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MWOODS21 Posts: 505
2/4/13 10:59 P


TEEBEE44 Posts: 1,029
2/4/13 8:32 P


JUSTKLH Posts: 1,489
2/4/13 8:28 P

Traditional books. I really love having a physical book. I think that e-books are unfortunately the direction things are going, but I hope real books never go away. E-books hurt my eyes and give me headaches after a while.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,908
2/4/13 8:22 P

I love my books! Much cheaper to replace than a nook, and more user friendly.

JENNIK2 Posts: 1,828
2/4/13 8:22 P

Once I started reading e-books I was hooked! You can fit so many in such a small device

MILTONS1 Posts: 3,572
2/4/13 8:19 P

traditional paper books

DACHI9 SparkPoints: (7,051)
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Posts: 386
2/4/13 8:12 P

traditional books

PT.JEFFGIRL SparkPoints: (142,005)
Fitness Minutes: (137,187)
Posts: 6,070
2/4/13 8:07 P

Well, I really like them both alot.

2/4/13 7:57 P

Right now, traditional, because that is all that I have! I might like eBooks, but I would definitely be afraid to have them in the bath tub.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (264,150)
Fitness Minutes: (222,520)
Posts: 7,969
2/4/13 7:55 P

I love the REAL books!!!!

BEENHEREB4 SparkPoints: (10,332)
Fitness Minutes: (3,450)
Posts: 162
2/4/13 7:43 P

traditional, but then I don't have a lot of experience with ebooks

JOS4EVER SparkPoints: (36,800)
Fitness Minutes: (13,722)
Posts: 954
2/4/13 7:41 P


2/4/13 7:39 P

love them both - but read ebooks all the time.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,356
2/4/13 7:17 P

Gosh, I haven't read a traditional book since last May... !

I am an e-book convert. So happy that my library has gotten on board, and is bringing in more and more material in "e" format.

FITMARTI SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
2/4/13 6:59 P


SEASIDER1 Posts: 103
2/4/13 6:46 P

I read both. There is nothing like holding a book in your hands, manually turning the pages.

BARBPL SparkPoints: (9,606)
Fitness Minutes: (8,437)
Posts: 13
2/4/13 5:39 P

ebooks!! I share with my friends, so they are not too costly. With the Nook app on my phone, I get an hour of reading time while on the treadmill - exercise AND reading a good book at the same time, what could be better?? Good for the body and the mind

2/4/13 4:04 P

ebooks...I feel like I'm not killing trees.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (136,860)
Fitness Minutes: (175,154)
Posts: 2,241
2/4/13 3:08 P

Reading ebooks of any kind on any screen gives me a wicked I stick with regular paperbacks. Plus I can trade paperbacks for it's a lot cheaper to fuel my reading addiction with regular books than with the oh-so-expensive kindle versions! :)

BARBWMS Posts: 1,259
2/4/13 2:54 P

Both.. I love the convenience of ebooks for travel and variety. But I prefer "real" traditional books for anything that has a lot of maps, charts, etc.

When we got our first kindle I was totally a traditionalist, thought I'd hate it. But I found it served many wonderful purposes.

RONIGH Posts: 631
2/4/13 2:53 P

Online Now  • ))
E-books, let's save some trees.

MIRANDA2112 SparkPoints: (12,348)
Fitness Minutes: (55)
Posts: 187
2/4/13 2:52 P

Traditional books, without a doubt.

MEANREDS92 Posts: 818
2/4/13 2:23 P

I've had a kindle for over a year, but rarely use it. I don't like the feel of any e-readers and the font is really strange adjustment. Holding a real book is more comfortable.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (122,781)
Fitness Minutes: (79,310)
Posts: 4,969
2/4/13 2:10 P

I've been reading my books on my cell for over a year. It's weird reading a "real" book now. I would not want to go back to packing 3 or 4 books for vacations either.

FUTUREDOC228 SparkPoints: (1,113)
Fitness Minutes: (735)
Posts: 144
2/4/13 1:54 P

traditional books hands down

TIMDEB Posts: 541
2/4/13 1:41 P

Traditional books still.

HAPPYCPA1965 SparkPoints: (194,487)
Fitness Minutes: (147,503)
Posts: 8,591
2/4/13 1:09 P

I still like the traditional books.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
2/4/13 12:58 P

I like both.
I have shelves and shelves of traditional books and will still get more in future. I read more e-books than traditional books these days though and there are major advantages to e-books if you read a lot.

TINYC887 SparkPoints: (174,551)
Fitness Minutes: (172,832)
Posts: 5,376
2/4/13 11:11 A


KARENCRANER Posts: 3,421
2/4/13 11:11 A

I prefer paper books.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
2/4/13 11:02 A

Definitely traditional.

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (129,515)
Fitness Minutes: (68,075)
Posts: 12,065
2/4/13 10:35 A


ZOLETTE1 Posts: 274
2/4/13 10:29 A

I love holding a book and relaxing w/ a cup of tea. If I'm studying, I like to highlight certain passages. If I am reading at night in bed, I use Kindle so I don't disturb my husband :o)

KCLEVELAND5678 SparkPoints: (9,803)
Fitness Minutes: (4,653)
Posts: 222
2/4/13 10:23 A

prefer traditional but still enjoy ebooks on my ipad.

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
2/4/13 10:21 A

Nothing like the feel of a good, solid book in my hands!

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
2/4/13 10:15 A

Prefer traditional

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,019
2/4/13 9:51 A

I like ebooks. They are a lot cheaper and take up a lot less space.

I had Jury Duty back in June 2012. I took eleven books on my Kindle. I couldn't imagine carrying eleven paper or hardcover books.

GRACED777 SparkPoints: (48,262)
Fitness Minutes: (29,831)
Posts: 1,008
2/4/13 9:49 A

I've always loved traditional books, but ebooks are becoming friends now too, I can travel easier with them and carry a variety of them with me. I love to write in my books, though and that's easier on traditional books--seems more personal too.

SBURDEN Posts: 4,255
2/4/13 9:44 A


SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (113,524)
Fitness Minutes: (173,882)
Posts: 3,941
2/4/13 9:42 A

Traditional books

BRYANTS1 SparkPoints: (8,505)
Fitness Minutes: (11,366)
Posts: 220
2/4/13 9:41 A


SHERRIE59 SparkPoints: (54,044)
Fitness Minutes: (47,353)
Posts: 7,527
2/4/13 9:32 A

traditional books....all the way!!

SHAYSIE Posts: 1,870
2/4/13 9:25 A

Traditional books, especially leather bound with gold leaf pages. Beautiful!!

SLUGGER17 SparkPoints: (89,417)
Fitness Minutes: (102,665)
Posts: 1,404
2/4/13 9:23 A

I like to hold it in my hands and turn the pages - yes, a traditional book.

GOAL40TH Posts: 667
2/4/13 9:14 A

book with paper pages!

CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (84,655)
Fitness Minutes: (66,311)
Posts: 5,280
2/4/13 9:12 A

I don't have an e-reader, so I guess I prefer traditional books. I just love having a physical book to read...

2/4/13 9:11 A

traditional books

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (91,754)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,337
2/4/13 9:09 A

I like both!

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
2/4/13 8:59 A

I have to say that over the years, I've slimmed down my book library. Having a technical background meant also having a lot of text books - amongst other books in the personal library.
These days I keep only the most important technical books, and donated everything else... and I use my Kindle for pdf versions of many other reference books as well as using the Kindle for regular fiction and non-fiction books.
Takes up so much less space! Especially when I'm travelling - I can have several books on my Kindle with me instead of carrying text books or pocket books.

The bottom line for me is - I'm effectively transitioned to e-books as virtually all new books I look at I look to get in either pdf format or Kindle format for use on the computer or the Kindle - or both.

Edited by: RIVETPA at: 2/4/2013 (09:00)
EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,261
2/4/13 8:50 A

What I love about ebooks is, it solves the bookshelf space problem but it tires my eyes though.

That said, I still like opening and reading a traditional book.

What about you?

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