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6/13/11 9:45 P

I use the tracker

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6/13/11 5:40 P

The nutrition tracker really helps me to keep focused.
I love it!

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6/13/11 10:30 A


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6/13/11 2:56 A

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I use the food tracker and track my daily intake for all meals, everyday all week...

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6/12/11 10:30 P

Thanks Luann, that would be a helpfull thing for tacking.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,578
6/2/11 9:35 A

"I just went through 35 pages of foods for Subway looking for something specific and did not find it until page 35 but there were tons of duplicates. "

Just go to the Subway website and download the information yourself.
That will take less time, and be the most accurate as it will be current data.

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6/1/11 11:23 P

We do not check the nutrition facts in the area where you can import from other members.

Your manually entered foods should be showing up in your favorites. Or are you referring to something else?

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CATLUVER43 Posts: 25
6/1/11 7:27 P

The part where people enter their own foods in case they weren't listed? I just went through 35 pages of foods for Subway looking for something specific and did not find it until page 35 but there were tons of duplicates.
Also, I do not see a way to get from the new Nutrition Tracker to where the Manually Entered Foods are. I have to go to the old version first in order to get there.

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