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3/4/13 12:30 P

Welcome! I know plenty of docs who don't follow their own advice :p it's not as easy at it seems if one has bad habits (like most of us do!) i wish you luck with the changes you want to make- do check out some spark teams- they can be a great source for support and motivation!

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3/4/13 11:21 A


FRANSIM Posts: 14
3/4/13 10:48 A

Not boring at all, but unfortunately very familiar. I wish you all the best in the battle of the masses.

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3/4/13 10:42 A

I am Newt to most message boards that I go on, but I am a physician in real life and always telling my patients to stop smoking, drink lightly and loose weight. The first two have never been a problem for me, but obesity runs in my family and at 55 it is time for a change. My goal is 50 lbs (217 to 167) while eating no refined sugar, and avoiding processed foods. My daughter, who is also overweight, decided to become a vegan. Not sure I want to go that far, but a near vegetarian diet with lots of unprocessed foods does appeal to me.
Anyway, stop my boring story and just say hello! emoticon

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