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just at he Dr. office, every 6 months. BP is now under control and has been for years. When it was a problem, I checked it several times a day... emoticon

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6/29/14 7:04 A

We do wear monitor when we work out. If we see a self check machine we check. And of course, at doctors, eye exam etc where they take it

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6/29/14 6:20 A

once in awhile

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I use a Omron blood pressure monitor almost every day. You can connect it to a computer and it will very quickly download your readings to your computer to a pdf file where they can be saved or printed. Whenever I go to the doctor I print out the year to date readings for her to look at and keep in my file. The other day I took my machine with me to a checkup to compare the readings from my machine to the professional machine at the the doctor's office with readings from both machines taken just seconds apart. The readings my machine gave were almost identical to the readings taken with the doctor's machine.

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Twice per day for about 6.5 years. I am one of those people whose BP spikes as I wake up in the morning. That phenomenon has been linked to higher risk, probably as part of the same phenomenon described in the article.

However, during the day when I am up and active, my BP is a little lower. So I check it before dinner to see how low it gets. Having both readings (highest and lowest of the day) has given me and my doctor the best information upon which to base my BP meds -- much better than basing decisions on an occasional reading in the middle of the day.

Over time, as I have lost weight and gotten more physically fit ... we have been able to cut my BP meds by 50% as we watched those afternoon low readings get too low and the morning readings be not-so-high.

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6/28/14 4:02 P

I do not. However, when they take it at the doctor's office, it is always normal.

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yes five time per wk

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6/28/14 3:44 A


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6/27/14 4:20 P

Yes, twice a week. One week before breakfast, also in the same week around noon. The next week around 5pm, and another day just before bed. Since I am doing well, occasionally I skip a week.

6/27/14 2:51 P


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6/27/14 1:43 P

Yes I do. Even though it's always low

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6/27/14 12:27 P

Used to. But since it is under control, I don't any more... emoticon

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6/27/14 12:24 P


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6/27/14 12:05 P

I do, but not on a regular schedule, pretty much anytime I see one of those machines in a store.

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6/27/14 11:30 A


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6/27/14 10:54 A

I have started checking mine once a week because it has gotten high.
Have a DR appointment for late July and if I can't get it down by then I told my husband that I will go on medicine since it is such a dangerous thing.

I have started taking CoQ10 and it has helped drop it but it does make me a little sick every day.

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6/27/14 10:20 A

Yes but not as often as I should.

6/27/14 9:01 A

Once in a while. Mine is usually low to perfect. I'm lucky.

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6/27/14 8:24 A


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6/27/14 7:05 A

I check it about once every 2 weeks at work

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6/27/14 6:53 A

Yes Several times a week

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6/27/14 6:44 A

I check it from time to time.. its good. emoticon

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6/27/14 6:06 A

most times

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6/27/14 5:38 A


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6/27/14 5:23 A


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6/27/14 5:08 A

Yes I do.

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6/27/14 4:38 A


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6/27/14 4:13 A

No not regularly. It's usually perfect though!

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6/27/14 2:56 A


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6/27/14 1:55 A

Good article. Thanks for sharing!

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6/27/14 1:54 A

No, but I should

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6/27/14 1:46 A

No, it's always O.K.

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6/27/14 12:04 A

Very interesting article. Thank you very much!!!

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6/26/14 10:25 P

Thanks for posting.

Yes, I do monitor my BP.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
6/26/14 10:21 P

I got this link to an interesting article in my email today. It refers to nighttime BP readings. It's not a study, just something to consider, if you check your BP regularly.

There's also an article noted in the sidebar about BP meds being more effective if taken at night. I didn't read that one, but if you check the first link, you might follow that one, too.

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