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WATERONE SparkPoints: (91,638)
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9/20/13 10:10 A

I love it!

MISSMEL1982 Posts: 1,189
9/20/13 9:29 A

for the most part! definitely when I want to read

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DASHKATH Posts: 861
9/20/13 6:09 A

No. It doesn't feel like a natural movement. I'd rather use the treadmill.

ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
9/20/13 12:26 A

yes, I use it quite often

MSELEANOR1957 SparkPoints: (25,262)
Fitness Minutes: (66,074)
Posts: 261
9/20/13 12:12 A

yes I have one and love it

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BANNERMAN Posts: 6,141
9/19/13 9:48 P

No. My knees don't work well on it.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 1,754
9/19/13 7:18 P


MITTHRAWN SparkPoints: (5,044)
Fitness Minutes: (2,334)
Posts: 25
9/18/13 9:21 A

Compared to a treadmill I absolutely love it.
I know this is silly but I cant stand the monotonous sound of running on a treadmill. With an elliptical I can distract myself by watching tv or something but when im on the treadmill i just get fixated on the sound of my feet beating against it over and over.
Obviously i would prefer to be outside but for off days and freezing cold days its nice!

KELLYK1027 SparkPoints: (6,180)
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Posts: 225
9/17/13 9:18 P

I do like it, but I prefer the arc trainer myself. It is a little easier on my knees, especially because I am really short. It also burns calories faster.

CICELY360 Posts: 3,549
9/17/13 8:47 P


BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
9/17/13 6:54 P

I spend more time with it than I do any member of my family including my DH!

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FITWITHIN SparkPoints: (336,349)
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9/17/13 5:35 P

Yes, but I haven't been on it lately.

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DERBIN1 SparkPoints: (7,267)
Fitness Minutes: (6,918)
Posts: 186
9/17/13 8:53 A

Yes I do. I enjoy the different challenges.

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TLOVELY30 SparkPoints: (15,467)
Fitness Minutes: (5,234)
Posts: 342
9/17/13 8:46 A

i hated it. i had one and traded it in for the treadmill. it was boring not much to do at all.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (155,961)
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Posts: 8,258
9/16/13 8:50 A


ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
9/16/13 12:17 A

I prefer it over the treadmill

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,033
9/15/13 9:17 P

love it but have to change it up sometimes

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LUCKYSTRAWBERRY SparkPoints: (5,726)
Fitness Minutes: (7,477)
Posts: 917
9/15/13 7:14 P

I used to be a big fan, but I kind of burned out on it. I'll still use it from time to time, but I spoiled myself on the stair stepper, because it burns calories quicker than the elliptical and works me harder.

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LDION2005 SparkPoints: (18,561)
Fitness Minutes: (15,602)
Posts: 477
9/15/13 9:46 A

Can't say I love it but I have new knees and it is the one aerobic thing I can do that is low impact. I can't stay on long yet but I can get my heart rate up in a minute or two and it stays up while I do other exercises, then back to the elliptical, etc. Recommendation by my personal trainer. Works the weak places I have too. (All my butt fat hurts the next day, Ha!)

VRS8440 Posts: 4,016
9/15/13 7:34 A


9/15/13 1:06 A

Love mine. I have rock hard legs from using my elliptical. I can't run outside worth a darn, but get me on the elliptical. With upbeat music I go like the wind. I do intervals to keep myself motivated. I go 30 seconds at my regular pace, then I crouch a little and sprint for 30-50 seconds then then back to regular pace for the last part of 2 minutes, then I go up a resistance level and repeat. I do resistance levels 1-6, back to 1-6 then 2-6 then 1 cool down, for a total of 30 minutes. When I get stronger I start adding another level of resistance until I max out at resistance level 8, then I start adding another round of 1-8. When in shape I could easily do 90 minutes after doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,471)
Fitness Minutes: (10,839)
Posts: 247
9/15/13 12:44 A

Yep! I have Exercise Induced Asthma and thus can only run a short distance before I have trouble breathing. Therefore all the cardiovascular activities I perform are either low-impact (like the elliptical or swimming) or aren't as 'endurance-required' as running (like dancing and horseback riding).

All of these work the muscles, and burn a load of calories, but don't affect my asthma too much. I probably get on the elliptical about twice a week, for 30-60minutes depending upon my mood.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
9/12/13 4:12 P

great cardio with much variability such as resistance and speed

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
BERRY4 SparkPoints: (174,869)
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Posts: 8,386
9/12/13 3:28 P

What I like is VARIETY... so it is one of my cardio options.

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J2740LOU SparkPoints: (246,516)
Fitness Minutes: (243,978)
Posts: 3,775
9/12/13 1:00 P

Yes, I do.

FEDERMAN27 SparkPoints: (36,901)
Fitness Minutes: (64,224)
Posts: 159
9/12/13 12:53 P

Yes I do like it!!


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SONICB Posts: 4,310
9/12/13 11:34 A

It's okay, but I definitely prefer running outside. I get bored of the elliptical pretty easily and can only do 10-15 minutes on it before wanting to do something else. Ellipticals are also really notorious for overestimating calories burned, so I'm skeptical of how much of a workout I get on them. It is one of my two cross-training activities of choice though.

VASHLUVER1 Posts: 976
9/12/13 11:30 A

I do like it! One of the things I look forward to about the gym is watching Food Network on the elliptical. I don't like watching TV while running because my head moves way too much and I get a headache.

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 64,527
9/12/13 11:20 A

I don't like it.

Peggy (Colorado)

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GOPINTOS SparkPoints: (33,098)
Fitness Minutes: (32,016)
Posts: 6,263
9/11/13 1:47 P

I only use it once or twice a week, doing a tabata protocol.

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LUCKYSTRAWBERRY SparkPoints: (5,726)
Fitness Minutes: (7,477)
Posts: 917
9/10/13 11:54 P

I do! I have one at home, but I'm not a fan of it. However, when I do go to the gym, I always hit the elliptical before the treadmill! :)

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PROGRESSFORWARD SparkPoints: (85,113)
Fitness Minutes: (41,958)
Posts: 3,265
9/10/13 11:27 P


9/10/13 7:40 P

Yes I do!

ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
9/10/13 6:53 P

I love the elliptical trainer and use it a few times a week.

9/10/13 4:41 P

Sometimes - my feet used to go numb, but that can be corrected by sitting a little bit so more weight is in the heels.

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MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (19,110)
Fitness Minutes: (20,201)
Posts: 908
9/10/13 4:37 P

Love the elliptical - I do a workout on it called Peak 8 - warm-up for 3-5 min., go all out as hard and as fast as I can for 30 sec., recover for 90 sec., repeat until I've done 8 - 30 sec. peaks. Great, quick workout!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
9/10/13 4:20 P

If you asked me this 10 years I would say no, but I am trying to be pain free at 58 so the answer is yes. I love running best but.... long term it's not good.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
KOKOMAD Posts: 726
9/10/13 3:56 P

Love the elliptical too. I use it to give my hips and knees a break from running while still getting good cardio. It does work well for HIIT. I also like it for a warm up and cool down on strength training days

LSANGANGE SparkPoints: (9,979)
Fitness Minutes: (8,760)
Posts: 237
9/10/13 3:06 P

Love, Love, Love the Elliptical!!!! Easy on the Joints, Great Cardio workout. Can do straight "run" or I can mix it up and do HIIT

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9/10/13 1:21 P

Unnatural, boring and overrated.

It is called WORK-ing out for a reason.

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Cardio burns calories, strength work burns fat.

Eat well to lose weight, exercise to get fit

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Often when we seek a magic bullet for fitness we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,605
9/10/13 1:12 P



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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,536)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,692
9/10/13 12:16 P

Not a fan. I don't like cardio machines as a general rule, and that one always made my feet numb. There's about a million things I'd rather do than stare at a wall for half an hour or more.

Writer, mother, wife, and breadwinner. I love to run, but running doesn't love me, so I'm switching to my low-impact bike.

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_KANNND SparkPoints: (46,777)
Fitness Minutes: (54,604)
Posts: 764
9/10/13 10:05 A

No...that machine is my kryptonite.

9/10/13 9:19 A

LOVE it! One of the few workouts that's kind to my joints and still makes me sweat.

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (101,575)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,373
9/10/13 9:07 A

When I'm consistent, the elliptical is my go-to machine, great calorie burn!

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (198,021)
Fitness Minutes: (183,170)
Posts: 12,419
9/10/13 8:16 A

I do enjoy the elliptical as part of a exercise regimen. My husband has one that's sitting on our front porch right now. I am sure the neighbors appreciate that. Of course, when it was inside, I used it more than he did.

ANGUSSANDY SparkPoints: (226,151)
Fitness Minutes: (195,561)
Posts: 8,415
9/10/13 7:27 A


JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (80,279)
Fitness Minutes: (85,382)
Posts: 2,489
9/10/13 7:02 A

I had one a long time ago and it just became very monotonous after awhile. I began dreading my workouts and jumped at any excuse not to do them.

I could never be a runner, I get bored quickly with repetitive movement. I've found cardio circuit training is the best fit for me. I'm not even sure if that's what it would be called... but I usually follow workout videos where you do, for example; 30 seconds of high knees, 30 seconds star jumps, 30 seconds jump rope, 30 seconds butt kicks, 30 seconds jumping jacks, etc. and then repeat.

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NEMETZC SparkPoints: (23,572)
Fitness Minutes: (4,922)
Posts: 65
9/10/13 6:38 A

When I have used an elliptical in the past, I always had great results! It isn't hard on my knees and feels natural. Unfortunately, I haven't been exercising consistently in over a year and I find that it is a little too difficult at the moment, so I'm working my way back to my favorite fitness machine!

NACHTSKAI SparkPoints: (11,921)
Fitness Minutes: (4,131)
Posts: 536
9/10/13 6:33 A

I love my elliptical - wish I could train my fat cat to use it!

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