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8/20/14 12:03 P

I add it into my overall strength training routine. My stability is really poor, so it helps to work on those smaller stabilizing muscles.

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8/20/14 11:28 A

Yes and I'm trying to incorporate it more

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8/20/14 5:32 A


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8/19/14 6:54 P

I used to until it broke.

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8/19/14 6:44 P

"Does anyone else have this experience?"

I hope so!

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8/19/14 5:53 P

that's normal, as back extensions involve the abs as a supporting muscle.

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8/19/14 5:47 P

I love Coach Nicole's 15 minute workout. When I lie on the ball and lift my legs to do the back strengthening exercise, I feel like I can feel something in my tummy. Does anyone else have this experience?

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