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Do you sleep all night or do you toss & turn?

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SparkPoints: (66,072)
Fitness Minutes: (74,826)
Posts: 3,627
2/25/09 10:32 P

Once I fall asleep, I stay asleep. Covers are hardly ruffled!

Posts: 789
1/28/09 8:31 A

definately T n T

Posts: 575
1/28/09 8:30 A

tossed and turned

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,105)
Posts: 655
1/28/09 7:56 A

slept good

Posts: 212
1/28/09 7:44 A

T n T

Posts: 878
1/28/09 7:32 A

Me and my wife have a one month old so we pretty much toss and turn every night.

Posts: 13,814
1/28/09 7:31 A

It depends on what's going on in my life. Lately I've been a good sleeper.

Posts: 1,250
1/28/09 6:54 A

I toss and turn

Posts: 24,910
1/28/09 6:51 A

Up in a chair since 3 a.m. Can't rest in bed.

Posts: 600
1/26/09 11:19 A

I toss and turn all night....

Online Now
SparkPoints: (464,976)
Fitness Minutes: (438,075)
Posts: 116,287
1/26/09 11:17 A

toss and turn

SparkPoints: (42,248)
Fitness Minutes: (45,292)
Posts: 2,417
1/26/09 11:16 A

tossed a little due to a cough but still got 8 hours

Posts: 689
1/26/09 11:15 A

A coworker told me if I think of something pleasant as I,m trying to relax to go to sleep,the same thing every night,like something I really enjoy.For instance your cake decorating , she said,after about two weeks , you will go right to sleep everytime you think about it.I can just see myself falling asleep right smack dab in the middle of cake!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,105)
Posts: 655
1/26/09 11:14 A


SparkPoints: (19,748)
Fitness Minutes: (26,175)
Posts: 992
1/26/09 11:03 A

sleep all night

SparkPoints: (37,633)
Fitness Minutes: (33,045)
Posts: 904
1/26/09 10:47 A

I generally sleep like a rock unless I am stressed or very worried about something. Then I fall asleep but wake up every two or so hours until it is time to get up. It is very frustrating.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,910)
Posts: 453
1/26/09 10:30 A

i was up at 2am and gave up and got up at 330

Posts: 2,757
1/26/09 10:29 A

I sleep pretty good but get up at least 2-3 times a night to pee.

Posts: 1,947
1/26/09 10:28 A

toss and turn

SparkPoints: (20,116)
Fitness Minutes: (59,578)
Posts: 374
1/26/09 8:07 A

toss and turn all night long.

Posts: 94
1/26/09 8:06 A

toss and turn 90% of the time.

Posts: 28,971
1/26/09 7:58 A

Sleep like a baby until the alarm goes off ; and God forbid I don't get my 8 hrs sleep in emoticon

Posts: 254,416
1/26/09 7:41 A

Sllep like a log just about every night.

Posts: 24,910
1/26/09 7:36 A

Slept like a log for 5 hours
Tossed and turned for an hour then got up.

Posts: 351
1/25/09 10:14 A

I'm usually so exhausted I sleep like a log.

Posts: 7,483
1/25/09 10:05 A

I use to be a good sleeper but not now.

Posts: 5,416
1/25/09 10:05 A

toss & turn

Posts: 254,416
1/25/09 9:19 A

I sleep like a log.

Posts: 537
1/25/09 9:11 A

If I don't get all my exercise in each day I usually have a restless night and wake up several times.

Posts: 512
1/25/09 9:10 A

I usually sleep though the night but for some reason last night I tossed & turned.

SparkPoints: (80,235)
Fitness Minutes: (30,496)
Posts: 3,053
1/25/09 9:06 A

a mix and match. sleep for a few hours and then toss and turn a bit till the puppy wakes me up.

Posts: 183
1/25/09 9:05 A

Tossed and turned in the morning.

Posts: 2,110
1/25/09 9:00 A

I'm up and walking around every 2-3 hours.

Posts: 148
1/25/09 8:55 A

As of late, it's rare I sleep the entire night through. I usually wake and then toss and turn for an hour or two. Finally fall back to sleep just in time for my alarm to go off. It's so frustrating!

Posts: 900
1/25/09 8:35 A

toss & turn, crash and burn

Posts: 2,912
1/25/09 7:32 A

Slept very well.

Posts: 22,561
1/25/09 7:23 A

I slept very well - I am sure I rolled once or twice but I slept better than usual....and a full 8 hours!!!

SparkPoints: (65,379)
Fitness Minutes: (439)
Posts: 3,641
1/25/09 7:16 A

I sleep like a log.

Posts: 95
1/25/09 7:09 A

Ugh. I tossed and turned like a mad thing. I have to work today at the kennel, which I haven't done in a long time. There's apparently one fear aggressive dog there and another that's a flight risk (can scale the seven foot fence and will do so when frightened.) I was so wrked up over it, I hardly slept a wink.

Edit: Normally I have a hard time falling asleep, but once I do I'm out. I woke up three times last night in a six hour period. Not cool.

Edited by: MUSEGROOVE at: 1/25/2009 (07:11)

Posts: 24,910
1/25/09 7:03 A

Slept 6 hours. Will have to ask DH if I tossed.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,542)
Posts: 1,124
1/24/09 5:13 P

I sleep until I have to get up about 2 am to pee, but fall right back asleep again. I give our new mattress the credit for my good night's sleep. We got a Tempur-Pedic a few months ago and love it.

SparkPoints: (19,812)
Fitness Minutes: (11,586)
Posts: 1,179
1/24/09 5:08 P

I normally sleep good when I have the bed to myself but when my 3 year old decides to sleep with me or on hubby nights off I can't sleep and usually toss and turn. I am not used to sharing my bed, lol

SparkPoints: (11,530)
Fitness Minutes: (11,014)
Posts: 119
1/24/09 5:06 P

toss and turn

Posts: 1,405
1/24/09 5:04 P

I normally sleep all night long

Posts: 3,560
1/24/09 5:00 P

I get up about once a night.

Posts: 3,303
1/24/09 4:43 P

fall asleep fairly easily only to awaken 3-4 hrs later and have trouble getting back to sleep

Posts: 5,690
1/24/09 4:35 P

I toss and turn and wake up several times. I think my weight has a lot to do with this because I snore badly.

Posts: 314
1/24/09 10:58 A

I sleep all night-8 hours, then wake up automatically. Ear plugs are the answer for me! I never use medications to sleep. emoticon

SparkPoints: (6,644)
Fitness Minutes: (1,491)
Posts: 896
1/24/09 10:55 A

I just put up a new topic about how hard it is to fall asleep. I have a hard time falling asleep, but I don't normally twist and turn. I turn to change my body position, but that is about it.
I think many people have a hard time sleeping. If you drink caffeine before bed, it surely does not help I don't think. If you do, limit it.
Cyrella emoticon

Posts: 404
1/24/09 10:44 A

slept all night with the help of pain meds

Online Now
SparkPoints: (464,976)
Fitness Minutes: (438,075)
Posts: 116,287
1/24/09 10:34 A

toss and turn

Posts: 817
1/24/09 10:00 A

i toss and turn until the alarm goes off then its lik my body THEN goes into sleep mode

Posts: 254,416
1/24/09 9:51 A

Hardly anything wakes me.

Posts: 901
1/24/09 8:48 A

toss & turn

Posts: 60
1/24/09 8:29 A

Tossed and turned, woke up at 3AM and been up ever since. I've found that on days when i get lots of exercise, especially an hour-long walk in addition to my other workouts i sleep better at night. But i don't always have time to do that walk.

SparkPoints: (214,430)
Fitness Minutes: (160,316)
Posts: 17,840
1/24/09 8:24 A

Slept great! emoticon

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (90,940)
Posts: 2,950
1/24/09 8:08 A

Both - depends on the night

Posts: 1,717
1/24/09 8:07 A

I'm a sleep-thru-the-night type of sleeper

Posts: 182
1/24/09 7:58 A

tossed & turned....

Posts: 5,812
1/24/09 7:51 A

toss & turn

SparkPoints: (17,347)
Fitness Minutes: (12,749)
Posts: 9,460
1/24/09 6:44 A

up about every hour

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,140)
Posts: 2,185
1/24/09 5:23 A

I toss and turn

Posts: 2,745
1/24/09 3:13 A

both..depends on the stress level

Posts: 247
1/24/09 2:57 A

Once I get to sleep (which can take a while sometimes) I then sleep pretty soundly.

Posts: 194
1/24/09 2:55 A

Toss and turn. Wake up. Think up all possible scenarios for XYZ. Spend 2 hours doing so. Drift back to sleep. Rinse and repeat

Posts: 24,910
1/24/09 2:34 A

toss & turn

Posts: 1,130
1/23/09 3:26 P

toss & turn

SparkPoints: (81,480)
Fitness Minutes: (38,352)
Posts: 2,695
1/23/09 12:16 A

toss and turn

Posts: 2,021
1/23/09 12:08 A

toss and turn

Posts: 2,198
1/22/09 11:54 P

Most nights I will sleep through, sometimes I wake up but not on a regular basis

Posts: 456
1/22/09 11:44 P

So do I. I wake up to go to the bathroom. All the water has to go somewhere. ugh.

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