe.

", fiber has the potential to cause harm if taken in excess of 60 or 70 grams daily. "Since fiber carries water out of the body, taking too much can cause dehydration and intestinal discomfort or gas," (Boyle, p. 84). Large amounts of fiber require a high fluid intake. Therefore, as one increases fiber in the diet, water intake must also be increased. If one does not consume enough fluid, then one's stool could become very hard, resulting in difficult and painful elimination.

Fiber speeds the movement of foods through the digestive system. Since iron is mainly absorbed early during digestion, high amounts of fiber may limit the opportunity for the absorption of iron, calcium, and other nutrients. Finally, large amounts of fiber can also cause deficiencies of nutrients and energy by causing one to feel full before enough nutrients have been consumed. Children and elderly persons are especially vulnerable to these concerns, since they eat smaller portion sizes."<

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CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/29/08 10:40 P

i don't like stevia , but thanks for the suggestion.

Lol, all I ever eat are fiber filled things and some turkey.

6/29/08 9:57 P

OK--I have 2 things to say. Number 1-I thought I wasn't losing weight b/c of diet soda and so I gave it up for 8 weeks. Also anything carbonated. i was less bloated-but it didn't change the numbers on the scale.

Also--if your having trouble losing weight--add fiber as one the things you track everyday. The daily recommended is 25-35 grams. I always eat around 70 grams of fiber. It truly helps with weight lose. Just try it!!!!!! it works!!!

(some tips to get the fiber in are fiber-one cereal, fiber-one bars, LaTortilla Factory tortillas, trader joe's muffins, fiber-one yogurt....)

***DEBRA*** SparkPoints: (69,892)
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6/29/08 9:44 P

A friend of mine is Diabetic. Her sweetener is Stevia. It comes in packets just like Splenda does.
I have a Stevia plant and like to show people how extremely sweet the leaves and flowers are...just for fun.
I used to just pour the sugar into my tea and coffee. One day I decided to measure what I was pouring. WHOA! It was alot!
So everyday I would shake just a tiny bit off the spoon. Now I use 1/2 tsp. of sugar in my big mug of coffee. Well, that's if and when I have a mug. I cut way back on that, too.
If and when I ever decide to have a soda ( not until I reach my goal ) it will be a good old fashioned sugar filled Coke or Pepsi.
Oooo! Big thunder storm! Gotta go!

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6/29/08 7:36 P

Diabetes is in my genetic gene pool too. My fasting blood draw decreased after I stopped eating artificial crud - including artificial sweetners. Plus, I don't crave sweets anymore. You can eat sweets in moderation but you should eat them with other foods that will slow the insulin response (healthy fats, whole grains). Just eat them sparingly and keep track of how you feel - you know when you've had too much!

People who are already diabetic obviously have to do things differently.

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MUN_SILVER SparkPoints: (13,154)
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6/29/08 7:22 P

well, I do not know...I was not losing weight and was not exercising either. So, when I started exercising walking, I also stopped taking diet soda...thats the only type of soda I was allowing myself to drink. Also, I have been using splenda for over 2.5 years. I still use splenda but not drink diet soda. I lost a few pounds for the last two months. I am planning to get lessen my splenda intake eventually: try not to take splenda in my daily coffee, and lessen in other foods. Not only the weight reasons, I heard both the diet soda and splenda are not good for health. So, I would like to eventually get rid of both.

Replaced soda with water,working on replacing splenda with fruits & no splenda in coffee.

emoticon emoticon

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/29/08 6:15 P

PS... real sugar hurts my stomach and always has. That's probably why I am not a big dessert person. Diabetes is also extremely prevalent in my family so that is probably another reason sugar might not agree with me.

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CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/29/08 6:13 P

Hi, everyone

I like the last few threads. I have been sick all weekend because I had too much fun on friday so I cut back on my artifical sweetners, except in yogurt and diet sprite. I don't know if I feel better because I felt bad all weekend but I am proud of myself. I am loving the replies so please continue.

KZOLADY Posts: 7
6/29/08 5:14 P

I can't use artificial sweeteners. They upset my stomach. I stopped drinking pop when the started putting high fructose corn syrup in my Faygo cream soda. Last thing I heard about HFCS is that it doesn't got through your system, it goes right to your liver and turns into fat. Ugh! I have gradually cut down on the amount of sugar I use in half, though.

6/29/08 4:19 P

Debra I couldn't have said it better myself. I fully agree with your comment, and I am experiencing the benefits first hand of eating all natural. Why choose to consume artificial, processed, packaged ingredients?
I believe that while they may not lead to weight gain first hand, the side affects of it definitley do.
Thankyou for your insight

DANDIBERT Posts: 175
6/29/08 2:19 P

from my experience they dont.

couple years ago when i was very thin due to anorexia
that was my diet.
5 diet sodas a day
coffee with splenda(like 8 packs a day)
and some almonds...
so they dont.
buttt if you stop using them FOOD ACTUALLY TASTES BETTER

YRAMARY Posts: 280
6/29/08 2:13 P

I agree with Debra. I've had a few issues over the last few years (loss of hearing, headaches, ringing in my ears, panic attacks, major sweet cravings, etc.) that completely went away once I cut out diet Coke and Splenda. I won't touch artificial sweeteners never mind ingest them. I haven't felt this good in years. And, yes, food does taste better too. I'm completely satisfied with the sweetness in fruits and can't remember the last time I've craved or eaten cake, cookies, etc.

ETA: I also credit SparkPeople for all of this, if I hadn't read about the dangers of aspartame and Splenda on these message boards, I never would have thought to cut them out. I just wish more was done to study the dangers and get this stuff banned.

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***DEBRA*** SparkPoints: (69,892)
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6/29/08 1:38 P

Please bear with me but this subject is a pet peeve of mine.
Yes, artificial sweenteners chemically trick your brain and make you crave even more sweets. Therefore people tend to gain weight. I certainly did.
I know I'm not wording this correctly so just go to your search engine and type in 'side effects of artificial sweeteners'. You'll be shocked at what you find. I was.
There used to be an article available online authored by a lady DOCTOR who had become deathly ill. I mean she was going to die. She finally discovered for herself that it was the side effects of...the yellow packets.
She was forced to remove the information from the internet by the 'Yellow People'. Free speech, huh?
I was lucky enough to have read it before this happened. I just wish I had downloaded it first.
After reading it I threw out anything and everything that was sugar-free and also fat free. It never helped me to lose weight anyway. I gained even more weight and couldn't figure why I became so sick to boot.
I can't beleive how much better I feel. It's like a big black heavy cloud has been lifted off of me. I didn't realize at the time how badly I was feeling until I began to feel good.
Artificial sweeteners should only be used by certain people,for example Diabetics, who HAVE to use it. Otherwise everyone else should stay away from that stuff!
I am especially offended by that commercial that is tricking people into believing that these artificial sweeteners are a better choice for our children!
My granddaughter is perfectly happy with water, 100% juice and skim milk.
Why do people ( formerly me included )believe all this hype that these big companies pay for in fancy advertisements with cute jingles?
They don't care about our health and well being. They only want our hard earned money!
Since when are chemically treated foods of any kind better for us and our already sweet children?
I'm sorry. I'm ranting. But...
I have gone back to eating real food.
If I want a pad of real butter I have it.
If I want real eggs I eat them.
If I want Hellman's on my sandwich then I enjoy a serving size.
If I want something sweetened I use regular sugar. Yes, I measure it and count it, too.
Since tossing all the artificial stuff fruits and veggies now taste absolutely sweet and delicious to me! My taste buds have reverted back to normal. This was an astounding discovery to me. Foods I used to HATE I really enjoy now. Who knew? LOL
We do eat lean meat, etc. I write everything down in my Tracker.
And guess what folks!!! I have lost over 35 pounds since I joined SP last March 6th. and over 65 pounds total.
I never feel deprived. Actually, I'm eating more food than ever before. LOL And I'm enjoying every bite. YUM!

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STEPHM45 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/29/08 11:04 A

I have diverticulosis and my doctor has said absolutely no artificial sweeteners. She said they are so harsh on the lining of of the colon. I thought she was nuts so I came home and looked it up on a health web site and that was the number one rule to stop using artificial sweeteners.

Kind of scary when you stop and think of all the stuff we have put in our bodies and not for sure what they are and what they are really made of!

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
6/29/08 9:50 A

I dont know if artificial sweeteners can be blamed for weight gain or not. I DO know that I switched to diet sodas about 6 years ago because I drank so many sodas I didn't need the additional calories. I LOVE my sodas and will not ever give them up totally. I have however cut back on how many I drink. My son is diabetic and I know he would be miserable if he couldn't use Splenda.
I do however drink diet drinks containing Splenda(mostly) rather than Aspartame. Aspartame drinks tend to give me a headache if I have several in a row.
My weight gain was totally related to my food intake and not my soda intake. I will say this though. If you drink sodas INSTEAD of water then you might be sabotaging your weight loss. I drink my sodas PLUS my 8 glasses or more of water a day.

6/29/08 9:12 A

Is the fact there is a huge ad for Splenda at the top of this discussion lost on anyone. Did someone put it there or is it just a huge kowinky-dink?

Oh! - it dissappeared after I posted this - Hmmmmm

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6/29/08 8:59 A

OK - I'm going to give you a little personal info here. Get ready......(it may be graphic for some).

I was VERY ill several years ago and long story short had to have my colon removed. The colon is the part of your body that filters out the crude, waste, and indigestible fiber from what you eat and then expels it in poop. It does more then that of course but that is one of it's functions. The colon also absorbs the water from your food and this is why you have solid poop. Now since I don't have a colon my output (that's what us ostomates call our poop) is different then what you might expect. I see what happens to stuff after the small intestines is done with it but before the colon gets a hold of it.

Artificial sweeteners do bad things - trust me. It gives me absolutely horrible diarrhea that has me going to the bathroom several times an hour before it's left my system. It also changes my output to a florescent green. Other things that do this are processed foods (high in preservatives and chemicals - especially hot dogs!). You already know that these type foods are bad for you so logically it makes sense that artificial sweeteners fall into the same category.

Now I'm very healthy since my colon was removed (I'm UC not CD for anyone who understands what that means) so I don't think this is specific to me. Do I think this applies to everyone? No. Different people react differently to different things. It varies across individuals. However, if you think your body is having a hard time losing weight because of your consumption of artificial sweeteners - don't you think you should listen to it?

Just a thought. Choose to ignore it if you don't agree.

AKASHA922 Posts: 553
6/29/08 8:19 A

I have been drinking diet soda since I was a child (I'm 21 now) because my family has a history of diabetes, and my mom is diabetic.. so she doesn't want us drinking that much sugar. I have never had a problem with artificial sweeteners. I've been maintaining my weight for a while now while drinking diet coke and putting splenda in my coffee. It doesn't make me eat more, but I guess that one may vary for different people.

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/29/08 2:55 A

why is this question so difficult to answer?!

6/29/08 12:36 A

MY cell phone happens to be made of chocolate, thankyouverymuch. Oh, wait, it's a KitKat bar. Perhaps that explains why I'm on my 35th cell phone. And why I never get great reception.

hehe couldn't resist.

Seriously, I'm also really interested in finding the answer to this question, too. I did notice that when I cut out pop altogether, I lost a lot of weight. However, now I drink only diet, and it is harder for me to lose weight (although I have no idea whether this has anything to do with pop).
Ultimately...both surgary and sugar-free pop sound like bad ideas.

6/28/08 11:48 P

"It is true that there has been an increase in the use of low-calorie sweeteners at the same time that we have seen an increase in obesity, but there has also been an increase in the use of cell phones and nobody is suggesting that they are causing obesity."

-That's because we don't ingest our cell phones! Ugh.

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/26/08 10:27 P

i really liked the artical. I have been eating more calories and hoping that helps.

MISSJECKA SparkPoints: (0)
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6/26/08 8:56 P

Anything can make you gain weight if you don't moderate your intake.

ELSHAD Posts: 32
6/26/08 7:53 P

I think diet sodas make me gain weight, but not from the soda itself. In my mind I think- oh, I had a diet soda, so I can eat more. Also, I am a coke lover. Sometimes I just crave coke, and I find that when I have these cravings just a few ounces satisfies them and takes care of my awful sweet tooth.

6/26/08 5:20 P

I think this webmd article is a good overview of where researchers are with this topic. Hope you find it interesting reading.

Becky, Your SP dietitian

~*~EMILY~*~ Posts: 1,619
6/26/08 9:40 A

SKINNYTINNE's response was also interesting and, perhaps, valid. While diet drinks do not contain calories, they do contain sodium, though the amount is not excessive unless you consume a large amount of diet soda. Compounded with a variety of other processed foods, which usually have a fairly high sodium content, could cause water retention. It's not true weight because it will eventually flush out of your system, it will reflect on the scale for a period of time. If it's maintained every day, however, the sodium content remains high and will not flush until you either consume much more water so your body can flush it, or the sodium intake is lowered.

Increasing calories to fuel our bodies for our activity levels, however, is pretty much universally agreed by educated professionals to be a tried-and-true method of weight management and health. Definitely glad to see you've increased your calories. While you had one higher day, I'm sure your maintenance point (the calorie amount required not to gain or lose) is still higher than the 1600, so you still probably had a bit of a deficit that day.

When asking for responses, please keep in mind that unless one of us has "SparkPeople Expert" next to our names, we are simply everyday users just like you, sharing our personal opinions and observations. Suggestions may have worked for us, but they may not transfer with 100% success. Always research on your own what someone other than a registered expert tells you. Dietician Becky and the Coaches are the only ones I ever accept an opinion from without Googling on my own to double-check the advice I've been given. When I first started SparkPeople way back when, one of my questions received a response that I should try a detox to get my weight loss kickstarted, and if I hadn't researched myself (the articles here on Spark, and Google independently), I may have done something that could have potentially brought about some rather ugly side affects.

6/26/08 8:49 A

From what Ive read they dont have a caloric effect but they do affect your inflammation responses therefor can make you retain more weight!

6/26/08 1:27 A

I have heard that although I think the truth is that artificial sweeteners make you CRAVE food therefore you gain weight, they dont personally make you gain the weight

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/25/08 11:36 P

hey everyone,

I am really enjoying all of trhe replies. I ate round 1600 calories today which is a little excessive for my range. I am gonna try to eat more and see if that works. I am still confused because I am getting so many answers, so I would appreciate more.

TNLADY1960 SparkPoints: (61,466)
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6/25/08 10:05 P

I am a diabetic and if I didnt have splenda I dont know what I would do. I have tried stevia but I do not like it at all.

6/25/08 8:32 P

More food for thought (the pun is always intended):

Ever wonder why artificial sweetners occur so much in drinks and foods? It isn't because the food industry is concerned about your weight. It's because our weight obscessed culture buys them and because........Artificial sweeteners cost the food industry only a fraction of the cost of natural sweeteners in spite of the extremely high profit margins for manufacturers of artificial sweeteners. So it is not surprising that the food industry is promoting its "diet" or "light" products heavily, thus moving the customers over to its even more profitable artificially-sweetened products.

6/25/08 8:29 P

Man made substances such as artificial sweetners and transfats are foriegn to your body (not occuring in nature) and therefore your body does not recognize them and is not sure how to process them.

A study by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio showed that, rather than promoting weight loss, the use of diet drinks was a marker for increasing weight gain and obesity. Those that consumed diet soda were more likely to gain weight than those that consumed naturally-sweetened soda. Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, who conducted the study, posited that it is not the diet drinks but something associated with their use that is linked to weight gain, perhaps simply that use of diet drinks increased as a person noticed that he or she was gaining weight. Fowler also speculated that perhaps giving the body the "taste" of energy-rich foods triggers a search for the real thing, or, as nutrition expert Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, put it, "People think they can just fool the body. But maybe the body isn't fooled. If you are not giving your body that food energy you promised it, maybe your body will retaliate by wanting more energy."[4]

Animal studies have convincingly proven that artificial sweeteners cause body weight gain. A sweet taste induces an insulin response, which causes blood sugar to be stored in tissues (including fat), but because blood sugar does not increase with artificial sugars, there is hypoglycemia and increased food intake the next time there is a meal. After a while, rats given sweeteners have steadily increased caloric intake, increased body weight, and increased adiposity (fatness). Furthermore, the natural responses to eating sugary foods (eating less at the next meal and using some of the extra calories to warm the body after the sugary meal) are gradually lost.[5]

Edited by: RENDERED-FAT at: 6/25/2008 (20:27)
6/25/08 7:04 P

Research on the effect of consuming foods and beverages containing aspartame, for example, has not been shown to increase food intake or hunger in children, nor does it indicate an increase in food intake in normal weight or overweight adults. (Blackburn GL World Rev Nutr Diet 1999;85:77-87). Additional studies in overweight individuals showed improved body weight when they consumed a diet that included foods sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners instead of foods sweetened with sugar. (Raben A, Vasilaras TH, Moller AC, Astrup A Am J Clin Nutr 2002;76:721-9). In fact, low-calorie sweeteners can be an essential tool in weight management for the general population and help to fulfill the caloric needs of diabetics.

However, since you are a young college woman, I am very concerned about your 1100 calorie per day food intake. I am sure this is not the range from SP.
Becky, Your SP dietitian

6/25/08 6:46 P

diet soda = aspartame. Weight gain is a side effect of aspartame, along with many other more serious health problems. The same goes for sucralose (splenda). Both of these things should be eaten in moderation.

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/25/08 6:09 P

i am eating more calories. my range is between 1290-1500 because i am so busy with work i cant exercise during the week. i am definitely a big sleeper and water drinker. i dont go anywhere without water.

TJSJINA Posts: 4
6/25/08 5:57 P

If I had to not drink soda I think I would die! lol. However I am limiting my soda intake trying to do one a day down from 3-4 and I drink diet or coke zero. I do feel better now that I have lowered my soda intake and increased my water itake.

KERRYANN67 Posts: 2,392
6/25/08 5:56 P

PLEASE GOOGLE SPLENDA!! I found out the health risks to consuming splenda, and I can't believe it's a legal ingredient in food. I would prefer to eat sugar!

Splenda is a chlorocarbon which can cause long term health problems. Serious ones!!

Please check it out... all of you!!

6/25/08 5:55 P

I would doubt it is the soda. I drink very little soda and I was having the same problem you are. Still am a bit, but better now that I started eating the right number of calories! I was not eating nearly enough, and felt terrible. I still have some issues, but probably because my protein intake still isn't high enough. So, odd as it may seem, Everyone here is right, If you want to lose weight, eat more! GOod luck!

SHELLE13 SparkPoints: (55,120)
Fitness Minutes: (103,648)
Posts: 8,347
6/25/08 5:50 P

So this is an interesting subject to me. I have finally kicked my Diet Pepsi addiction and guess what? That's when I was finally able to lose some weight. Yes, there are no calories. But, I think it has something to do with the ingredients in the drink. I am not so sure it is the sweetner though because I still drink coffee and use sweetner. There is something in soda that is just no bueno!

Some of my family members say that the ingredients in it are synthetic and the body has no way to break it down. They believe this about regular soda too, although they are not as harsh because sugar is natural and sweetner is not.

It does make a difference. Also, bump up to at least 1200 calories. Going below that will cause your body to go into starvation mode and more or less use muscle for energy. The only other thing that may be going on is your amount of sleep and water intake.

Good luck to you!

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/25/08 5:24 P

thanks alot everyone . i still would love more answers!!!! I will see how eating more helps..

~*~EMILY~*~ Posts: 1,619
6/25/08 4:40 P

Splenda and diet drinks do not cause you to lose or gain weight. Some people have issue with them because they are so processed, and they feel the artificial sweetness causes additional cravings that cause us all to overeat. Others of us have continued to use them with no adverse affects and get our sugar fixes without the unfortunate side-effect of calories and poundage.

Undereating for your activity level, however, does. 1100 calories is very low, and including exercise on top of it is a problem waiting to happen.

Go back to your Start page here on Spark (click My Tools at the top) and on the section all the way to the left, scroll down to "My Goals". Edit the fitness goal and input the amount of exercise you do each week. After you save, go back to your Start page and see what calorie range Spark recommends for you. Make sure you consume that amount of calories each day, and no lower than that amount.

While it does hold true that 95% of overweight people need to reduce their caloric intake to lose weight, there is such a thing as too low. If you do not eat the right amount for your activity level, you could eventually set yourself up for conservation mode. This is when your body is not being given enough nourishment to sustain itself properly, and begins to conserve everything it is given because it thinks its starving. It saves everything as fat - the body's emergency storage reserve system. In addition to that, it will metabolize lean muscle tissue, because muscle burns calories even in a resting state; your body begins to rid itself of that tissue so that it's emergency batteries (fat) will last longer in what it thinks is a starving state. You may still lose weight for a while in this state, but that is because muscle tissue weighs quite a bit, and your body is getting rid of it. This is not a place to be - your heart is a muscle, and your body will eventually reach the-mother-of-all-plateaus if not begin to gain weight because of this panic conservation. Beyond that, it hinders additional weight loss down the road, because you're short the precious muscle tissue that would have otherwise been burning your calories. You have to exercise a LOT more to burn those calories, and since you aren't consuming more calories, the downward spiral just gets bigger and bigger.

You must eat to lose, and you must eat enough for your activity level to lose correctly. If you have been undereating, definitely raise your caloric intake to a more reasonable amount, and then be patient. While conservation mode does not begin from just one day of lower eating, it also does not reverse itself overnight. It can take weeks or months, depending upon how long you've been eating that low. It will straighten out, though, your metabolism will bounce back, and if you include cardio and strength training, you'll build beautiful lean muscle and start shedding fat again once your body realizes it can trust you to nourish it properly.

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BRONTE7723 Posts: 1,107
6/25/08 4:39 P

How long have you been eating only 1100 Cals? Because that is too low for anyone. Spark will not recommend anything lower than 1200-1550 per day. If you don't eat enough your body goes into Starvation mode where it hangs onto everything it can get. Go read some of the Spark articles on nutrition.

What is your SparkPeople recommended range? Make sure your fitness in terms of Cals burned is accurate too. If you are exercising a lot you are definately eating too little.

As for the sweeteners, as far as I know they should not adversely affect weight loss. Loads of people here have lost using them. One thing to watch out for is that artificial sweeteners can confuse the body. Evolutionarily our bodies have associated sweetness with high Cals. Using artificial sweeteners thwarts this. Personally i prefer the real thing. I highly doubt that is the reason your weight loss is going nowhere.

BONSHAYBON1011 Posts: 90
6/25/08 4:36 P

They SHOULDN'T, as they have no calories. However, the caffeine from the soda can screw with you. (It makes me feel HORRIBLE at the gym.) The carbonation could also make you gassy/bloated.

Good question. I'm curious to hear other (more educated) answers than mine.

CAPRI_78247 Posts: 266
6/25/08 4:28 P

I use ALOT of Splenda and drink occasional diet soda. I dont eat sweets or desserts and only eat around 1100 cal a day but i can't lose weight even with exercise. It's exteremly aggravating. The onyl thing I can think is causing me to stay the same is these two items. Can someone tell me if giving these up has helped?. I am freaking out and feel like it's hopeless no matter what I do.:(

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