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PHANTY1 Posts: 206
10/2/10 10:46 A first reaction was "Hope Not" and that is what many others have said. Let's keep it grassroots. I don't mind the ads (that pay for it). Thanks to the creators of SP........hope you're making a living b/c you're really helping us but don't let Wall Street's goals take over.

SUZIEQS65 Posts: 1,781
10/1/10 4:01 P

Hope not...investors may decide they want to "limit" or "restrict" content - or even add advertisers that would not be appropriate for the Spark world.

9/28/10 1:54 P

I hope not, big money will invest and then the only goal is to maximize shareholder profit.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,413
9/28/10 1:48 P

I believe that the OP is speaking of Spark People selling Stock in their company. And not of how accessible it is.

I don't buy stock so I wouldn't by stock in Spark People.

BERRIMOUSE Posts: 1,170
9/28/10 10:59 A

Isn't it public? It is accessible to everyone, only hope that they do not start charging for any of their features.

INDIUMRED Posts: 447
9/28/10 6:22 A

I think it is public now - anyone can access it.

ISUCCEED Posts: 101
9/28/10 12:49 A

I think the idea of a commercial is cool but what if tons more people start joining so Spark gets the idea of charging for some of the features? =(

And like, I've never met a mean person on here so what if commercials attract meanies who just want to join to make fun of people? =( I know there's nothing stopping that from happening now but I feel like if Spark got bigger and bigger and bigger maybe it would increase the chances of it happening?

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MEANCARLEEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,898)
Posts: 2,209
9/27/10 9:23 A

It's time for a commercial SparkPeople!!

CELESTE617 Posts: 690
9/27/10 9:13 A

I think it already is - and by word of mouth from all of us, it will be even more public. I've told bunches of people about this great program

TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,599)
Posts: 2,192
9/26/10 4:31 P

what do you think it is doing now... emoticon

CANDOLADY1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 374
9/26/10 8:15 A

A friend told me about SP a week ago today. I was surprised to hear how long it has been around and I never heard of it. SP is better than JC, NS, WW all the others. If they go public, I'll buy stock.

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
Fitness Minutes: (39,046)
Posts: 1,941
9/26/10 7:31 A

Do you mean like open up a business like Jenny Craig, Curves or Weight Watchers?

ISUCCEED Posts: 101
9/25/10 11:46 P

What does that mean? Go public? Sorry I'm slow lol

9/25/10 1:10 A

Hope not. I like it the way it is.

LINDAE12 Posts: 484
9/24/10 11:07 P

I don't know if it will, but it should

9/18/10 2:24 P

I've been using it for years and have watched it grow (and grow). Spark has been such a tremendous help to me. It would be great if they went public - I would love to be a "partner" in this :)

WINSCHO Posts: 56
9/18/10 1:25 P

I know that the nutritionist at my work recommends spark to just about all of her clients!! I think it is awesome!!

FLAB2FAB_IN2011 Posts: 17
9/18/10 11:25 A

It would be nice if they did.

DEIDRA321 Posts: 98
9/17/10 5:09 P

Not sure if they will but it would be greater than the I-pad in my opinion. The world needs to be exposed and maybe we could have longer, healthier lives.


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9/17/10 12:40 P

sparkpeople has been a great tool for me over the years and I'm wondering if they have any plans to go public. I would be first in line to invest :)

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