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Does Chewing Gum Stop You From Snacking?

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12/1/10 8:15 A

Sometimes, it depends on the type of gum and what you are craving.

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11/12/10 1:24 A

If it's mint flavored, it helps my mouth feel clean so I don't want to eat.

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11/10/10 2:22 P

When I'm at work it does. It gives me the chewing I want.

If I'm at home it makes me want to eat because its not the chewing I want but the motion of picking it up and putting the food in my mouth.

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11/10/10 2:16 P

It makes me more hungry for something sweet.

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11/10/10 1:13 P

I chew gum when I'm in the kitchen cooking. It stops me from snacking while I'm preparing dinner. It also helps when I want to eat something but I know I'm not hungry.

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11/9/10 5:33 P

sometimes I do and also when I feel the need to light up since I just quit smoking not long ago

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11/9/10 5:12 P

I find that it makes me more hungry.

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11/7/10 12:08 P

Sometimes, but if really hungry it doesnt

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11/6/10 8:20 P


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11/6/10 4:11 P


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11/6/10 8:58 A

It helps me for sure in the evening when I want to crunch on something and feel I don't have enough calories left to do that. I use the sugar free type as well.

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11/5/10 1:14 P

I chew gum a lot at work. I tend to eat under stress and when I start feeling stressed out I reach for the junk drawer which only has gum now.. Plus I find I drink more water when I chew gum.

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11/3/10 12:22 P

Definitely! I keep several packs handy - just make sure they are sugar free.

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11/2/10 12:24 P

Sadly, no. I just throw out the piece I'm chewing, eat the bad stuff, and then pop another piece of gum. I'm awful.

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10/27/10 4:22 P

It works for me and also holds my appetite a little longer for those times for isn't readily available.

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10/27/10 1:12 P

My doctor advised me not to chew gum. When you chew gum it stimulates your saliva glands and gets your stomach working, thinking it's getting food. Then when it doesn't you get hungry and often people wind up eating something anyway. I know it works for some people, but it can actually make you want to snack worse. I agree with a lot of you who said to snack on a healthy snack. An apple, cheese stick or some almonds are my favorite snacks to keep me on track.

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10/27/10 12:50 P

its never worked for me sadly!!

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10/26/10 11:57 A

I have always used gum to help stop cravings and it also helped me quit smoking. I like all flavors but spearmint is my all time fave. PLUS, it makes everything very minty tasting so that is an added bonus.


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10/25/10 2:31 P

Brushing teeth is a great way to break that snacking habit - not only are your teeth clean, the mint ruins the taste of most things you'd snack on.

Gums does this for me in short stints. If I want something sweet, I know it'll be at least 20 minutes once I start chewing before I even dare try to eat something.

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10/23/10 4:42 P

I have found it helps a little but for those late night cravings, nothing works like brushing my teeth. I brush, floss, and rinse with a pro-health mouthwash. My mouth is so clean...I would never ruin it by eating! If you must snack during the day and gum isn't helping, try something crunchy like an apple or celery or carrot sticks. They will give you crunch and work your mouth and that will help curb cravings.

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10/23/10 12:11 A

My husband swears by it and loves the new chocolate chip mint dessert gum.

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10/19/10 11:39 A

Yes it does!!

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10/19/10 10:07 A


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10/18/10 11:43 P


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10/18/10 2:21 P


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10/18/10 9:26 A

I don't
I find chewing gum to make me bloated, and it often just upsets my stomach.

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10/14/10 7:36 A

yes always have a piece after dinner

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10/12/10 4:49 P


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10/12/10 4:25 P


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10/12/10 4:01 A

I use celery. Sometimes I spread a little veg. extract on it, sometimes chili sauce.

If that doesn't work I try more water, and failing all else, clean my teeth.

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10/11/10 2:10 P

Yes, I put a piece of gum in after my meal and it stops me from 'picking' at more as I put the food away.

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10/4/10 9:08 A

I am one of those people who feels the need to put something in my mouth all the time. If I'm chewing gum, I don't feel the need to put something in my mouth. It's the perfect substitute. Seems my jaws just want to chew on something... anything.

So, to answer the original question; yes, chewing gum keeps me from snacking, aside from the two snacks I'm allotted. I look forward to those two snacks.

Posts: 781
10/3/10 10:47 A

i do snack, i eat an am snack and an afternoon snack. but when i need to stop myself from eating another snack right after i just finished one...yes i chew gum. i work in a job where snacking can be a problem, so i pop a piece of gum in my mouth to avoid the candy jar or a handful of cheez-its from the kitchen.

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10/2/10 8:32 P

Not generally, but then I'm not trying to not snack. Pretty much all of the advice I have gotten from books and professionals is that snacking is great for your metabolism. So I usually eat a snack between each meal and occasionally after dinner if my dinner is pretty early.

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10/2/10 7:57 P

I chew a lot of gum! It is my lifesaver! I often just want something in my mouth and I am not necessarily hungry.

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9/20/10 10:20 A

It does- gives my mouth something to do

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9/19/10 10:21 A

Since most gums are now made with aspartame, I can't chew gum. I get severe migraines.
I usually have a fruit or carrot & celery sticks ready for snacking... a great alternative!

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9/18/10 11:51 P

Chewing gum doesn't really stop me from snacking, although I still do it to try. However, for me, allowing myself to have a fourth meal is what keeps me satiated and from not binging.

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9/17/10 10:36 P

It does help me, to a point!

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9/17/10 5:28 P

Not really..

Posts: 49
9/17/10 9:46 A

Sometimes. Usually it just makes me crave something sweet though.

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9/17/10 8:15 A


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9/16/10 3:15 P

As long as I keep chewing it, it works wonderfully because I am not going to eat and chew gumat the same time. :)

Posts: 189
9/16/10 12:48 P

No, it makes me hungrier.

Posts: 395
9/15/10 2:16 P

Yes, it also makes me thristy so getting all my water in is easier.
I love gum.

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9/15/10 10:13 A

It helps hold me off after lunch until my snack.

Posts: 606
9/15/10 7:59 A

It's helpful while I am cooking, no tasting. LOL

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9/14/10 11:41 P

sometimes it helps me... other times it makes me more hungry!

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9/14/10 10:20 P

Yep!! I do that all the time

Posts: 27
9/14/10 2:52 P

I chew gum when I am hungry and sometimes it helps me not snack or give into a craving.
I am curious if anyone else finds chewing gum instead of snacking helps you!

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