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Do you use a treadmill?

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Posts: 756
2/23/13 8:06 P

yes, I'm a baby when it comes to running in the cold

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2/23/13 5:19 P


Posts: 68
2/23/13 12:27 P

Yes. I've had to go to the treadmill exclusively at this point. 5 times a week, 45 mins. I used to run outside and LOVED it. However, my lower back took a beating and have degenerative disk problem at this point. My treadmill allows me to soften the deck and I'm now back to running pain free!

Posts: 705
2/23/13 12:17 P

I can't exercise outside in the winter so the treadmill has been a lifesaver. It bores me to death, so I do all intervals to keep me focused and engaged. It's great for speed work and I've really improved.

Posts: 133
2/23/13 11:30 A

Yes, i have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill, but it has indeed been the biggest help with weight loss.

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Posts: 5,532
2/23/13 7:41 A

I use an elliptical. I think it lets you stretch your achilles better and you don't get shin splints.

Posts: 2
2/23/13 3:31 A

Jefeist... There are stretches you can do before you walk. (Youtube) I would increase your speeds and inclines. Take it one day at a time. Before you know it you will be able to walk faster and at a greater incline that walking at a 0 incline feels weird.

I start out at a 3.0 then work up to a 3.5 on speed.
Inclines start at 1 for about 3 mins then increase a whole number every min till I am at 10 walk that for 10 mins at 3.5. Then back down to 5 at 3.3 for about 3 mins then back up to 10 for 10 then cool down. Most of the time I will burn 300 calories in about 1.5 mile. My next goal is 12 for 12 and 15 for 15. BUT bare in mind I am gradually working my way there so that I dont damage my ankles and shins. Hang in there you will get it.

Posts: 349
2/15/13 11:46 A

At home & at the gym but I really like to mix up my workouts because I see treadmill workouts as dull more often than not. emoticon

Posts: 1,003
2/15/13 11:25 A

Yes, and i have one at the house

Posts: 453
2/15/13 10:42 A

No but I do have a stationary exercise bike (recumbent)

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2/15/13 10:34 A


Posts: 2,127
2/15/13 10:29 A

When you live in a place that has winter 6 months of the year, a treadmill definitely has its place in your exercise routine, so yes, I use a treadmill and count the days until I can go outside.

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Fitness Minutes: (17,714)
Posts: 434
2/15/13 10:05 A

No, but wish I had one!!!

Posts: 1,844
2/15/13 10:03 A


SparkPoints: (26,760)
Fitness Minutes: (14,604)
Posts: 2,159
2/15/13 10:02 A

Yes, more in the Winter, but I prefer long walks.

Posts: 13,214
2/15/13 9:42 A

When weather makes it necessary - but I think I would use it more if I had a better one. (It's on my wish list!)

Posts: 2,349
2/15/13 9:10 A

After running/jogging outside for 40 years, I much prefer the outdoors to a treadmill. I like the breeze on my face, the view from the roads, and small animals I see in the early morning before dawn. There were not any treadmills in our town to use until 22 years ago when we got a new fitness club! I don't remember having any in the gym when I was at college about 35 years ago.

However, they do have a place in my life. Sometimes I use it for a quick, 10 minute warm-up, or a short workout when near the club. I also use it for interval workout and the accurate timing on it. I used to run so fast that I thought I would run off it, but since I have aged and slowed down, that is no longer an issue. I also use them in inclement weather such as icing conditions, hail, freezing rain, and severe weather. I have run in the rain for decades, so I'll get wet before I go inside on a treadmill.

Posts: 996
2/15/13 4:28 A

Sometimes but I always feel balance is an issue

Posts: 1,255
2/14/13 8:59 P


Posts: 566
2/14/13 8:21 P

I despise a treadmill!! But they are helpful on rainy or super hot/cold days, they just bore me

Posts: 629
2/14/13 7:33 P

Yes, I do ~ some days its a treadmill and some days its a dreadmill. emoticon

Posts: 1,208
2/14/13 7:12 P


Posts: 160
2/14/13 3:33 P

Yes. Love my treadmill.

Posts: 321
2/14/13 2:45 P

I used treadmill at work

Posts: 439
2/14/13 11:13 A

yes, I do 6 days a week for 30 minutes.

Posts: 266
2/14/13 10:11 A

sometimes, but I would rather walk outside.

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Fitness Minutes: (86,938)
Posts: 5,764
2/14/13 8:48 A


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Posts: 264
2/14/13 8:45 A


SparkPoints: (157,439)
Fitness Minutes: (149,485)
Posts: 5,532
2/14/13 8:29 A


Posts: 94
2/14/13 8:07 A

Due to snow, I have no choice but to use it.

Posts: 7,634
2/14/13 6:48 A

Yes, everyday!

Posts: 347
2/13/13 11:24 P

Jefeist, perhaps your body has reached a plateau because it has gotten too used to a routine. I suggest adding some variety in either another form of exercise (workout video, dance, another cardio machine) or changing up your treadmill routine. I find that upping the incline to 8-12 (to the point you need to hold on) will really make me sweat and works some muscles not normally worked.

SparkPoints: (98,701)
Fitness Minutes: (99,769)
Posts: 13,056
2/13/13 8:18 P

only because dragging my outdoor running clothes to the gym is a PITA.

Posts: 6,130
2/13/13 8:13 P

during winter and bad weather I use my treadmill. And now I am doing a spin class one day a week.

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Posts: 616
2/13/13 1:43 P

YES! I love the treadmill after Zumba ... it gives my heart rate a break and a nice slow decreasing pace. It also helps to work out the kinks. I'm not much of a runner, but I love putting the elevation up on the treadmill in an effort to burn more calories in less time.

SparkPoints: (114,409)
Fitness Minutes: (65,219)
Posts: 6,098
2/13/13 1:39 P

My treadmill and I have a love-hate relationship. An uneasy friendship. And yet it is my greatest help in losing weight and becoming stronger. I use it winter and summer to avoid walking outside when it is icy or hot and humid. I walk 2-3 miles, 4 or 5 times a week.

Posts: 1,598
2/13/13 1:23 P

JEFEIST - sounds like no fun at all. (Shin splints.) I don't know what to recommend for that; it seems like maybe you need to do something like bicycling or swimming to get the impact off your shins. But I'm not a fitness expert by any means.

I do 30 minutes on the treadmill every morning. It gets my heart pumping and I like getting at least that much cardio in first thing in the day.

Posts: 714
2/13/13 1:10 P

i do, but i would rather jog outside. in the winter it is usually too icy or snowy outside.

SparkPoints: (34,609)
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Posts: 1,964
2/13/13 12:34 P

When I absolutely MUST, I use a treadmill. I hate being able to see the hundreths of a mile tick by (especially for anything over 5 miles). I will run outside in just about anything but freezing rain or hail to avoid the treadmill. It is nice to have the option when it's cold, dark, and rainy though. It keeps me from having an excuse to skip a run.

SparkPoints: (10,215)
Fitness Minutes: (7,072)
Posts: 689
2/13/13 12:31 P

I do use a treadmill. I need some advice on chagning up my Treadmill Routine though. At the start of January I began walking 30 minutes every night - 2 minute warm up at 2.0; 16 minutes at 2.5; 10 minutes at 3.0 and then a 2 minutes cool down at 2.0 for a total of 30 minutes. At the begining of February I added a 2nd 30 minutes in the morning same routine. I have not really varried speeds or inclines too much. I tried once and ended up with shin splints that got me off the treadmill for a few days. I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year and 3 inches - but have hit a plateau. So what I need is advice on how to change things up without being so drastic that the shin splints return (they are awful!!!).

SparkPoints: (2,416)
Fitness Minutes: (408)
Posts: 285
2/13/13 12:28 P

Yes, at home and at work.

SparkPoints: (6,021)
Fitness Minutes: (3,951)
Posts: 278
2/13/13 12:15 P

I haven't recently but plan to soon. I'm planning on getting back into running and I don't like running around here. I actually prefer going to the gym to run on the treadmill.

Posts: 72
2/13/13 10:33 A

At the gym I do sometimes. I prefer to run outside when I can though.

Posts: 2,616
2/13/13 10:20 A

Only when I have to. I find the same amount of time running outside is so much more enjoyable than on the treadmill. Sometimes weather keeps me in though.

SparkPoints: (56,685)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,613
2/13/13 10:18 A

I don't like to, but I will if the weather is otherwise inhospitable.

SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
2/13/13 10:08 A

Definitely. The weather is almost never good for running outside. Plus, while I'm still learning to run, it helps me set a pace and know how far I'm going.

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Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
2/13/13 10:03 A


SparkPoints: (29,846)
Fitness Minutes: (22,621)
Posts: 1,730
2/13/13 10:00 A

Yes! Heat in the panhandle is horrific.

SparkPoints: (2,167)
Fitness Minutes: (1,099)
Posts: 63
2/13/13 9:00 A

Absolutely. In the heat of Florida and the rainy months of the year, its the only option. Plus I use it to mix up my routine - I'll do a quarter of a mile, ride the bike 1/2 mile, go another quarter, hit 2-4 weight machines, do a quarter, do another 1/2 on the bike, do another quarter and finish up whatever weight machines i have left.

SparkPoints: (954)
Fitness Minutes: (85)
Posts: 3
2/13/13 8:23 A

The treadmill keeps me active in the winter and rainy weather.

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