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6/17/14 12:55 A


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6/16/14 5:35 P


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6/16/14 12:11 P

did 5 miles on river-walk today.

BELLENGLISH Posts: 1,391
6/16/14 11:46 A

No. I have just started to incorporate a light jog into my morning walk.

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6/14/14 7:26 A

No, I only work out 3 hours a week.

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6/11/14 9:36 A


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6/11/14 6:33 A


Running is running, whether it is on a treadmill or outside.


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6/8/14 12:17 P


6/7/14 4:06 P

I'm now running only three times a week, and doing Yoga on one of the run days. What an amazing change!

This is the start of week 3 in Yoga- I have never done it prior to this, and I feel an amazing difference in several areas when I run.

Before I share the good stuff, let me explain that I have been running for twenty years- since jr. high school.

Here are the differences-
Lungs- with the chest stretches in yoga- again, which I have never done until two weeks ago- my lung capacity feels amazing- my diaphragm does not feel nearly as labored as it usually does when I am pushing up a hill (note that I did not say that hill was "easy" now).

When hitting the hill, I do not feel my feet rolling outward when I strike the ground- I now feel my inner thighs engaging much more, with solid foot strike and I longer stride when taking the hill (slowly, but still running it).

I now focus on the exhale more consciously through entire run, not just when I am labored or feel recovered- which in turn makes the recovery from the hill more comprehensive (I am running around a block with a hill- the block is .4 around).

Being that this is the start of my third week 'back into it', I am quite motivated by today's run! had to write about it somewhere.

MLAN613 Posts: 14,364
6/7/14 3:16 P

The difference, for me at least, between running/jogging and walking is a matter of speed. I use the treadmill for both running and walking. Personally, I try not to run more than 3 days a week.

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6/7/14 10:18 A

Yeah but not everyday. If I use the treadmill, will that be considered as jogging too?

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MLAN613 Posts: 14,364
6/7/14 7:15 A

I have been running for 5 years and don't run every day. I need more variety than doing the same old thing every day. I run typically 3 days a week and do cross training the other 3 days and allow for a day off.

MISSMEL1982 Posts: 1,189
6/6/14 10:04 A

nope, I run 3 times a week and do crosstraining in between my run days.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 4,064
6/6/14 8:48 A

I wish. I use to run at least 4x's a week, but now I instruct 4 classes a week and have to stay up to date on the choreography

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6/5/14 8:26 A


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6/5/14 8:25 A

6 days a week

ZRIE014 Posts: 8,722
6/5/14 12:26 A


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6/4/14 11:48 P

Thank you everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them :)

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6/4/14 1:36 P


FITWITHIN Posts: 22,323
6/4/14 12:06 P

No, every other day with cross training in between run/jog days.

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6/4/14 12:47 A

As everyone else has said, if you've been running for less than a year, you definitely shouldn't run every day--or even two days in a row. I didn't start running four days a week until I had been running for a year. The impact is very hard on the body, and while your muscles, joints, and bones are acclimating to the activity, you need to give them a rest day in between runs.

MRSAND Posts: 1,443
6/3/14 7:53 P

usually 3 times a week for me...but if I know I've eaten a bit too much and burn some more calories it may be 5 or 6...but I run 3 miles or less for the most part...

6/3/14 7:47 P

every other day works for me. Used to run everyday when I was younger. You have to see what works for you. Some people can run every day and feel great, while others need to recover between runs. Good luck... enjoy your running experience.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,090
6/3/14 7:05 P

The impact of running is hard on the body - it is important to let your body recover and get stronger between runs.

It is generally recommended that rookie runners (those with less than 12 months running experienc) keep running to just 3 times per week. It is fine to add some lower impact activities on your non-running days.

And even experienced runners should still allow a rest day or two each week.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,413
6/3/14 6:15 P

I would not recommend running every day, for many of the reasons already mentioned. You're much better off finding other kinds of activity to mix into your routine that are challenging but work your muscles in different ways.

Coach Jen

JASONZ Posts: 154
6/3/14 3:25 P

I usually do a temp run on Monday and some sort of interval training on Wednesdays. Then I do a LSD (long/slow/distance) on Saturdays. I find that if I run much more than three or four days a week, my knees start to get sore and other mechanical SNAFUs flare up. I spend the other days doing some sort of resistance trianing or biking or swimming...basically something else.

SONICB Posts: 4,341
6/3/14 1:57 P

I personally do not run/jog every day because it is such a high-impact exercise and is hard on the knees. It would also get boring really fast--I find that when I skip a day or two of running, I start missing it and enjoy it more when I do let myself run!

Rest days & cross-training are pretty important to prevent running injuries, and cross-training (e.g. swimming, cycling) can help improve your running performance. Here's a Spark article that summarizes the importance of it:

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6/3/14 1:47 P

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6/3/14 12:56 P

Not if you have less than 1 year of running experience.

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (19,476)
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6/3/14 12:30 P

It is a good thing, but I don't do that.

NIKSAN SparkPoints: (5,278)
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6/3/14 11:51 A

Hi. I'm curious to know if its a good thing to run/jog everyday?

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