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12/9/08 11:18 A

Not all artificial sweeteners are heat stable - they can't all be used in baked goods.

Most artificial sweeteners are more concentrated than sugar. The individual packets are usually the sweetening equivalent of 1tsp of sugar. I know that there are kinds of Splenda that are made to measure like sugar (including the ones that are blended with sugar), but they do that by adding some stuff to bulk it up. Individual packets of Splenda or any other sweetener do NOT measure like sugar.

If a recipe is calling for 1 cup of artificial sweetener, it's probably calling for 1 cup of the kind of Splenda that is made to measure like sugar.

Here's the Sweet'n'low page on baking:
If you used one cup of Sweet'n'low, you probably have way too much sweetener. But if the recipe didn't specify what, then that's the recipe's fault!

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NOREENBX Posts: 761
12/6/08 10:25 A

Aspertame goes through chemical decomposition in about 1 year. It's one of the reasons diet sodas taste weird after, or close to, the expiration date on the can or bottle. Saccharine, which isn't very good for you and has a distinct aftertaste, has a longer shelf life before decomposition. It begins breaking down after approximately two years.

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12/4/08 3:44 P

there's a big difference between the sweetness taste of the pink stuff vs the blue stuff.. the pink stuff is much much sweeter and has a major after taste.

IMAGIN8 Posts: 739
11/28/08 5:09 P

Keep in mind that these sweeteners taste bad to about 25% of the population who are "supertasters". I can't stand the taste of the stuff myself, but I'm a supertaster and a lot of people can't pick up the bitter taste.

Artifical sweeteners aren't very good for you either... just sayin'

JENKOJ Posts: 611
11/26/08 10:13 P

I just made the cheesecake. I tasted the batter and yuck. Too sweet like saccarine sweet. We will see how it turns out.

11/26/08 3:48 P

Isn't that the truth!

Happy cooking! :)

JENKOJ Posts: 611
11/26/08 12:05 P

I didn't chance it I went to the store and bought an 8oz box of Sweet n Low just b/c it was cheaper and on the back had the sugar/artificial equivalents. The recipe calls for artificial sweetner is all it says. I got it off here. Thanks for your help. That Equal is expensive! Hey but all diet food is huh? LOL

11/25/08 4:32 P

Throw them out.
Artificial sweeteners lose their sweetness over time. When you buy new, don't buy the stuff pre-packeted, since you need 1 cup. Buy it loose, it does come like that :)
Also though, what specific sweetner does the recipe call for? Between sucralose(Splenda), aspartame(Equal), and saccharin(Sweet'n'Low), I'd imagine all three would come out differently in any dessert...

I personally prefer sucralose to the other two, much sweeter to me, and no aftertaste.

JENKOJ Posts: 611
11/24/08 11:26 P

So I have a bunch of packets of Sweet n Low I keep in my cupboard for guests. I do not use it myself. I have had it a very long time like a few years. I found a nice cheesecake recipe on here I want to make. It calls for 1 cup. How many packets is this and should I throw these out and buy new? Also do you think this is going to taste bitter? I read another gal say she mixes artificial with granulated for better taste but I do not know the measurements of each.

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