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FIRYMIST35 Posts: 1,154
8/11/13 9:36 A

I like fish, but they can involve a lot of work.

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8/11/13 9:35 A


SALGUOD2 Posts: 3,839
8/11/13 8:01 A

yes. I'm currently looking at getting some glofish

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (503,395)
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8/11/13 7:02 A

oh emoticon

NISSANGIRL Posts: 23,787
8/11/13 6:52 A

yes, have two Betta's

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/11/13 5:09 A

His name is Ah Choy (Chinese for Lucky!!! LOL!) and he's about 22 inches long, I think! He's one huge fish!!!! His tank is HUGE too! But not the hugest there is! I dunno, I never measured! Maybe like 5 by 5 feet.

Have you ever had planted aquariums. My friend has had several. She says they are v. v. expensive to maintain!

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
8/10/13 10:31 P

I like fish they are cool:o)

HAPPYTUHA SparkPoints: (16,381)
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8/10/13 10:11 P

Just one fish

MSTOWE57 Posts: 1,930
8/10/13 10:01 P


YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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8/10/13 1:52 P

@ EOWYN2424
How big is your dad's arowana? What size tank does he have?

I love fish and have had aquariums several times in my life.

8/10/13 11:22 A

Had some when I was growing since I was always at ensemble rehearsals and they weren't that hard to take care of

MANDYBROWN85 SparkPoints: (4,658)
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8/10/13 10:08 A

Yes, the children want cats and dogs, we meet in the middle with a fish.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/10/13 10:05 A

I had some as a child, loved them, but have not really been into pet fish for a long time.

To OP, enjoy your new team.

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8/10/13 9:36 A


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8/10/13 8:20 A


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8/10/13 7:35 A


THROOPER62 Posts: 32,268
8/10/13 6:23 A

No, I like something soft and cuddly, cats

MIFITNOW Posts: 2,658
8/10/13 6:23 A


STARMONICA SparkPoints: (210,116)
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8/10/13 6:20 A

I don't

WINDANCER99 Posts: 6,801
8/10/13 5:35 A


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8/10/13 5:16 A


EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/10/13 1:50 A

Au Contrie!, SHERYLDS!!! Fish DO have emotions AND personality!!!!

You may not be able to touch them but they can see you and DO respond to you!!!!!

8/10/13 12:30 A

Yes, I have 2. They don't shed. :)

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (532,713)
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8/10/13 12:26 A

Not really.

LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
8/10/13 12:22 A


UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
8/10/13 12:09 A

Not bad

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
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8/9/13 11:26 P

They do have an upside, but no . emoticon

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
8/9/13 9:45 P

nooooooooooooo too much work

KMMAKI SparkPoints: (91,837)
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8/9/13 9:23 P

I do not like fish as pets.

1DRWOMAN Posts: 2,151
8/9/13 6:54 P

Some people kill house plants...seems I do that with fish. :( I love fish but no matter what I do or kind of fish...they are swimming in the ocean now...cuz that's where all drains lead.....

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
8/9/13 6:47 P

I think fish can be great pets. :)
We have had several different kinds of pet fish in the past but no Arowana.
My dd currently has a Betta and loves it. It is very responsive and beautiful.

JEFFGIRL Posts: 10,689
8/9/13 5:44 P

We had fish tanks a few times when my kids were younger, but not now. I do think a well-tended fish is pretty-but a fair amount of work.

SPERRIN2012 SparkPoints: (181,188)
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8/9/13 5:40 P

I have had them and they're always cool to look at. emoticon

8/9/13 3:50 P

Yes, I enjoy watching them

8/9/13 3:18 P

I love watching them at someone else's home.
My DD wants one, just know that she will try to play with it. Will have to have a serious talk before that happens. Koi can get really tame though.
My nephew (4) put some chicken spice on their food to make it nicer. He also put the TV remote in the tank for them in case they wanted to watch TV while he was at school.
Some of them survived all that kindness...

HOLLYM48 Posts: 17,186
8/9/13 2:30 P

well, yes and no, they are so interesting to watch but the tanks get stinky!

KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (92,998)
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8/9/13 2:08 P

Hee hee - I have a blue Betta Fish named "Pan" (short for Panera) and he resides in a cute 1.5 gallon aquarium. I enjoy watching him swim around and eat his little pellets with such gusto.

Of course the fish is a gateway pet leading to a cat :)

LISALOOPNER Posts: 1,149
8/9/13 1:57 P

No, I prefer to eat them.

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
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8/9/13 1:49 P

We have 5 goldfish that we have had for 7 years. We got them when they were just tiny little gold fish, now the smallest one is about 5 inches long and the biggest one is about 7 inches long. They are very therapeutic to watch.

SDGAMBLE Posts: 637
8/9/13 10:27 A

We have 3 goldfish. They do require some maintenance, but are very therapeutic to watch emoticon

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,321
8/9/13 10:19 A

I have goldfish in the pond, but you don't exactly get close to a goldfish as you might with a cat or dog.
Sorry I won't be joining any group for goldfish lovers!!

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8/9/13 10:00 A


SHERYLDS Posts: 17,177
8/9/13 9:34 A

never understood the concept of fish as pets
no emotion, you can't play with them, the only thing you do is look at them and maintain them.

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,250
8/9/13 9:15 A

too much maintenance

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
8/9/13 8:27 A


MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
8/9/13 8:12 A

I don't do pets - period

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/9/13 8:09 A

I can't keep my guppies alive either but my Dad's Arowana is now 16 years old!!!!

8/9/13 7:56 A

I've had fish before but they didn't live long. emoticon They were very cool goldfish.

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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/9/13 7:48 A

Then join my brand new SparkTeam!

Arowana Lovers!!!

What is an arowana? come on in an find out!!!!

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