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1/26/14 10:41 A



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1/26/14 10:16 A


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1/26/14 4:42 A

I record the fruits all the time , and some type of veggies: potato, tomato, broccoli , cauliflower

for the green veggies : kale, spinach , lettuce, arugulas, basil , .. just if it for big serving

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
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1/25/14 11:47 P

I always record my fruits and veggies. I'm vegetarian, gluten intolerant, and attempting to cut back on dairy and eggs. This means a lot of my nutrients come from fruits and veggies. Large salads every day!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/25/14 8:16 P

For me it is about 10 % of my calories, but all but 3 grams of my carbs. Except for the ones in eggs, I don't eat any other carbs, so this would put me at a zero carb diet almost.

We should be eating lots of vegetables, and they should be a large part of our carb intake, as well as nuts, seeds, and beans on occasion.

It would seem to me that if you believe that fruits and vegetables are able to just be dismissed, that they aren't a large enough part of one's diet.

As a low carber, I tend to be leery of most carbs, but even more important than total carbs for most people is where they are getting those carbs from. If you are counting the pasta, bread, and McDonald's because it is a large chunk of your calories, maybe you should think of switching to less of those, and more fruits, and veggies, and try to build them up to 20-33 % of your calories. If you are eating 50 % carbs, and just 10 % fruits and vegetables, then 40 % of your diet is from other carbs, which I do not eat, but are okay on most diets. However, the idea that we should eat those other carbs at a 4:1 ratio is what I think is one of the biggest issues with our current diet. Yes, 5 servings a day is a great goal to get to, but why not eat 10-20 servings of fruit and vegetables, especially the veggies?

Another way to look at it is that I eat about 200 calories of vegetables daily ( 8-10 servings ), so if I don't count that, whether it is nuts, veggies, or french fries, it will cause a gain of 1 lb., in 17.5 days, or about 20 lbs a year. I think that is worth counting. Otherwise you will just make up those 200 calories elsewhere.

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1/25/14 9:50 A

NOT since SP moved it

CINDYG43 Posts: 1,858
1/25/14 7:07 A

Yes everything

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/24/14 10:30 A

I track every thing I put in my mouth and intend to swallow. What's the purpose of tracking if you opt out of its nutritional values? Maybe I could eat some McD's and just not track it, too?
I don't think so.
Fruit is full of sugars. Natural ones, and mostly healthy... but still, those numbers add up. Veggies, maybe not so much, but they still add to your nutritional profile.

Never just choose not to track something. In that case, just choose not to track anything!

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,620
1/24/14 2:48 A

Yes, I have a food scale and weigh everything. emoticon

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1/23/14 1:49 P

Yes, every once in a while I'll skip tracking lettuce but Fruit is really important to track!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/23/14 1:48 P

i don't really record anything. I usually don't track because my main food is veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. SP tracker goes nuts when I track.

1/23/14 1:39 P

most days

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1/23/14 12:51 P


RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
1/23/14 12:39 P

Yep I try to be as granular as possible with what gets recorded. It results with a more accurate view overall.

CCNP07 Posts: 293
1/23/14 12:01 P

Most definitely..

HARPS81 Posts: 77
1/23/14 11:58 A


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1/23/14 10:24 A

I track it all. Now, I don't measure certain veggies as carefully as I measure other things. Every day I put together a container of cucumber, carrots, and red and orange peppers to take to work as a snack, and I sort of eyeball it, 75 grams of each. I probably go slightly over or under each day, but I will weigh them once a week or so to make sure I'm not slowly increasing portion sizes on myself.

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1/23/14 8:55 A


KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
1/23/14 8:38 A

I eat a lot of fruit/veges in a day. The calories add up quickly, best to track them.

1/23/14 8:28 A

I don't track things like a lettuce leaf added to a sandwich or a dill pickles, but if they're an actual serving I do. It's good to know how much fiber and nutrients you're getting.

ROSSTECH215 Posts: 47
1/23/14 7:17 A

Thanks all. Looks like ill continue tracking those fruits and veggies :)

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
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1/23/14 5:46 A

yes all foods

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,587)
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1/23/14 4:42 A

I track ALL of my fruit and veges (and believe me, there are usually a ton of them - LOL!). I track everything else as well. They all have calories so they need to be tracked. Some have more than others, but just because some have more, doesn't mean that they are best avoided. Just limit them. Tracking them enables us to ensure that you nutrients are met.


NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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1/23/14 2:03 A

well being vegetarian 90% of the food I eat I do won't to know what it is I am getting so I know that I'm getting enough (the other 10% well junk food never was a good thing and regardless its tracked because its part of what I do eat)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/23/14 1:42 A

I agree you should eat all the fresh produce you want....

but i would also track it.... at least the fruit.

Gosh, if i didn't track my fruit and veg, there wouldn't be much left to put on my tracker!! I bet at least 1/3 of my daily calories come from those sources... possibly more!

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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1/22/14 10:12 P

I absolutely track them! I do, for the most part, feel free to snack on veggies as much as I want (and fruit to some extent, but it isn't just bananas that can be a bit of a calorie bomb if you eat too much of them), but they impact things other than my calories. I keep track of macro- and micronutrients and without tracking fruits and vegetables, I would be missing huge sources of those.

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
1/22/14 9:57 P

When you only have 10 pounds left to lose, every calorie counts. If you eat your calorie allowance in other foods and then add fruit and veggies on top, you probably won't lose weight, at least not as fast as you expect.

And at your stage of the game, you probably should be watching other nutrients, not just calories. You're going to be eating a very small number of calories, so you need to make sure you're getting enough fiber, calcium, protein, vitamins, etc, etc. Veggies and fruits are important sources of those things. If you don't track your veggies, you won't know how much fiber and protein you're getting, in particular.

So it's not just about calories. Recording your fruits and veggies is the way you "get credit" for nutrition.

ROSSTECH215 Posts: 47
1/22/14 9:39 P

Does anyone not record fruits and veggies on the nutrition tracker? I'm on the fence about it. I feel like I should just snack on all the fruit and vegetables I want without worry...with the exception of bananas. What's your take?

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