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Does Juicing help?

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3/22/13 12:10 P

"Toxins" is the biggest pseudoscience health-scam word out there. It has precisely zero meaning. If you see it, run.

In a more practical sense, I could see the benefit of juicing for getting more calories into yourself if you're coming up short, since liquid calories don't fill you up as much (and as has been said, juices generally lack any fiber or anything else besides sugars and various vitamins and so on). That's about it.

Posts: 25,994
3/22/13 7:38 A

If you check out the SP article I referenced below, you will see that juicing does not even "concentrate" the nutrients when comparing gram amounts. And depending on the juice machine---most of the fiber is removed.

Dietitian Becky

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3/22/13 4:17 A

while I get the idea of concentrated nutrients from juicing, I don't see how you could lower your calorie intake...or should I say how *I* could.

I use to drink orange juice a lot. Now I just eat an orange. How many oranges does it take to make a glass of juice? For me, I'm not likely to eat that many oranges in one sitting. So unless I was drinking a lot of mostly green juices, I don't see how I'd benefit. I prefer to eat my calories.

DH bought a juicer, but he hasn't been very faithful about using it. It's a nice one. So I'll be able to make my own nut butters with it.

Posts: 33,498
3/22/13 12:55 A

Um, no. Unsurprisingly, Dietitian Becky is correct.

Juicing doesn't "flush toxins". Your body is not a toilet. It does not need flushing.

Your kidneys and liver DO do an impressive job of disposing of any waste you eat, including if you're a little heavy on the over-processed unhealthy junk food. Just let them do their job.

If you feel you need a "kick start cleanse" now and then, just go a week without any junk, and no liquids except water. Getting lots of water, and a healthy balanced diet with no junk in it, will adequately help your body dispose of any ill effects of a previous poor diet.

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Posts: 84
3/22/13 12:30 A

It helps as long as you're assisting the juices to help flush out the toxins. After you juice you have to drink a lot of water and work out till you sweat. That help flush out all those nasty toxins thru your pores instead of just being on the toilet all day..

Posts: 25,994
3/21/13 8:00 P

Juicing does not "flush out toxins" and juicing does not help with weight loss---unless you are decreasing calorie intake. For the pros and cons about juicing, please read this new SP article:

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

Posts: 2
3/21/13 6:57 P

Are you talking about a week of just drinking fruit/vegetable juice with no other meals? If so, I would talk to your doctor before doing that. I think a day or so of just juice could be okay, but a whole week is a long time to go without solid food. I would just get a doctor's approval to do that. But juicing is supposed to be a great way to get your fruits and veggies in, that's why I supplement juicing with my regular meals. Good luck to you!

Posts: 447
3/21/13 5:54 P

I personally prefer to eat my calories. I. Read a great article recently that said most people don't need a clense. That is the job our kidneys and liver do just fine on their own.

Posts: 6
3/21/13 4:59 P

My friends have told me that they juice for a week every 3-4 months to flush out their systems... I am currently trying to lose weight and I would like to try it to see if it will help... but i am hesitent because i have never tried it.. can anyone who has tried it or anyone very familiar with it, give me some advice?

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