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Do you take supplements?

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4/3/12 1:37 A


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3/16/12 1:55 P

gnc mega men. usually just one tablet. on the days that I do extra activity I take a second one. Occasionally, I take extra vitamin D and C as needed. Started eating flax seed for the omega 3, we'll see how that pans out.

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3/16/12 10:26 A

okie dokie

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3/16/12 10:01 A

Ummm, well, the president doesn't control gas prices, so good luck with that.

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3/16/12 9:21 A

fish oil mostly,

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3/15/12 6:35 P

Have considered, but never started.

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3/13/12 10:13 A

I think the benefits of fish oil are well documented and heavily researched.

Check out:

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3/13/12 10:05 A

I typically take a multivitamin and that's it. (If I'm sick i'll take vitamin c etc) I'm 24. I've heard a lot of people taking Flax Seed and Fish oil? What do those do for you? Can you notice any actual benefits?

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3/12/12 6:45 P

I take a multi vitamin and two fish oil tablets in the morning. If I am getting a cold I take a lot of vitamin C,

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3/12/12 1:32 P

Just a low dose aspirin daily (if you want to even consider that a supplement), a multivitamin/mineral about 3 days/wk (as a "safety net"), sometimes fish oil, creatine or whey but not very consistent with these. Just LOTS of healhty food for me seems to get the job done!

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3/12/12 1:20 P

I've been taking them and experimenting with what works for me.

A good multivitamin.
Whey protein powder and L-glutamine usually post workout before I can be home for some solid food.

I definitely take BCAA's when doing fasted training, I do feel they can help spare your muscle while trying to lean out.

I have used Nitric Oxide (N.O.) pre-workout supplements too(and most that I use have creatine in there too) . I can say that I have had some very good weight training sessions using these products. I can say that I have achieved very very nice "pumps" using these. The kind of pumps where your muscles feel completely engorged and swollen. To the point where my arms and lats where so pumped it looked like I was trying to act "all big and bad... and swaggering around with my arms out" but truth was I had an awesome pump.

Universal's Torrent - Its a post-workout drink, it has a bit of everything in it to help your muscles recover. I like to use this when im trying to just slowly trying to add muscle after leaning. Im not here to explain the science but I do feel it worked well to help me add muscle after I had been leaning for quite some time.

I have taken ZMA . At the time I was taking it I was working out pretty much all out every day and slept like a rock. Its hard to say what it was doing for me. I was new to this lifestyle and everything was going good, I was losing weight and transforming my body... I have actually been thinking about picking some up

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3/12/12 11:18 A

I do.

Fish oil, 3-5000mg
Vitamin D
Occasionally whey protein if I'm missing my daily protein requirement.

Have done a creatine cycle and will be doing another one again soon
Have done a round of Yohimbine during a cut, not sure it helped much because I think my bf% is still too high.

ZMA instead of a multivitamin
BCAAs for fasted training
D-Aspartic Acid

Will probably not do:
EC stack

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