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KRASHE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,826)
Posts: 3,627
2/25/09 10:32 P

Once I fall asleep, I stay asleep. Covers are hardly ruffled!

TRAVELGIRL7 Posts: 789
1/28/09 8:31 A

definately T n T

1/28/09 8:30 A

tossed and turned

LENA7969 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,105)
Posts: 655
1/28/09 7:56 A

slept good

1/28/09 7:44 A

T n T

ADAMP1984 Posts: 878
1/28/09 7:32 A

Me and my wife have a one month old so we pretty much toss and turn every night.

1/28/09 7:31 A

It depends on what's going on in my life. Lately I've been a good sleeper.

1/28/09 6:54 A

I toss and turn

60SIXTY Posts: 24,943
1/28/09 6:51 A

Up in a chair since 3 a.m. Can't rest in bed.

KAYLEESMEME01 Posts: 600
1/26/09 11:19 A

I toss and turn all night....

USMAWIFE SparkPoints: (918,497)
Fitness Minutes: (571,081)
Posts: 190,996
1/26/09 11:17 A

toss and turn

KERANTHOMPSON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,292)
Posts: 2,417
1/26/09 11:16 A

tossed a little due to a cough but still got 8 hours

LOUDRIVER Posts: 689
1/26/09 11:15 A

A coworker told me if I think of something pleasant as I,m trying to relax to go to sleep,the same thing every night,like something I really enjoy.For instance your cake decorating , she said,after about two weeks , you will go right to sleep everytime you think about it.I can just see myself falling asleep right smack dab in the middle of cake!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

LENA7969 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,105)
Posts: 655
1/26/09 11:14 A


HOSERINO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,175)
Posts: 992
1/26/09 11:03 A

sleep all night

LOTSACATS SparkPoints: (43,326)
Fitness Minutes: (45,927)
Posts: 905
1/26/09 10:47 A

I generally sleep like a rock unless I am stressed or very worried about something. Then I fall asleep but wake up every two or so hours until it is time to get up. It is very frustrating.

CHADROTAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,910)
Posts: 453
1/26/09 10:30 A

i was up at 2am and gave up and got up at 330

SGODDYN Posts: 2,757
1/26/09 10:29 A

I sleep pretty good but get up at least 2-3 times a night to pee.

CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
1/26/09 10:28 A

toss and turn

STEVEND18 SparkPoints: (26,729)
Fitness Minutes: (86,202)
Posts: 375
1/26/09 8:07 A

toss and turn all night long.

1/26/09 8:06 A

toss and turn 90% of the time.

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
1/26/09 7:58 A

Sleep like a baby until the alarm goes off ; and God forbid I don't get my 8 hrs sleep in emoticon

BILL60 Posts: 848,888
1/26/09 7:41 A

Sllep like a log just about every night.

60SIXTY Posts: 24,943
1/26/09 7:36 A

Slept like a log for 5 hours
Tossed and turned for an hour then got up.

DIANNA_24 Posts: 351
1/25/09 10:14 A

I'm usually so exhausted I sleep like a log.

SANDRAFIVE Posts: 7,483
1/25/09 10:05 A

I use to be a good sleeper but not now.

KATHYS1944 Posts: 5,416
1/25/09 10:05 A

toss & turn

BILL60 Posts: 848,888
1/25/09 9:19 A

I sleep like a log.

GINAH87 Posts: 537
1/25/09 9:11 A

If I don't get all my exercise in each day I usually have a restless night and wake up several times.

1/25/09 9:10 A

I usually sleep though the night but for some reason last night I tossed & turned.

MYSHARONANY Posts: 3,053
1/25/09 9:06 A

a mix and match. sleep for a few hours and then toss and turn a bit till the puppy wakes me up.

SHAEBAY Posts: 183
1/25/09 9:05 A

Tossed and turned in the morning.

1/25/09 9:00 A

I'm up and walking around every 2-3 hours.

SCHMURRY Posts: 148
1/25/09 8:55 A

As of late, it's rare I sleep the entire night through. I usually wake and then toss and turn for an hour or two. Finally fall back to sleep just in time for my alarm to go off. It's so frustrating!

TOM1204 Posts: 900
1/25/09 8:35 A

toss & turn, crash and burn

AGLENDA Posts: 2,912
1/25/09 7:32 A

Slept very well.

GABSTER26 Posts: 22,561
1/25/09 7:23 A

I slept very well - I am sure I rolled once or twice but I slept better than usual....and a full 8 hours!!!

GIANT-STEPS SparkPoints: (65,408)
Fitness Minutes: (439)
Posts: 3,641
1/25/09 7:16 A

I sleep like a log.

1/25/09 7:09 A

Ugh. I tossed and turned like a mad thing. I have to work today at the kennel, which I haven't done in a long time. There's apparently one fear aggressive dog there and another that's a flight risk (can scale the seven foot fence and will do so when frightened.) I was so wrked up over it, I hardly slept a wink.

Edit: Normally I have a hard time falling asleep, but once I do I'm out. I woke up three times last night in a six hour period. Not cool.

Edited by: MUSEGROOVE at: 1/25/2009 (07:11)
60SIXTY Posts: 24,943
1/25/09 7:03 A

Slept 6 hours. Will have to ask DH if I tossed.

EARLYLOIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,542)
Posts: 1,124
1/24/09 5:13 P

I sleep until I have to get up about 2 am to pee, but fall right back asleep again. I give our new mattress the credit for my good night's sleep. We got a Tempur-Pedic a few months ago and love it.

KOTA30 SparkPoints: (19,812)
Fitness Minutes: (11,586)
Posts: 1,179
1/24/09 5:08 P

I normally sleep good when I have the bed to myself but when my 3 year old decides to sleep with me or on hubby nights off I can't sleep and usually toss and turn. I am not used to sharing my bed, lol

DBROWN59 SparkPoints: (17,544)
Fitness Minutes: (36,647)
Posts: 119
1/24/09 5:06 P

toss and turn

EVANOLASCO Posts: 1,405
1/24/09 5:04 P

I normally sleep all night long

WILLMOM1 Posts: 3,560
1/24/09 5:00 P

I get up about once a night.

KATRNINID Posts: 3,303
1/24/09 4:43 P

fall asleep fairly easily only to awaken 3-4 hrs later and have trouble getting back to sleep

CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,400
1/24/09 4:35 P

I toss and turn and wake up several times. I think my weight has a lot to do with this because I snore badly.

MAPSON Posts: 314
1/24/09 10:58 A

I sleep all night-8 hours, then wake up automatically. Ear plugs are the answer for me! I never use medications to sleep. emoticon

LOOZNIZGR8 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,491)
Posts: 896
1/24/09 10:55 A

I just put up a new topic about how hard it is to fall asleep. I have a hard time falling asleep, but I don't normally twist and turn. I turn to change my body position, but that is about it.
I think many people have a hard time sleeping. If you drink caffeine before bed, it surely does not help I don't think. If you do, limit it.
Cyrella emoticon

SRE_WIFE Posts: 404
1/24/09 10:44 A

slept all night with the help of pain meds

USMAWIFE SparkPoints: (918,497)
Fitness Minutes: (571,081)
Posts: 190,996
1/24/09 10:34 A

toss and turn

1/24/09 10:00 A

i toss and turn until the alarm goes off then its lik my body THEN goes into sleep mode

BILL60 Posts: 848,888
1/24/09 9:51 A

Hardly anything wakes me.

SAMHSU Posts: 901
1/24/09 8:48 A

toss & turn

1/24/09 8:29 A

Tossed and turned, woke up at 3AM and been up ever since. I've found that on days when i get lots of exercise, especially an hour-long walk in addition to my other workouts i sleep better at night. But i don't always have time to do that walk.

NISSANGIRL Posts: 23,747
1/24/09 8:24 A

Slept great! emoticon

BLAKELOVE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (90,940)
Posts: 2,950
1/24/09 8:08 A

Both - depends on the night

HAZELCAT1 Posts: 1,717
1/24/09 8:07 A

I'm a sleep-thru-the-night type of sleeper

1/24/09 7:58 A

tossed & turned....

CARLARCO Posts: 5,823
1/24/09 7:51 A

toss & turn

HAVANESE1 SparkPoints: (15)
Fitness Minutes: (12,749)
Posts: 9,460
1/24/09 6:44 A

up about every hour

PAGEKARAOKE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,140)
Posts: 2,185
1/24/09 5:23 A

I toss and turn

ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
1/24/09 3:13 A

both..depends on the stress level

IRONMIKE7707 Posts: 247
1/24/09 2:57 A

Once I get to sleep (which can take a while sometimes) I then sleep pretty soundly.

NDWANNABE Posts: 194
1/24/09 2:55 A

Toss and turn. Wake up. Think up all possible scenarios for XYZ. Spend 2 hours doing so. Drift back to sleep. Rinse and repeat

60SIXTY Posts: 24,943
1/24/09 2:34 A

toss & turn

TARHEEL57 Posts: 1,130
1/23/09 3:26 P

toss & turn

LIVNFITNHAPPY SparkPoints: (81,870)
Fitness Minutes: (38,527)
Posts: 2,697
1/23/09 12:16 A

toss and turn

SPAZZICAL Posts: 2,021
1/23/09 12:08 A

toss and turn

BRANDIG7 Posts: 2,198
1/22/09 11:54 P

Most nights I will sleep through, sometimes I wake up but not on a regular basis

MICHELLYW Posts: 456
1/22/09 11:44 P

So do I. I wake up to go to the bathroom. All the water has to go somewhere. ugh.

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