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12/26/13 5:33 P

Whether I work out when I have a cold depends on the severity of the cold. Even it it's not too bad, I cut back on the amount of time & effort exerted so as not to become sicker. If it is a bad cold & has migrated to my chest, then not only do I *not* work out while I have it, I actually wait until it's been cleared up for a couple of days.

PAISLEYOWL140 Posts: 114
12/26/13 4:30 P

If I feel like death then no.
If it is a cough/runny nose then I work on arms and go for a walk.
Stomach bug then just arms.
Sinus infection I do nothing because just moving my eyes fast are painful

It is different for everyone but I know that if you rest while you're sick then the cold has a short life span.

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12/23/13 10:41 A

My first day sick all I could muster was doing stretches. Anything more was too exhausting. The next 2 days I was able to get cardio going and I felt better getting through it.

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12/23/13 12:05 A


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12/22/13 11:48 A

This question was on the trivia questions. If it is just a head cold, yes, workout, but not high intensity. If it is in your chest, no, you need to give your body a break to fight it off.

Right now, I have a cold. It is pretty much just head, so I've been working out.

With it lingering like it is, I would rest for a few days, at least.


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12/20/13 9:18 A

Yes, it makes me feel better

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12/20/13 8:58 A


12/19/13 10:48 P

No cardio, I usually can't breathe through my nose when I have a cold.

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12/19/13 10:26 P

depends on the severity

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12/19/13 3:55 P

It depends. I'm overall very healthy so I don't worry about missing a day or two of exercise here and there. If I'm tired I will let myself rest so that my body can beat the cold.

However I may exercise if I'm tired of being cooped up, but even when I do exercise it's generally just a walk.

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12/19/13 2:01 P

a cold- usually.
what i've been fighting the past 3 weeks far surpasses a cold. I did try to exercise in the morning, but then by noon I was without any energy. i tried exercising after work, I couldn't even finish a 12 minute routine.

12/19/13 1:08 P


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12/19/13 12:36 P

That doesn't stop me! Unless I have a fever I try to work out anyway.

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12/18/13 1:17 P

Sure do... I feel as though a regular schedule of exercise along with plenty of fluids helps the body get rid of sicknesses.

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12/18/13 12:09 P

yes- intensity varies with how I feel but I generally find that a good workout makes me feel better for a few hours.


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12/18/13 9:50 A

I would make it low impact or something not strenuous like 10-20 minutes of yoga or pilates. If I dont feel up to it, I take the rest.

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12/18/13 1:33 A

I do a passive workout. I belong to a gym that has a steam room, a dry sauna, and a hot tub. So I try to do 20 minutes in each and really sweat those germs out of me. There is a gym in my area that has a cold tub and a hot tub right next to each other and you get in one and then switch to the other, and back and forth a few times. I have not tried this yet but have heard it is really a great passive workout.

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12/17/13 8:05 P

I had that same virus in October. I'll tell ya though, when I decided to work out, I ended up making myself feel worse. I think when I exercised while sick, it made it harder for me to fight the virus, since my energy was zapped by exercise instead of using my energy to fight the virus.

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12/17/13 6:00 P

Generally, no. Sometimes our bodies are rundown and need REST.



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12/17/13 3:08 P

Yes if I feel up too it, no if I do not

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12/17/13 10:10 A


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12/17/13 9:25 A

yes - cuz I love to sweat but I try and stay away from everyone and wash my hands before and after and double clean off the machines if I go to the gym. Not sure if that does anything but I feel less guilty.

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12/17/13 8:31 A


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12/12/13 12:01 P


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12/12/13 9:50 A


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12/12/13 8:56 A


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12/11/13 11:00 P

When I get sick I do my best to continue my workout routine as much as possible. I might not push myself as hard as I usually do, but I find that afterwards, I feel better, 99% of the time.

If you've been missing multiple sessions due to your cold, I'd suggest doing something instead of skipping, even if it is low intensity. It's more about the committment, rather than the progress, if you have the comittment, the results will eventually follow. Block off the time and commit to keeping yourself healthy. I think you'll feel better afterwards.

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12/11/13 7:49 A

I don't workout when I have a cold. I stay home and try not to pass it along to my friends, co-workers and people at the gym.

No one wants somebody sneezing and wheezing at the gym, passing germs all over the place.

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12/10/13 1:41 P


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12/10/13 9:20 A


12/10/13 3:54 A

a little bit

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12/9/13 8:48 P

I still workout with a cold........which I do have right now.

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12/9/13 8:44 P

I find that when I have a cold and exercise I feel better.

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12/9/13 11:33 A

I would say yes to work out. I have found if I work out when I am a little down I feel a little better. I hope you get better soon.

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12/9/13 11:19 A


If you had a cold, but had some energy, I would suggest taking a walk. The fresh air would do you some good. However, since you have an illness that has already lingered a couple of weeks, you may have a flu. If so, you need to lay off any exercise to let your body fight off those germs.

When a person has a slight cold, a little light exercise can help. But when you're fatigued, have aches/pains, etc. You need to rest. Exercising will just weaken your immune system. Basically, your asking your body to do two things at the same time. You're asking it to fight off the germs AND workout. Your body can only do so much. So, if you workout, it means you have less energy to fight off the cold/flu.

In short, you WILL NOT derail any of your efforts at long term good health if you need to take a few days off from your workout.

Learning to take care of your body is part of the journey towards long term good health. So, take it easy. Get plenty of rest and push those fluids. When you start feeling your energy return, you can slowly ease back into a routine. Don't try to do too much too soon or you risk getting sick again because your body is still weak and recovering.


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12/9/13 10:16 A

I have had a cold that has lingered for a couple weeks now. Just when it seems to be getting better the blasted thing gets worse. Over the weekend I managed to lose my voice after a workout on top of all the other symptoms. Maybe there was too much heavy breathing I don't know. I workout 5-6 days a week but now I'm wondering if maybe I should be taking it easy to beat this thing. On the other hand it feels like an excuse and I'm afraid that if I stop it will start a downward spiral. Thoughts?

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