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6/5/12 11:32 P

It has been a long time since I have been at a wedding, but I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted within reason. If it were a buffet style, I would have a little of this and a little of that, but never large amounts of anything.

As far as cake goes, I am really not a fan of those fancy wedding cakes... I would rather have my Mom's or one of those ones from the Walmart bakery with whipped frosting...

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6/5/12 9:48 P


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6/5/12 8:54 P

I had three graduation parties this weekend and my resolve weaked at each one I attended. I broke down at the 3rd one and ate cake, but that was my true indulgence.

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6/5/12 6:41 P

Some but I'm starting to notice that I'm less likely to OVERindulge.

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6/5/12 12:14 P

In moderation...

6/4/12 8:51 P

I don't intentionally splurge, but I don't sweat it if I go over calories. For example, if I went to a wedding with a buffet, I would eat a huge salad and a bunch of veggies, and then choose either a small portion of pasta OR meat to go with it. If it was a plated meal, I would eat the salad, no bread, half of the meat and half of the side if it was potatoes, all of it if it was a less starchy veggie. I would eat half of a piece of cake.

As a rule of thumb, I would eat 250 calories for the two meals not at an event, and 1000 at the event. It works for me. It's important for me to be able to enjoy food and friends without starving or wondering if I went over calories

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6/4/12 6:25 P

Like the poster below me, I usually looked at my weekly average, rather than my day-by-day calorie intake. So if I knew I was going out on the weekend, I would eat at the lower end of my range throughout the week so that a little Saturday treat wouldn't put me over my recommended WEEKLY calorie allowance.

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6/4/12 5:24 P

Yes, always...but I use my 'banked calories' for such events.

How it works:
Event is, say a week away.
For the next seven days 'bank' (or save) 50-100 calories a day
After a week that's 350-700 calories to be taken from the 'bank' account, and ENJOYED.

You consume the same number of calories over the week = no guilt, no diet "bore" and no weight gain.

Yeah! I know, I'm a can thank me later!!!

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6/4/12 4:04 P

I relax my diet a bit when I travel, because it's harder to eat as healthy as I can at home.

6/4/12 11:00 A

Thanks for asking this. I have no will power when good food is being served, and the answers everyone has provided are great!

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6/4/12 10:52 A

I don't I find what keeps me from even WANTING to sway from my diet plan, is the fact that If I CHOOSE to go over my calories, that I will have to work off those extra calories, on top of my normal calorie burn. So as much as I would LOVE that macaroni and cheese, I would much rather buy that sexy Victoria's Secret dress to surprise my hubby in :)

6/4/12 7:22 A

Each New Year's Eve, I pick the occasions--birthdays, holidays, anniversaries--I'll splurge the following year, and on those occasions, I enjoy whatever I want The rest of the "special days" are then just regular days to me, so I don't go off plan.

It's been fun to whittle down the list of days so that now, whenever I do splurge, the damage is minimal.

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6/4/12 6:24 A


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6/3/12 11:56 P


6/3/12 9:15 P

One of the best ways to handle this (for the future) is to "bank calories."
Eat at the lower end of your calorie range 2 days prior the event--saving these few extra calories to spend at the event. If you even go over this amount, then stay on the lower side for 2 days after the event. Take the average for the week---I bet you are still in your calorie range.

If you check your average range now, you may find the same.

Dietitian Beckyt

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/3/12 8:41 P

It is different for everyone. I don't go to weddings/birthdays etc very often, so when I do I eat pretty much what I want and I always have cake. If they were every week it would be different, but 2-3 times a year isn't going to kill me.

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6/3/12 7:39 P

I was at a wedding this weekend. My game plan going in was to stay in my range Friday and Sunday (traveling to and from the wedding and the rehearsal dinner) and on Saturday do my best and make a conscious choice to eat food. No eating something just because it is placed in front of me. My calories were crazy high on Saturday even with me exercising some control. So I got to thinking, what does everyone else do? Do you splurge on calories at a special event? Have you managed to attend a big event and stay within calorie range? Did you regret not having a piece of cake?

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