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4/13/13 1:49 A

Yes. The reward depends on the goal. Clothing, candles, craft supplies, etc.

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4/11/13 10:21 A

When I first started running, I would reward myself for running distances I'd never run before. Rewards ranged from small (new jeans from thrift store) to much larger (signing up for 1/2 marathon). I also have a goal to touch my nose to my knee when stretching my legs in front me me. I'll use a massage gift certificate I've been holding onto when i reach the goal. I think it's fun to have rewards for goals, but I can see how others don't need/care for them.

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4/11/13 10:02 A

something small that I like to eat and buy new clothes

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4/11/13 9:59 A

I suppose the necessity for new clothing throughout my journey is attached to the loss; but it's not a conscious reward.

I guess in my case the reward is the loss itself.

I can understand the need for incentive/encouragement, though.

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4/11/13 9:52 A

some times but probably not nearly often enough to be a positive reinforcement

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4/11/13 9:44 A

Not really but I totally get how an extrinsic model could work for some folks. My rewards at the beginning we're not in my control, they were compliments that I received from other people. Nothing can BUY you that!

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4/11/13 7:19 A

Not always......I do reward for big fitness goals on my bucket for the first half Ironman I did, I bought myself a new set of sneakers and they weren't even on sale!

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4/11/13 6:50 A

Not always!

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4/11/13 6:38 A


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4/11/13 6:22 A

Yes, I do

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4/11/13 6:05 A

We can break down our long term goals into multiple short term goals that will carry us to victory. Then each time we reach one of our short term goals, we can celebrate in some healthy manner. Loose 2" in your waste-line and celebrate with a new pair of pants! Lose 10lbs. and celebrate by going to a movie you really want to see. Try not to make the reward food related but find a way that allows yourself to acknowledge the success you've accomplished without taking steps backwards! Many times, rewarding ourselves with food is one of those habits that actually got us to where we were needing to come to Spark People in the first place. So replacing that bad habit with a healthier one will help solidify a long lasting healthy future once you reach you final goals and head into the maintenance mode of your new healthy lifestyle!

The race to fitness is unending for when you reach your goals, it becomes a race to stay ahead of the temptations that seek to pull back to where you came from!
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