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ANARIE Posts: 12,836
5/23/13 12:35 A

Clothes are amazingly heavy. I realized that today-- I weighed myself in thin cotton shorts and a tank top, then took them off and weighed in my undies, and even that-- the least I could wear outside without getting arrested-- was more than half a pound. Normal clothes would be 2-3 pounds.

And to help remember how much water weighs, there's a rhyme: "A pint's a pound/The world around." If you drank one glass of water and one mug of coffee, that's over a pound. Drinking water and then getting on the scale is just like getting on the scale with a bottle of water in your hand. That water isn't fat and it isn't really part of you; you're just holding it.

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5/22/13 11:49 P

I always weigh more there

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5/22/13 8:57 P

The Force of Gravity is always stronger at the doctors office

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5/22/13 6:41 P

I am always about 5 lbs. up on my doctor's scale. At home, I weigh myself first thing in the morning in my pjs. At the doctor's office, I'm fully dressed, and shoes on. I also had a bilateral mastectomy 10 years ago without reconstruction, so at the doctor's office, I also have my prothesises on so they add a little bit of weight too. I just go by my weight on my home scale for Spark.

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HICKORYRN Posts: 277
5/22/13 6:39 P

buy a physician's type standing scale and you won't! emoticon You can pick one up used on Craigs List for about 80 bucks!

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SHERYLDS Posts: 14,397
5/22/13 6:36 P

the best scale to measure you progress is the one you are going to use the most frequently. All other scales are just a number.

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ELLES26 Posts: 447
5/22/13 12:44 P


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5/22/13 12:04 P

You probably weighed yourself on your home scale first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. When was your appointment ? Depending on when it was, you probably did eat some breakfast and drink some water. The physical weight of the food/water you ate is what caused the difference in the scale.

Try it some time. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning on your scale. Then eat your normal breakfast. Get back on the scale. Did you gain weight ? YES ! Did you gain fat ? nope. The food and water you drink have weight and if you were to weigh yourself multiple times during the day, you'd see how the scale goes up and down based on what you eat and how many times you go to the bathroom.

I always thought that doctor's scales were rigged.


Nah, it really isn't unsual to see a different number at the doctor's office. no worries !

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
5/22/13 11:35 A

I wouldn't worry about it. That's just a number. Just weigh yourself regularly on the same scale and go by it. Eating and drinking during the day can easily make your weight fluctuate up to 3-4 pounds, but it's temporary.

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ISPARKLE77 SparkPoints: (23,615)
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5/22/13 11:12 A

I always weigh about 5 lbs more on the doctors scale. I do take off my shoes and empty my pockets, but that doesn't seem to help much. I know my true weight and that is all that matters.


GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (150,458)
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5/22/13 10:17 A

Since I'm wearing clothes when I weigh at the doctor's office, it's always 3 lbs more than at home....they take that into consideration though.... :)

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EMMACORY SparkPoints: (164,513)
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5/22/13 10:07 A

You will always weigh more at the doctor! However, if you go to the same doctor over a period of time you can ask what did you weigh last time and see if you have lost weight on their scale that way. I track myself on my own scale. emoticon


DEBORAH2180 SparkPoints: (24,337)
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5/22/13 9:58 A

Several reasons...when (morning v. afternoon) we're you weighed? How heavy are your clothes? Did you wear your shoes? Did you eat food and drink a lot? When was their scale calibrated? Is it on a hard surface or on carpet? If anything, use your home scale as your most accurate weight...

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 745
5/22/13 9:56 A

Scales can be calibrated differently. I always weigh more when I get weighed at the doctor's office. When I weigh myself at home though, it's always in the morning before I have had breakfast and I'm in my underwear. I know I'm going to weigh more at a doctor's appointment being fully clothed and having food in my stomach.

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5/22/13 9:46 A

Why is the doctors scale different than my scale at home? The scale at my doctors weigh more . emoticon

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