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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/9/10 1:51 P

There is no real evidence it works- it is decent food 85% of the journey and the rest exercise.. There are no quick fix or fad diets that work long haul.. Apple cider sucks and can a person do this for life?? Don't think so..

6/9/10 12:25 P

i don't know if it will help with weight loss, but i take 2 tbs. before i go to bed everynight and i sleep like a baby!.. (p.s. be prepared for some crazy dreams)

MAIAFAY SparkPoints: (12,370)
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Posts: 43
6/9/10 12:21 P

Just like dry skin brushing, not everyone knows alternative methods to assist in losing weight. I take ACV not for weight loss, but for the other benefits. And not everyone enjoys the taste of vinegar; not everyone is consistent with taking it. There are some who swear by it, and some who scoff. It's not a guarantee by any means, but even if it helps a little as this article suggests
, then it's worth trying.

FAIFAIS Posts: 31
6/8/10 4:48 P

OMG , one of my friend told me that ACV lowers your blood pressure , one of her friend using this ACV was rushed to the hospital due to hypotension . emoticon

CARDIAC50 Posts: 748
6/8/10 4:43 P

If it worked, then nobody would be fat.

FAIFAIS Posts: 31
6/8/10 3:54 P

Thanks a bunch Guys for giving me your opinions , I really appreciate it !!!

I would continue using it for a week and do some observation in my body , if it gives a positive results then i would include it in my intakes .

Thanks again guys !!!

KELELLS Posts: 17
6/8/10 2:55 P

I don't know if ACV works BUT I would love to know! I have it at home & took it for awhile & then forgot totally about it. I will start taking again ASAP!

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
6/8/10 11:49 A

Ah, okay, I figured I must have been reading that wrong. Thanks for the clarity!

MAIAFAY SparkPoints: (12,370)
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Posts: 43
6/8/10 11:44 A

I was talking about the vinegar, not the honey. A half a cup of ACV is 25 calories.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
6/8/10 11:40 A

I'm a bit confused by the claories listed here. Honey has like 60 calories a tablespoon so a half cup is pretty significant at 240 calories.

MAIAFAY SparkPoints: (12,370)
Fitness Minutes: (25,704)
Posts: 43
6/8/10 11:31 A

Ah, I forgot to add: I used it to get rid of a mole on my wrist. The mole is completely gone, but word of caution, use Vaseline to cover the surrounding skin. I now have a little scar where the mole used to be, but it's because I didn't protect the skin around it. I use it to deal with another mole (this time using Vaseline) and that one is almost gone (and it was rather large).

I know of some older folks that use it to get rid of age spots.

And do what Mytosha said. Rinse your mouth after taking otherwise it will damage your teeth.

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GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
6/8/10 11:19 A

Not sure, have used but not consistantly.

MYTOSHA Posts: 38
6/8/10 10:31 A

Exactly what MAIAFAY!!

I love it's health bennies and it's really helps with water retention.

The only caution I would add it that it can wreak havoc on your teeth...try to get it past your teeth or brush after it (but not right after).

It's done wonders for my skin and blood pressure!

MZLADY77 SparkPoints: (61,592)
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Posts: 7,130
6/8/10 9:21 A

Bragg apple cider vinegar has been around for a long time. What it does when diluted with glass of water and 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar. It does cut your appetite! Also benefical to other health problems. I used them on my face ( dab with cotton ball ) is good for pimples...It works!!

BLUEJEAN_GIRL SparkPoints: (29,235)
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Posts: 1,307
6/8/10 9:11 A

I use it here and there when I think of it. It helps me flush out excess water retention. It also soothes my upset stomach when I have gastric issues. Like another poster mentioned, you should buy raw and unfiltered vinegar for the most benefits. My brother-in-law takes it daily to boost his immune system. He rarely gets sick and his skin glows!

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MAIAFAY SparkPoints: (12,370)
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Posts: 43
6/8/10 8:51 A

I take 2 tbsp in 8 oz of water in the morning. Add 1 tsp of honey (or more) to taste. The only think you'd log it for is the honey calories and potassium. You'd have to consume a 1/2 a cup for any sort of calorie count (which would be 25 calories).

JUHOEG SparkPoints: (0)
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6/8/10 8:29 A

Don't know. But how often and how much?

6/8/10 8:27 A

I wouldn't go crazy with it if there are any restrictive rules associated, but I can't see how taking ACV could hurt. I have heard that it has health benefits as well. Since most of that stuff is in our heads anyway, if you think it is helping, it probably is. Just make sure you log it.

MAIAFAY SparkPoints: (12,370)
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6/8/10 8:24 A

There are other benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar besides weight loss. I'm taking it for my high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, potassium (it has tons), and overall antioxidant benefits (my runny nose disappeared by drinking it).

The thing with ACV is that you HAVE to take it with the "Mother", meaning unfiltered, unpasterized. I use Bragg's, and you can find that one at any health food store. I know there are ACV tablets for those who don't want to drink nasty vinegar.

I'm a firm believer in alternative medicine due to my experience with Dong Quai and that particular herb regulating what doctors "could not". Even with surgery and birth control, they didn't know why I was having trouble. I took the herb and was straight after a few months. I haven't had issues since.

Don't underestimate nature.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (278,393)
Fitness Minutes: (87,300)
Posts: 18,361
6/8/10 7:33 A

No, its a fad.

Unless you count making yourself feel nauseous from drinking vinegar and not being able to eat.

It is very flavourful to use on salad instead of oil though, so use it there to save calories.

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FAIFAIS Posts: 31
6/8/10 7:27 A

I started using apple cider vinegar today .

I just wonder if anyone have tried it before ?

Does it work in weight loss ?

By the way , I have a regimen of diet and exercises .

But If in some ways this apple cider will help in weight loss , I'm into it also .

Thank you , hope to read some feedbacks .


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