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11/2/11 8:25 P


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11/2/11 12:06 A

HAHAHAHA! I did, I had one more cup left.

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10/29/11 8:09 P

docs and dietitians seem to be split on this one. From what i read, they ALL say plain water no additives are best. but some allowe tea and doc doesnt..her reasoning? Tea and coffee are both other words, you drink them and they cause you to eliminate more fluid..not quite the point !!! They also have caffeine, which, like it or not is a drug.
Adding crystal light or flavoring to your water? read the label. more chemicals. soda, beer, alchohol, uh uh.
My doc gave me what i feel is great advice. I am allowed a max of 12 cups of water a day. (yes too much water can be as bad as too little..and i have a condition that prevents me from drinking all i would like). She asks that the FIRST 8 cups i drink be water...and nothing else. the other 4 i can have what i like. she also allows a squeeze of FRESH lemon sweetener though.

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10/4/11 7:59 P

i think if it is water-based then it is good

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10/4/11 12:08 P

I say yes. I usually drink more than the required 8 glasses a day.

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11/8/10 6:55 P

I personally try to drink enough water, but I do also count tea. Other fluids are good, but water having no calories is definitely a better choice.

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11/8/10 6:01 P

I wondered about this too. I am managing to drink 8 glasses of actual water but what about the decaf tea/coffee, skim milk, diet soft drinks? I wonder if they count.

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11/8/10 5:51 P

Can you count milk or any other fluids that you drink I understand that maybe soda and other such drink are not considered health to drink

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