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Do you have dental insurance?

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10/6/11 1:51 P

Had it i before I was laid off. But am okay without it for now. Fortunately I am blessed with great teeth!

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10/6/11 1:38 P


Posts: 249
10/6/11 1:22 P

We have medical insurance (for me) through my employment and I pay additional each month to have dental and vision insurance for the family. I also pay additional premiums to have the rest of the family on the medical plan as well. Ours covers 2 cleanings a year and I think 50% of fillings, crowns, etc. It will not cover any orthodontic work so we are paying 2600 dollars out of pocket for my 7 year old to get her spacers put in.

Posts: 9,295
10/6/11 1:22 P

Not yet

Posts: 842
10/6/11 1:17 P

No. Wish I could afford it though. Dental stuff is sooo expensive.

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10/6/11 1:17 P

Yes, thankfully, through my husband's work. 2 cleanings per year are covered. However, I've been self-employed for most of my adult life and still paid out of pocket for 2 cleanings per year. I either worked a deal with my dentist for a discounted rate or when I needed some fillings redone, I went to the dental school for a fraction of the cost. The person who did my fillings was an actual dentist, but the hygenist and x-ray technician were students. It took a little longer because they went through each tooth and took notes, etc. but it was worth it.

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10/6/11 1:15 P


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10/6/11 1:12 P


Posts: 4,156
10/6/11 1:11 P

No, but I'm on disability and Medicaid, which pays for a lot of dental, but not crowns or root canals.

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10/6/11 1:06 P


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Posts: 768
10/6/11 1:05 P

Yes - it does not cover everything.

Posts: 1,693
10/6/11 12:54 P

No, but I still go for regular cleanings. It is well worth the $124 for cleaning, and exam to make sure my teeth are still healthy. I went to school for Dental Assisting, and have always had decently pretty teeth. As a personal choice, I go to the dentist. It's really unfortunate for those who can't afford health/dental insurance. Or that can't afford to pay out of pocket. It's tough out there.

Posts: 4,232
10/6/11 12:50 P

No. I'm good on the semi-annual cleanings that I pay for myself and my family. I would be screwed if I had an accident that required major dental repair or oral surgery.

Posts: 587
10/6/11 12:00 P

yes, through husband's employer

Posts: 4,996
10/6/11 11:59 A

We have coverage thru my DH's workplace

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10/6/11 11:59 A


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10/6/11 11:56 A

Yes, we have dental, but not full coverage.

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10/6/11 11:51 A


Posts: 3,275
10/6/11 11:51 A

I do luckily have dental insurance through my job which I pay about$30/mo for. Without it, I don't go to the dentist - my longest stretch was probably three years. My insurance covers preventative care and fillings at 100%, so I totally go twice a year - unfortunately or fortunately, I've had no need for fillings (I like to get my money's worth). Also unfortunately, there's a limit to the benefit for the year, though if you don't use it all it rolls over to the next year. So, even with insurance I have to keep a close eye on what I have done. I had to have a root canal and a crown and while my insurance paid 80% of all that, I still had to pay $700 out of pocket. I'm glad my dentist let me pay that over a good bit of time. But, I actually spaced out the two procedures so I could have the root canal at the end of the year, then the crown done after the new insurance year began.

I have friends with no dental insurance who are trying to save up the money they need for a root canal ($1100!) and who need real care for their teeth, but just can't afford it - even at the dental school. My dentist said to me once that she didn't understand why people wait so long to get dental care - ummm, maybe because it costs an arm and a leg?

Posts: 841
10/6/11 11:32 A

yes, my insurance covers all health related things, 80% off of dental, vision and things like massages and the like.

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Posts: 3,862
10/6/11 11:28 A

Nope. I haven't had a dental cleaning in 19 years.

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Posts: 1,929
10/6/11 11:25 A

Yes, and vision, it helps so much.

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10/6/11 11:05 A


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10/6/11 10:59 A

It sickens me how few people have adequate health insurance much less dental. I recently saw on the news about the man who died from a tooth infection.

A suggestion...if you live in an area with a dental school, they usually perform services for a very low fee, supervised by professors. At the dental school in my town, they have a program for those who are very low-income, services are free. I teach in a school with a lot of poverty. I am constantly referring families there. Never has a family come back and said they were not treated professionally. If anything, these students want to impress!

I have 80/20 coverage and know I am lucky. But that adds up quick when you have two root canals in one month!

Posts: 4,212
10/6/11 10:33 A

Dental? I don't even have health insurance!!!!

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10/6/11 10:31 A


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10/6/11 10:31 A

I do not have dental, vision or medical insurance.

Posts: 1,889
10/6/11 10:27 A

Fortunately I do. I go twice per year. Luckily they cover fillings too. My new dentist wanted to put a crown on one of my back teeth, but I balked saying my dental rider does not cover a crown and I do not have $700 to cover it. He asked what my rider does cover and I said cleanings and fillings. So, he replaced two fillings.

The only time I did not go to the dentist every 6 months was 1995-1997 because that dentist stopped carrying my insurance and I had not found a new one in my network.

I know the importance of keeping as many of your teeth as possible as long as possible. Just like MAMAWLINDALOU my hubby has bad teeth. He will need dentures, but the dental schools are so full, we don't know when he will get an appointment and we own a business he runs so he has a hard time taking off.

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10/6/11 10:21 A

yes, I as able to take my dental insurance and health insurance when I retired. I pay full dental and a large chunk of the medicare supplemental insurances. It is worth every penny, even though the increases are rather dramatic with the clowns operating the way they are in D.C

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Posts: 2,323
10/6/11 10:20 A

Nope. Since the Obama care my husbands employer said that he was not covering the family. That we are responsible per the president. So my 8 yr and 12 yr old and I don't have insureance of any kind. Thanks pres.

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10/6/11 10:15 A


Posts: 4,156
10/6/11 9:56 A

Yes I do. It doesn't cover much.

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10/6/11 9:55 A


Posts: 1,580
10/6/11 9:52 A

No, but need it desperately My teeth are so bad I have four in the front that are gone. Self esteem is very low because of it. I will not go anywhere because of it. My husband does all of the grocery shopping. I only go to the Dr. emoticon

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10/6/11 9:51 A


Posts: 982
10/6/11 9:46 A

Yes, through my employer..

Posts: 373
10/6/11 9:36 A

I would like to add that BEFORE I got my free dental coverage with my medical insurance I purchased dental insurance privately and the company was really good to pay and had excellent benefits and it cost me less then $30 a month just for anyone who may be interested I'll add the link here. (NOT a dental savings plan but an actual insurance) I hope that might help someone who maybe doesn't have a dental school in their area or doesn't have insurance. I dropped my coverage once I got it thru my medical insurance.

Edited by: MYRUN4THEROSES at: 10/6/2011 (09:37)

Posts: 337
10/6/11 9:30 A

yes, we have dental for the family, it is so important! We see each see our dentist 2 times a year, that's eight visits a year for the family, much more frequent than we see a regular doctor, only 1 time per year , four visits, keeping our dental insurance just makes sense.

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10/6/11 9:26 A


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10/6/11 9:15 A


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10/6/11 9:02 A


Posts: 189
10/6/11 9:00 A

I am a dental hygiene student and we do free cleanings in return for the learning experience. If you don't have insurance, look for schools in your area. Students are always looking for dependable patients.

Posts: 1,342
10/6/11 8:54 A

yes kept for last job. I pay 46.10 month

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10/6/11 8:54 A


Posts: 1,824
10/6/11 8:54 A

I wish I did - my job only offers it to certain people.

Posts: 182
10/6/11 8:48 A

No, my job doesn't offer it, and I can't afford it out-of-pocket.

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10/6/11 8:46 A


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Posts: 661
10/6/11 8:46 A

Yes. Through my job.

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Posts: 10,038
10/6/11 8:37 A

I do finally have dental and medical again through my employer. It makes a huge difference.

Posts: 373
10/6/11 8:35 A

Dentistry is SO expensive. Even just routine exams and cleanings! With all the talk from Washington about how many people are without medical insurance I'm just curious as to how many actually have dental insurance and if you do not do you still get your twice yearly exams?

I have to have a root canal today ($850) but thankfully my dental insurance (which comes free with my medicare advantage plan) covers 80% with no deductable. Without it I'd be sunk!

There are so many people who have no dental insurance, they are out of work and are living day to day with an abcess because they cannot even afford to have the tooth pulled! I think this needs to be addressed almost as much as the medical coverage problem. A dental infection can kill someone if left unattended. Some people don't have the credit to get for such work and no funds. They go to their local emergency room....get antibiotics....and then come back in 3 weeks when the infection comes back. Eventually an infection can develop that spreads to the heart valves or that antibiotics no longer are effective.

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